Life Ain’t Fair…Unless

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What’s the Point? In life and at work and in life we ask ourselves…


Let’s just take a moment to think about being a responsible adult. As a responsible adult you try your best not to take shortcuts, cheat or take the easy path, mostly. Most of the time we put our best foot forward to get thing done the right way, be on time and responsible for our actions. Then it happens, in your mind shit hits the fan. You notice someone who is not pulling their weight capitalizing and gaining more or equal to you or I for doing less than the work you feel equal to your effort.

What is a responsible adult to do? Murder is not an option, and gun duels went away a long time ago, and are illegal.

Ask a single parent, woman in the workplace, over looked person not in the clique, and I am sure they have stories. We all do at some point in our life. We see it everywhere, and lackluster performance of others  in your circle births your own feeling of shock, dismay and utter confusions as to why you should do your best, while others are not worth two dead flies in a butt sandwich in your book of evaluations.  When looking at any comparable situation observations which seem to be valued equally or greater than your own and many other hard-working people.

Well this has been the way of the world since anyone can remember. Everyone is someone’s favorite it seems.  It is not true in the cream does not always rise to the top, sometimes the sludge does. Do not be discouraged.

Here is a different way to think of it. Maybe you are building something that will benefit you later, but it makes no sense to you now, but may at some later date. I recently was feeling slighted in a circumstance, then realized I control me. I just have to know I’m doing my best me, and not deal with some of the politics giving shine to less than stellar performers.

I am responsible for me and my family. Why should I worry because someone or circumstance is not giving me what I think I deserve. All you can do is you personal best and try to gain improvements personally. Do you think people of wealthy means are honestly evaluating themselves on how fair their playing field is based on someone else’s playing field? The answer is, no. Their end game is to make a field where they control the game.

Find out what you want and what you deserve and work towards that goal. It may require independence. It may mean you are in the process of recognition to do something different or better. If you are grossly misrepresented then by all means get your value, but make sure you are not measuring yourself and judging phantoms of what you perceive other to have versus what you have.


Now go live the Billionaire Lifestyle.


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Emotional Roller Coaster Buying A House (spewing baby rant)

I made a post a few weeks ago how Money is Flowing out of Banks back in May 2016. Since then my lining situation has grown. Which means I have purchase a home. When obtaining a mortgage I was utterly shocked at the percentage rate I received, considering not too long ago we were in one of the illest financial times in recent history. I seriously had a WTF happy moment at the home closing. This should have been nothing new as I saw it coming after applying for a frequent flyer credit card for perks and was floored at the staggering amount of open credit I received. BTW, I cancelled the credit card because they had an annual fee of $99.00. That’s another story of which I blogged about recently.

I found a house suiting my needs.  Notice I said need instead of want. What was amazing to me was how easy the process was actually, considering I was in the financial danger zone a few years ago, but thanks to some diligent positive financial practices, and taking inventory of needs vs wants, the process of getting FICO back to good standing was rather quick.

Let me just say, I am not a fan of the banking system, since I have witnessed it do serious harm to the lives of people in the last 8 years. Nonetheless, I chose a bank that was local to the area, as we say promote and purchase local. For several reasons I almost lost the bid on the house because of the human factors and only communicating via email when changes happen of the bank needed something. It was not for being out bid , it was the initial contract was expiring. What ever happen to let your fingers do the walking and picking up the phone.

Anywho, I got the house, after getting pre-approved some two months earlier.

To those buying a house without some form of financial assistance it can be a daunting task even with the required deposit. Especially if you’re moving from the worry free world of apartment living.

  • Inspection – $500.00
  • Earnest money deposit – $1000.00
  • Inspection – $495
  • Appliances – $5000.00
  • Final down payment – and closing cost $9k -$12K ( I finally was much lower than that but for some time I had no real clue to the exact amount.)
  • Misc fees and charges – $1000.00
  • Actual moving cost $500.00 (DIYer) on the hottest weekend of the year.

The hardest part was not spending any money for almost three months. So I could be prepared for the unexpected. I was a total miser and still racked up some debt. The last homestead I purchased was so much easier. The shocker for me was the 3.25% interest rate, which made me damn near jump out of my skin with blissful joy. My previous homestead was more than 2x that rate being conservative, It made me wonder. If the bank is loaning this money to me at this rate, then the FED is basically giving money away. Considering the last time I purchased a home my credit score was 50 plus point higher.

