5 Optimistic Rebirthing Tips

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5 Optimistic Rebirthing Tips

In retrospect December and January are the months I am most creative, because I’m bored. Thinking back over the winters I have suffered led me to optimistic tips I have learned.

It’s during the winter months, we become less occupied with activities. Winter month become prime time for reflection and retooling oneself.  When thinking about how to move forward in our lives, we dream of something new, birth ideas and make New Years Resolutions. As soon as the warmer months or even before the warmer moths arrive many times we abandon the results of the winter idea spree.

I have had my grand moments of self exploration and creativity, only to get sidetracked, by slow progress, and eventual disinterest until the next winter.  Deciding to be better steered me to slowing down and simplifying my ideas. Writing down the ideas is one of the best practices to make things sticky. I have listed 5 Optimistic rebirthing tips, as they directly relate to New Years Resolutions.

The most substantial action with enacting change is to try, put an action to the thought. Many of us fail because we never honestly try to reach our goals.  Even if we put forth an effort, the slightest obstacle can derail our efforts. Fear is another factor. Often we are afraid we will succeed, the mind get in the way and can sway your outcome to obtain your goal.  fear of failure is not relative, if you don’t somehow reach your goal

Any changes we make to ourselves, be it thoughts, actions and ideology is a personal rebirthing, however small.  So here are my tips.


Tip number # 1 – Try to meet new people

As we grow older and pass the high school and college phase, introduction to new people dwindles for us professionally and socially.  After most of us begin to have families with children the circle rapidly becomes smaller of new individuals and adult social interactions. Facebook, google + becomes our social portal. These platforms are lacking due to the lack breathing the same air as another human.

There is a great platform for getting out of the house, learning new things and make new acquaintances, meetup.com. Meetup.com is a place to become involved with your community, gather new social networks, and learn things related to almost any interest on the planet.  You can sign up, input your interest and list of local and remote meeting of groups/events will appear before you immediately.

Tip number # 2 – Try a new Activity

This is a cousin to tip number 1, but differs in the meetups are things you are interested already typically but can be integrated with tip number 2.

Do you have an idea that someone you know make look at you a little crazy because they never though of you as that adventurous.  Well that is the thing you should do. Well it does not have to be really crazy. Pick something you have had interest but never really got around to experiencing. I’m not you so, you know what that thing is. Try to make a short term bucket list. It could be visit the ocean, climb a mountain,join a yoga class,  visit old battle grounds, or visit Washington state of Washington D.C. The choice is yours but like Nike slogan puts it, Just Do It.

Tip number # 3 – Travel far from where you live (1000 mile journey)

64% of American have never traveled abroad and do not posses a passport. Will America is a vast country, many American travel, but to places of familiarity. Much of this is due to the Job parameters of vacation time. You would be really surprised at how much travel and experiences you can fit into a three or four-day weekend if vacation time is limited to 10 or 12 days a year. You may be able to use learning experiences related to you Job to get the heck away. Employers may be willing to give you more time off if it will benefit them because of a conference you are attending on your own dime.

It is important to visit places you may see on the travel channel. Distance traveling may be a little taxing but it is so worth it. My Mom taught me about travel very early on with the three and four-day excursions we would have. The experiences opened me up to things later in life which have proven to be extremely valuable as an adult.

Tip number # 4 – Learn a new Skill

Learning a new skill is vital to your growth. Remember that we all suck at something at first, and the best portion is the journey. Learning a new skill keeps you fresh and in tuned with who you are and what you want in life. There have been many people who have changed careers because they learned a new skill and found out how much passion it pulled from their core. I have don’t this several times in my life with DJing, Podcasting, and electronic repair to name a few. While you may not be wildly adventurous, learning a single new skill and make life more enjoyable.

Tip number # 5 – Change your style

Fashion is an ever evolving component in our lives. Changing fashion or physical presence is a confidence booster. Changing aspects of yourself gives you freedom and says you are not stuck. We all know that person who has worn the same hairstyle since 1998. Get fresh with yourself. It may not be drastic as wearing pink suits to work, but chose a different pants and shoe combinations. Move from jeans and sneakers and slacks and upscaled shoes. Try a different hair style ( I can’t because I don’t have the hair), ease into it. Women are the kinds of changing style, men on the other hand are not very good style changers. If you are man with no style, please consult a woman, since we have not clue how to accessorize, and complement our forms.


