11 Ways Bring Magic To Your Life Mind Body Connection

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Mind Body Connection- Living Magic
Mind Body Connection- Living Magic https://pixabay.com/en/users/johnhain-352999/

Bring back the Life Magic

The ever wonder why you have lost the magic in life. Have you spent time wondering how can I get back the magic in my life? Bringing back the magic in your life is very easy. It all starts with the intention. It is easy to understand how did the magic back in life. The next time you want to figure out just how or where you need to go look no further than small children.

Embrace your spiritual Child

Children are the open book to the universe. They don’t see problems they only see happiness. Kids are only seeing happiness and joy. Remember when you were a child, your toys were as real as you were in the mirror. Your imagination was still free, untainted by daily a living. In order to bring magic back into your life, you will have to shed things not serving you well.
As we become adults there are specific tasks that we must do. Often, we are told exactly how we are to exist. Our family, our community, and our other social circumstances dictate how we are to move forward with living. Do you remember when your child, you had dreams? Are you leaving those dreams? If the answer is no, then why are you not leaving your dream.
As adults, we don’t feel free to be our true spiritual self. Childhood onward to adulthood, we experience programming by our environment. Constant messaging directed by being told we are very good, or we don’t measure up a predetermined standard. The outside world often has a negative influence on our inner being. Over time we become desensitized to our true nature.
We are creatures of an industrialized world. Capitalism dictates how we exist in our current society. Many of us spend our time trying to make more money to gain more stuff. Over time the realization money does not buy happiness happens in slow increment. For some people, the programming never wears off. These individuals spend their entire lives chasing a dream that is not theirs.


Get out of the Matrix

We have been conditioned to believe what establishment conjures. We’re told what to buy, we’re told what to wear, we are told where to be, where told went to rest. We’re programmed to live a life of limitation.
Many of the health problems of today’s society are the result of poor spiritual, physical, and mental states of being. Hope is not lost for the population. As human beings, we have a way to reset ourselves and get back to the way nature intended us to live. We must journey are we back to our initial essence. The journey back to your initial essence requires unlearning things that you already know and re-examining what holds true to yourself.

11 elements to bring Magic to your life

• Learn to love yourself
• Raise your vibration which means light on your mood
• Practices unconditional love and forgiveness
• Bring good intentions to those around you and things in your life
• Understand the outside world is reflection of your inside were
• Stop holding onto unproductive emotions
• Interact physically with the world around you.
• Finding a smile in every circumstance
• Spend time with your imagination
• Believe that any good thing is possible
• Believe the mind and can cure the body

Billy’s Journey toward enlightenment

My guest on the podcast was my old-school friend, Billy Helton. At the age of 32, Billy had a revelation about life. You begin to understand those material things were not the key to happiness. His journey towards enlightenment began with the reading of a book: Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives by Brian Weiss. Coming from a very middle-class background this knowledge was a far departure from Billy’s understanding of life. During our conversation and broadcast deleting all we know about all the wonderful things that are available to us as human beings and some of the deceptions and we have all at experienced.

Spiritual being Living a Physical experience.

Billy’s journey led him to understand we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Somehow, we’ve forgotten the simple fact.   It is not the physical world driving our existence, but the spiritual or internal being driving the physical world. Ponder this, if the world could universally understand the mind-body connection, the physical world would be transformed overnight.
Often, the problems manifest in our current life the result of situations which may have occurred in our past life you’re currently, and or possibly a lifetime long ago. It is a known fact that children are products of their parents good and poor behavior. Often the poor behavior and outweigh good behavior, resulting in hardship during a lifetime.

Mind Body Connection Podcast Conversation

During our conversation, our main topic was in the mind and body connection. The mind buying connection is so important, as it is the one single item driving our experience on this planet. It is the reason for all of our joy and all of our woes. On the billionaire lifestyle podcast and blog, we continually reference the mind and body spirit connection. For us to live the ultimate experience we must balance out the mind and body spirit connection. There is a great deal of information available to the general public for us to cultivate her mind, body, and spirit.
The hour day to day living has left many people and a state of low vibration. It is very important for us to dive deep within ourselves to find out what actually brings us joy. If you ask the question to anyone, what makes you happy? Many will not have the true answer. It is not entirely their faults. It’s because they simply been distracted, haven’t had time to explore themselves, or simply been living in the material world too much.

Native Tribes and Spiritual Happiness

There are tribes in the Amazon and in the other areas of the world who live better lives than those in the industrial world. These communities of people may not have the Internet, western medicine, air conditioning, or the creature comforts of and the industrialized world. What he strives to have is balance within the world in which they reside.
We have become creatures of industrialized world of capitalism. We have been duped into believing the propaganda that may be going against our well being. It is our job to find her way back to being a us. The time has come to be back to basics of living. It is time to experience love joy and happiness and fulfillment. It is time for us to understand what it really means to be a spiritual creature living in physical existence.

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