Dam credit cards
Dam credit cards
You won’t swindle me into Financial slavery with promises of gifts.

Banks, Mortgage and lending institutions are throoooooowwwwing money at the public once again. Look around your city and count the new construction sites and building project currently in place and happening. That fact alone is a sure sign we banks are lending money.

A couple of week ago I received an ad for a Chase Bank backed Frequent Flyer credit card. Now to be honest I have not applied for any type of credit card for some time now and wanted to see what the offer was about. At the very least I could have my monthly bills go to the credit card and gain some air flight miles. I don’t need or really want another credit card, but what the hell. I filled out about ten lines of information and within two minutes BOOM, I had been approved for $9000.00 dollars. WTF! I expected maybe a $2000.00 dollar limit, but noooooo, these freaks went all out.

Since the Credit card was backed by Chase Bank, the statement would be an element in my chase portfolio. This is when it got real for me, I was basically going to eventually use the credit card to pay my monthly automatic payments, so I have one bill every month, which means I would transfer the payment options to this new SouthWest airlines card. There was a flaw in the system. Two weeks later, I open my Chase Bank App and see a my SouthWest Airlines Credit card has an available balance of $8901.00 and I don’t remember charging anything. As I looked at the statement, the realization was apparent of the obvious annual membership fee.  Immediately I call the bank to ask if they could remove the fee. When I was informed, the fee was the reason you obtain the perks and it was not retractable, I got a little hot under the collar. I know, why am I bitching, Right? This is not acceptable in my world. Why should I pay you to loan me money, of which you may get the chance to charge me for using the money. NOPE, Not happening today. I politely ask to remove the charge and cancel my credit card. Chase Bank complied.

Moral of the story, I not paying you any more than I have to, for the reason of using your credit card. It was a setup too. They figured I would run the card up to the maximum and then they would have a super debit slave to charge and EXTRA $99 dollars and year. I am not that person.


For the average consumer and public at large there is a trickle effect of the banks opening available money to the common folk. Compounding the financial health of a our situation, have a look at how many new large trucks and SUVs are on the road these days, due to the recent drop in gas prices. It is all a trap.

This is all bait, as what goes up must come down. Sure interest rates are low and money is flowing, but don’t forget 2008, when shit hit the fan. Now is the time to save and invest wisely. Stay on a frugal path, and look for opportunities to advance your appreciating asset portfolio versus buying depreciating asset such as Cars and boats, rims and other items that only lose value with time. To me banking is such a hustle. As I write this post I am in the middle of purchasing a home. That will be a entire new post, because the pimping gets real when purchasing a home, even if you are buying it as a cash purchase, which I am not.


Think slowly and evaluate everything in reality. Especially actions concerning money.


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