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5 Tips: New Year Resolutions 2017

The Billionaire LifeStyle Resolution Tips 2017
The Billionaire LifeStyle Resolution Tips 2017

Rules and inspiration to have successful New Years Resolution Outcome!

Every year starting January 1st, millions of people make these traditions New Year Resolutions. The internet is full of “How To: New year Resolution 2017 tips”, tricks and motivations. I’m here to add one more to the pot. Let me tell you I have made my share of New Year resolutions, followed by forgetting them before the month of January of almost every single time. Here is the situation, while I may have made resolutions to lose a few pounds, quit smoking , save money or be a better person, January was the starting point or the birth of an idea. What truly happen was the resolutions were changes I really needed to make in my life. While I usually failed immediately, the seed was planted.

Rule # 1: its good to make New Years Resolutions, because you are planting the seed.

Since the seed has been set and you may not have the will power to carry through to the end with your goal immediately, never give up. I required years for me to give up smoking cigarettes, but eventually I did. First you my really be disgusted with the motivation to make the resolution. For me I was sick of my entire being smelling like a Newport Lite. It was also the growing negative image along with being a smoker that made me want to stop smoking.

Rule # 2 – You have to be ready!

The reason most people fail to reach or be successful  with their resolutions is due to a simple single reason. They are not ready to change or give up the habit or make a change. Facing the facts of the human dynamic, we really don’t like change very much. Unless you have an extremely strong motivator doing something different is tough. As an example we all know we may need to lose weight, but unless someone tells you there is a free trip to Hawaii if we could lose ten pounds, that eight ain’t going nowhere. So its important to find your motivation to make your resolution resonate strongly.

Rule Number # 3 – Baby steps.

If there is one thing I know, it’s easier to walk up a hill than to do it in a single jump. Many times we have lofty aspirations and see the end result,  but fail to plan each measurable step. My favorite question. How does an ant eat an elephant?….One bite at a time.

If you are trying to lose weight, pick and attainable number then set incremental benchmarks, let’s say, a pound every ten days. You can reach that with ease and not feel stressed. Please don’t try to drop 40 pounds in a month, pace yourself. The very minimum goal window should be 90 days segments for weight loss, followed by another three months to the next bench mark if there is a large number to be met as the goal.

Rule number #4 Write it down and tell ten people, or at least 5 people you often are with.

Writing down goals makes them physical and not just a fleeting thought. Place little notes of your statement where you can see them. These will be your inspirations and reminders. If you tell several people of your goals, they will overtly and subtly hold you accountable.

Rule # 5 Don’t beat yourself up.

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Sometimes the first time you try something you are just having a learning moment. Nothing is usually perfect the first time anyway. Why not do Resolution version 1.5 up to version 5.0, it will surprise you what you can accomplish with multiple attempts.

Now go live The Billionaire Lifestyle 2017

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Judi Moreo – Self Esteem Empire

You are more than enough!

Judi Moreno “You are more than Enough!”

What do you do with $2000 and an idea when you are 24. The answer is begin building your own personal Self Esteem Empire and Billionaire Lifestyle.

Every journey begins with a single step, Judi’s $2k empire started with opening a modeling and finishing school for young adults in the 1980’s. With unforeseen challenges the economy would bring in the form of a Las Vegas labor strike during the early days of her business, Judi learned exactly which tools were required to maintain and grow her business to be sustainable for the long haul.

Judi Moreo, is a local Las Vegas television personality, self esteem and business coach and connector of people to life and living.   Here television show based out of Las Vegas Nevada provides reviews and promotion vehicles for authors and publishers of adult and children themed literature. In conjunction Judi is a keynote speaker sought out around the globe.

Here book titled, “You are More than Enough” helped to open up a world Judi had not anticipated, giving her the ability to rub shoulders with Speaking and inspirational greats such as Zig Ziglar and Og Mandino.  Judi share some insights concerning the contributions being a member of NSA(National Speakers Association) has provided. Being a National Speaker Association member also provided an added benefit of being in the company of people who perpetually exhibit great supportive vibes and energy.

