11 things (Tune out the noise)


Welcome to a world of 24/7 information, the dumbest time in modern history.

Most of the information is irrelevant for you to prosper.

The information is here so you pay little attention to yourself.

Life has basic rules, be, live,  love survive to do it more.

Don’t let media control you. Why do you think they call it “television programming” versus “television content”,  programming is to program you.

Beat the system, be different, develop true wealth versus the representation of wealth.

Love 1% more each day.

The money is there, you just need to claim it.

Give what it is that you seek.

Each 1 must teach 2.

The biggest secret you may not grasp.
Someone does LOVE you.

Have an new awesome life.
Now go live The Billionaire lifestyle
Emmitt Muckles

Photo credit: 365.060 – Watching TV via photopin (license)

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