We I have the home and even though the company who remodeled everything did an awesome job, Home Depot has been my new Pimp. In the scheme of things it was not feasible to rent as the ratio of outgoing payments would have cost me at least $500 – $800 more per month with nothing to show for it years later.

Here is one of the important lessons I have learned about finances and home ownership:

  • If it is not costing you money or a hazard use time to save the money you need to make changes. Yeah you may have a busted looking facility for a while but it saves you from going further into debt.
  • Saving money is a trade-off as there are plenty of little projects to do once you have a house, no time for going out. Now you can invite friends over and have them crash on your comfy couch.
  • There is nothing like cooking in your own kitchen.
  • Nothing says family like a house you where you cut the grass.
  • Every house has its own quiet noise when you wake up at night.
  • If you don’t like your neighbors, too bad they are like family you’re stuck with them for a while.
  • Just because the space is empty, you don’t have to fill it.
  • If you do it correctly, you have an asset in the end.

If you have never purchased a home before, investigate your options and be as smart as possible. Look at paying off your home in less than 15-20 years. The one thing you have to expect is there will be out-of-pocket expense upfront which have nothing to do with down payment and closing cost, and they can be steep. take your time and do it safely.


Now go live the billionaire lifestyle.





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Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Inspire Me…




There Must Be More Choice……Somewhere!

I have been alive for some time on this earth, and I must say in my lifetime I have never been more disappointing with most promoted candidates for the President of the United States.


Sure I have witnessed elections where the candidates did not thrill me, actually let me retract that statement. I have been disappointed in the past but this election simple has hit an all time low in my opinion.  I feel like Me and the reset of the citizens of the United states are simply being PUNKED. I am just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to appear and yell “You Just Been Punked”. It seem the only reason people want Donald Trump is because they don’t like Clinton and the opposite seems true in conjunction. We have a election that is driven to voting on fear.

I started thinking there has to be more to this story, especially when someone gives you a choice between suffering a wound by knife or a gun. We the uninformed American public seem to think there is only two choices for President of the United States of America, and this is simply not true. In the forefront of my mind I see two candidates  as THE option as well, because that is what it has been, honestly. Until, I started to question, where is everyone else? Who else is available, there has to be more choice.

Well let me tell you there are more than two political parties in this fine nation of ours, and the other party candidates are not given the same shine as our Former first lady and New York Reality show host/billionaire.  With just a google search the evidence is clear there are several more options. There are at least eight political parties available in the good ol’ USA. Problem with many of them is they are not represented by all 50 States. Many are represented by less than twenty states.

The Libertarian party has about 48 states of representation, which could (if really necessary) cause some problems for the Republican and Democrats.  Problem with the Libertarian Party led by Gary Johnson from New Mexico ( Former republican), people regard them like a third cousin from another city. Where in, you know about them but you just don’t really think seriously.  I think that is a problem because the current candidates have very little political shine to many American voting citizens.

I think there are many people, when thinking about the 2016 Presidential election, are just shaking their head and saying “Damn” under their breath.  What are we to do? Honestly Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are so far removed from the public, and for the life of it I can’t understand how they made it this far. “Money Talks”, everything else walks.

You will not see any of the other political parties views unless you or I take and active role in finding these individuals by searching hard and wide. There is a cool like I found that list out dam near everyone who is remotely trying to be the next U.S. President. US Presidential Candidate 2016 Listing

After you visit the website I implore you to do some research of you own. I kind like Gary Johnson, but my next target for information is the Constitution Party and Darrell Castle, then Moving to the other woman in the race Dr. Jill Stein for the Green Party.

In my view and these are just my views, simply put all these people on the same stage (Television) and let them debate it out, then let the people decide. Make it a reality show. Let the court of public opinion be the judge.

Where are the Millennials when we need them? They can change this thing and shake stuff up.

My whole point is, give me more choice than just Right and Right of Right. This Political race reminds me of the song by the Black Sheep “The Choice is your”

Now Go make Awesome choices and Live the Billionaire LifeStyle.

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