Judi is continuing to expand the self esteem platform to give back to society.

“Once you start on the path take a look around, there are other opportunities.”

From a small school for young adults Judi has kept her eyes and options open. Gathering information from personal and business interaction provided Judi with ah ha insights to grow her business and provide teaching services. Providing workshops, books and keynote speaking has kept Judi busy.

Have a listen and enjoy the Podcast. Then go live your Billionaire Lifestyle.



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You are more than enough website

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Podcast Transcription:

Emmitt Muckles: today ladies and gentlemen on the billionaire lifestyle podcast Judi Moreo Judy oreo is an author and a speaker, she has international best-selling books type of you are more than enough and “Conquer the Brain Drain” so listen up very closely because he took two thousand dollars and made it happen it’s an interesting story stay tuned.


Emmitt Muckles: ladies and gentleman welcome to the billionaire lifestyle podcast today I have a really awesome guest and she’ actually met one of the people that I adore which is Og Mandino  ladies and gentlemen I like to welcome them Judi Moreo to the billionaire lifestyle podcast how are you today

Judi Moreo: I’m great thank you and thank you for having it again

Emmitt Muckles: oh I looked at your books and I was like who I have to have this woman just your presence will just make my podcast shine and forgive me for being selfish for having to have you on.

Judi Moreo: i’m pretty selfish too. i enjoy doing these shows they’re wonderful and it gets great exposure for my book and I’m so proud of my book and to could comment on what you said yes I did have the good pleasure to meet Og Mandino. you know and and no him over a period of years before he died and he was quite a mentor to me really helped me to get my writing going.

Emmitt Muckles: so i have written a book myself i’m not going to talk too much about that so I Understand fully you know the challenges it is when you’re writing a book you know all the ideas you have but just to put them so another human being can understand them is a challenge itself which lends itself to one of your videos that i saw talking about communication it was so elegant the way you put the words and i made the definition for people to understand communication. do you speak a lot to as a keynote speaker.

Judi Moreo: I well I do have a lot of keynote speaking but actually I do more in the field of training. i love training I i like the keynote speaker because you go there you do it for an hour and and you touch a lot of people but with training I get to be a closer up one-on-one so I like to do like the workshops and the breakout sessions and that and the training in the company’s and actually really help people to get something they can walk away with.  I feel like in the keynote speech I kind of just motivate people but they don’t walk away much, so i have to have a product from to take home to say okay you know this is what she can teach me, whereas with training i can actually do more you know once we have smaller group we only had like 30 people in a in a training class so. i really enjoyed that the most.

Emmitt Muckles: so your book is titled you are more than enough can you explain how you got to the process of that and what brought you to that ideology and share it with people.

Judi Moreo: well when I when I named the book you’re more than enough that was based on the fact that, i keep self-esteem I I do a lot of pro every program i do whether it’s customer service for communication or creativity it’s always gotta and a part in an on self esteem because how we feel about ourselves helps to create how we treat other people and how creative we are, and so I the attitude and self-esteem is always a part of it.  as I was growing up I didn’t have a lot of self-esteem I had to learn it and so I studied and studied and studied and learned it. and I I always overestimated other people and underestimated myself.  and even though my parents constantly told me you are enough you know you can do this you go to try it. somehow I still had that that timidly about me, I was shy and I didn’t want to get out there now people who know me can’t believe I was never shy can’t believe I ever didn’t have high self-esteem. but it was something I had to learn and so as i got older i kept meeting women that were older that were saying to me oh I wish I had self-esteem and i’m looking at people who work for the thirties and forties fifties you think of what do you mean you don’t have self-esteem you know that was something we had to learn growing up and then I started talking to people and, I thought you know what I’m going to write a book about this since I was writing the book I was writing a chapter entitled you are more than nothing one of my girlfriend’s was reading the book and she’s quite a successful woman and she said well why did you name your book this because this chapter is what your whole life is all about and I said oh my gosh there appears right in front of me I wrote it down at the chapter title and didn’t realize it was the book title and so I i moved it over to be the book title and and it really is you know that we are more than enough and we underestimate ourselves so many of us then and now I just because that book the publisher totally slanted that book for women and yet the men that that I worked with that when i did the audiobook the man that recorded it when you got done he looked at me and he said why did you just do this for women if I have this book 20 years ago I have been more successful.

Judi Moreo:so I’m doing a new  book now iíve using some of the same principles but i’m not doing a new book for men and women both entitled you are more than you think you are

Emmitt Muckles:  that’s awesome you know that you you  bring up a really great point when women do so much in this country now and I realized this a long time ago that women were controlling a lot of businesses and they were making a lot of inroads to areas and it was a quiet storm but one of the things that i noticed that when women produce products they literally stay within the female demographic and it seems like it and,  I’m talking from a male point of view that men are to and if you go and i remember this from 1991 my first marriage. i had hard time adjusting it but i remember going to the bookstore and I saw droves of books to help women. there was literally nothing for men

Judi Moreo: I know I know

Emmitt Muckles:so your new book that’s coming out when do you anticipate that the next year or so ?

Judi Moreo:oh I’m hoping to have it out in about three months I’ve been working on it for about a year already so i’m pretty sure we’ll have it out by Middle of march

Emmitt Muckles : awesome awesome so that’s one thing that we have to do you have to come back here so that we can talk about that thentoo

Judi Moreo: i’d love to but you know I just want to comment on what you said because when I wrote the other book I wrote it for men and women both original and the publisher said men don’t buy books you have to change needs to be just the women and I wonder if the publishers belief is what causes there to be so many books dear toward women because they believed that women by book and men don’t buy self-improvement type books its more leadership type books.

Emmitt Muckles : well I think that it’s a changing demographic with the Millennial course  if you watch if you watch the Millennials they are about they have their own community and they have their own self awareness and I think that may have been true with a certain man that found to a certain time period but i think that has changed now with with the way the internet is opened up things because now people are how very comfortable in the ebooks

Judi Moreo: oh yeah i think i agree with you i agree with you but I think that’s why it wasn’t a path that people wrote predominantly you know the self-help books for women but I seem an everyday now,  in fact i have a an online program called the achieve more method and I have a lot of men sign up for that program because I think about how you can be more and do more and have more by learning how to  achieve more and very often we don’t know how to set our goals and if we do set our goals we don’t know how to make them become reality a lot of people write goals the first of every year in two months they give up on them.  and so I I really work with minimum about in fact a lot of my coaching clients are men as well as entertainers. I live in Las Vegas so I get a lot of people from las vegas trip that that come to me to have me help them figure out how to market themselves properly.

Emmitt Muckles: awesome , actually i’ll be in vegas probably in September i have a conference that i  have to attend that I attend every year they keep having their so I’m not maybe

Judi Moreo:  maybe we can have you on my television show all that would be awesome

Emmitt Muckles:  that would be so awesome! tell me about your television show tell me about it

Judi Moreo: I have a I have of live television show in las vegas it’s called the world of book reviews and I review books and talk two authors i have various authors on and i have a guest of a guest co-author and co-host that is eight years old but she’s my guest co-host whenever she’s available and she reviews children’s books and. we talked about children’s books and why they’re good for the kids her age which is she’s really popular people like her a lot and so mainly I just I talked to authors and I thought to people who read certain books who like or don’t like him I like to get people’s opinions in the show is a live on on the local television station and then it gets archived on AK experts tv.com and so it’s always there on AK experts tv.com for people to watch this segment.

Emmitt Muckles:  so who led you to your coaching career because I’m you know if you’re dealing if you’re talking to people of course you’re probably going to have to have some kind of relationship to bring them further some people can’t just digest information and then move forward and as you said there are some people who make new year’s resolutions that’s the start but they don’t know how to continue the race into the end so how did that come about in your life

Judi Moreo: Emmitt, I started my first business when I was 24 years old and I didn’t know that you couldn’t start a business with two thousand dollars. so I i went out and started my business I just had this idea to start this finishing school and model agency and I had two thousand dollars saved up and I thought that was enough money so I rented the office,  and I started telling everybody about my business and three weeks after I open my business was the first time in the history of Las Vegas that they had a strike and turned out every light on the Las Vegas Strip and so people who aren’t going to send their kids to modeling school because that was an extra and the strip hotels weren’t going to hire models because they were all closed down so here I was you know like like a couple months in. and I was like my gosh i’m broke you know and i went to my landlord nice that we have a little problem here because I can’t pay my second month’s rent and he looked at me and he said well you know the guy next door bet me that you wouldn’t last in business six months he said not betting you would so if you can hang in there for six months we can make enough money off him to pay the rent.

Judi Moreo: that’s a true story and I hung in there for six months and actually i hung in there for 21 years my business became very successful and.  I and I basically promoted my business through speaking that’s why i started speaking i started going out and talking to junior high schools and high schools and Girl scout troops and Boy Scout troops and telling them about my finishing school and model agency and why they had to come and go through the school and have personal development courses and learn to believe in themselves and then one day the Tropicana Hotel called me and said do you do mouth programs and I said well what’s that they said well when we bring a convention and we need someone to entertain the wives and husbands and I said oh yes i do that makes to go how much you charge and I said fifty dollars which was really thinking and and they hired me and then after they hired me a hundred times i joined the National Speakers Association and i found out, wait a minute you know you should be making a lot more than fifty dollars so by then identify hundred features and I of my price and and that’s how I promoted and started that business and that business you know was so successful and then someone bought it for cash my my financial planner said you build a business in order to sell it so i did and i went into speaking full-time and it’  taken me to 28 countries around the world and i ended up working in south africa for eight years and starting a new training company over there.  and then after six years of having a company in south africa brought it back to America could put our our headquarters here in Las Vegas I could be home with my family was but I love South Africa and so that’s how I got here where I am today but it was a long hard struggle you know

Emmitt Muckles: but most struggles are long and hard did that’s one of the things that I hope to impart by sharing people’s stories that,  we have this notion that everything is a overnight sensation or it was they went into it and they began to be successful and most of the really talented most of the people that we see in any field genre they’ve been added a while. they it’s it’s the and eating an elephant ideology I always say, you have to start somewhere because you just even if you have raw talent you have to refine that talent so life will dictate to you the path but what you must do is you must start on the journey and stay on it that’s part one have been one of my biggest flaws ‘as because I’m all over the place sometimes actually had a podcast called that and it was called all over the place what I really like is your youtube videos so do you have a youtube channel ?

Judi Moreo:yes it’s judi moreo, youtube/Judi Moreo

Emmitt Muckles:you have several websites so you have lifechoices.com, judi Mario dot-com and you also have one for your new book correct?

Judi Moreo: well I have your more than enough dot-com, and then I also had viet read more method dot-com that’s our online training program that people can have me coach them online

Emmitt Muckles: alright

Judi Moreo: oh it’s a one year program

Emmitt Muckles: so when your program yeah so how much time do you have to spend is it like one day a week or is it monthly or do you have group sessions how does that work

Judi Moreo:  well we have all of that, they for the first 21 days if the kickstart program for the first 21 days I seen them three questions a day and they send me their answers and then on the twenty-second day we actually start the lessons because by then I have a knowledge of who they are and what they done and then we actually start the lessons and then they get one videotaped lesson every month in addition to that they get 52 audio affirmations  throughout the year sorry I’m sorry you and then they get daily affirmations and then in addition to that we have a closed Facebook page and they have like a mastermind group with just their group on the closed Facebook page and that’s where they asked me questions directly and I answer them and we all work together on their particular goals. it’s somewhere between private coaching and group coaching it it’s kind of both but I don’t have the time anymore to privately coach people I used to coach people privately and it was sixteen thousand dollars a year. and now I i do this online and it works out real well cause i can give them a lot of personal attention but at the same time they’re getting the mastermind with other people who are on the same path trying to reach the same success. and the price is really reasonable and it’s two hundred ninety seven dollars for the year you can’t beat that and so I like it because i get to know people from all over the world and i get to know them on a more personal basis and they get to ask me questions based on my experience in my background and I have you know section extensive background in the business world especially as an entrepreneur. and so for them to be able to ask those questions personally to me it helps them a great deal as well

Emmitt Muckles:   great great great one thing I really liked about contacting you are just doing my research on you i really liked your your website your web site is is beautiful i’ve  talk to some people for interviews , several people in the last couple of days and that the websites blow me away because it so clean and so beautiful and how you integrated your blog into your website as well as your blog attached to your website or is there a different address I know people have that

Judi Moreo:you know it in the website its judimoreo/blog

Emmitt Muckles:  your website is so informative because you can grab media about your media you can get your about you learn more about you you’re speaking, your blog, your shop I was just kind of blown away you gave me some some direction and just you mentored me just by having a website can you believe that

Judi Moreo:oh Emmitt, thank you thank you i’m gonna tell jake takes my my wonderful Jake naylor,  he’s the guy that does all of my website and all of my graphic arts and he’s just the most magnificent person and I i like my website because it’s clean you made it looks so neat and pretty and I’ve had a lot of web people tell me all your websites to clean it needs to have more links that needs to be this way or that way and I just insisted on keeping it the way it is because i like this the way Jake get it i think he’s a he’s brilliant when it comes to putting these together it is

Emmitt Muckles: the way I would say it’s just it’s simply elegant you in and also

Judi Moreo:I’m count it and

Emmitt Muckles: it shows you are NSA member how has NSA and which for those of you who are not very familiar with it that’s National Speakers Association how they helped you to bolster who you are today

Judi Moreo: oh my goodness i find the National Speakers Association and 1986 I mean that’s a long time ago and that was where i sat down at dinner next to OG Mandino you know I said right next to get it at one of the first dinners I ever attended and I didn’t know that was who he was I’d read all of his books and and he was sitting there and he asked me who I was and of course I went on and on and on about who I wasn’t what I did and then I said and what you do and he said oh I right little books and I said oh really what kind of me said fables.  and I said oh what’s the name of one and he said The Greatest Salesman On Earth. and I was like oh my gosh oh my gosh I i do you know anywhere you know when I said I thought you were dead you said my wife sometimes fix something and it’s I you know I just blurted it out like that you know but I mean back then you sat next to people like norman vincent peale and Zig Ziglar and Og Mandino and Joe Charboneau and I mean these were the Great’s of the speaking industry and they were all in the National Speakers Association. today many of those people have died but still the best speakers in the world that and the National Speakers association conferences. so i try never miss a conference because I get to meet people I get to hear all the latest things on training and development and all of the the latest technology. and you know it’s one of the places that I discovered that the internet is the way for speakers to be selling themselves nowadays. it so that’s why I started you know really making a presence on the internet and i started this online program to help people i can reach people all around the world and i would have learned about that if I hadn’t been with the National Speakers Association and I mean the about all my best friends are from there so you just meet positive people everybody’s coming up you know nobody’s walking around complaining about things

Emmitt Muckles: that’s true

Judi Moreo: i like positive people

Emmitt Muckles:I’ve been to a few NSA meetings i started looking into it when I had an idea for a book and actually, I had this conversation with God to said I want to change direction and I had this book that i wrote and it’s a and it was inspired by Og Mandino, because it’s about the same size but I didn’t know anything that do after that I was clueless are probably i’ll send you a copy of it and I would like very clear so between that and toastmasters which I just kind of ran through they were like where did  you come from

Judi Moreo: Toastmasters it’s a great place for people who are learning to speak where National Speakers Association is about more about marketing yourself as a speaker

Emmitt Muckles:and that’s what i did not know at the time I was a complete novice I was just ignorant in this is information that people would like to hear that’s why we’re talking about it because it’s about the journey and your journey is going to be a textbook for someone else in this little conversation that we’re having here because this is this is what this will go on forever I’ve done podcast back in 2006 and i still get emails about them and I didn’t even know they were still online.

Emmitt Muckles: where do you see yourself in 2017 were right there at the precipice so what’s a good oh

Judi Moreo: I write my goal every year on New Year’s Eve I have a I have a definite program that i do and i write my goals every year on New Year’s even. I like right now I’m formulating all those goals for next year in my mind and then I write them down quarterly I say okay by the end of the first quarter i want to achieve this and by the end of the second quarter this and third quarter this and usually by the end of the second quarter I’ve already done the whole year because by writing them down and getting real clear on them that happens and so this year my my goal was to put the achieve more method up online and get it going that that was supposed to start 2017 and I got it already so i went ahead and launch it earlier so it’s already up and running for the coming year and then i’m going to be doing a little bit more speaking on locally. I’m I’m trying to cut back on doing so much national speaking because national and international travel it’s gotten harder and harder and harder i am going back to South Africa for a trip in march i’m looking will forward to that to do a program for a hotel chain over there that I’ve worked with in the past. it’s called misty hills it’s a wonderful a chain owned by Recreation Africa so i’m going there and then august i’ll be going to Tanzania and 2 Kenya because i want to see the migration of the animals all my life I’ve been on my bucket list that i want to go and do that hot air balloon flight over the Serengeti when the wildebeast through all my grading and feel like signed up for it i bought it i bought the hot air balloon like I’m ready I’m but that’s one of my goals for  this year personal

Emmitt Muckles:goal good good good we have to have those you’ll have to excuse my voice as i said i have i’m suffering a little bit of a cold here but there’s one thing that we have not talked about and that’s the country conquer the brain drain

Judi Moreo:  oh yes that’s it that’s the interesting book that I real with me on Fiona McCulloch Carmichael she and i wrote that book a few years back we were hired by one of these women are companies that you go from city to city to city to do public seminars and people find out method and they go you know they pay like a certain amount $39 or $79 are $199 dollars may go for a seminar and the similar company ask us to write a a creativity day camp program for them and we did and then we went out on the road we tested this creativity day camp  across the country and it was very successful and so they bought it and they put it on their their menu of all the different courses that they have and then they had about 30 different trainers that actually trained the creativity day camp and one of the things we noticed when we were out there was they didn’t have any product that taught people how to be creative and so we said well why don’t we write a book for you and that you know you would put on the tables in the back of the room and so they said okay and we will conquer the brain they actually paid us a fee  to write the book and we wrote the book conquer the brain drain and then we ended up selling it and they had all these trainers across the country that we’re selling it back of the room so the book did really really well it’s a book about leadership and it is also about how to have more creative meetings because when we were doing our research we found out that people said that two biggest causes of the demotivation in the workplace where boring meetings and poor leadership. so we combine the two to make a book about leaders and how they can make their meetings more interesting to keep people wanting to come back and be in the meeting and accomplish the goals of the meeting.  and then we took the book to South Africa and we invited all the who’s who of the Johannesburg to a luncheon and we spoke and we had them as I guess we gave them all the copy of the book and Penguin Books picked it up in South Africa and it became ignite the spark 52 creative ways to fire up your team and it was an international bestseller from there.

Emmitt Muckles: you you’re busy individual you’ve done some things in

Judi Moreo:  my mind never thought I’m always creating something new

Emmitt Muckles:if you could look back in time or if you could tell your yourself when you were let’s say 30 if you could give yourself some advice when you were 30 what would that be

Judi Moreo:  i would say never give up on your dream i would say believe in yourself and i would say even when you don’t believe in yourself and you’re scared do it anyway just do it anyway because if you have this little spark of something inside yourself that you want to do you need to go do it in a few years ago I got cancer and the doctor looked at means that you have about a year left and when somebody tells you you’re gonna die you think oh my goodness did i do everything I wanted to do in this life bun did I did I handle myself by not having enough self-esteem by not just going ahead and doing things because there were so many things I wanted to do when I was younger that I didn’t do because I was scared or because I didn’t have the support or because someone said you can’t do that or you don’t have the education or you don’t have the money or you don’t do whatever and so when I got the cancer I made up my mind right then and there I am going to do for the rest of my life whatever it is I want to do I’m going to go after it I’m going to be it i’m going to have it i’m going to i’m going to just go forward and do it and you know what it has been incredible and and I applied my formula i have that little achieve more formula that i use and i applied it to my health I thought okay I don’t want to die in a year

the doctor can tell me I’m gonna die in a year how does he know. nobody knows i’m going to die except God right. so I made up my mind you be healthy and I just really really worked and it’s been seven years now and I’m healthier never been in my life.

Emmitt Muckles:  now that is a blessing.

Judi Moreo: oh it is, it is a blessing because i had to make up my mind I wasn’t going to do the chemo I wasn’t going to do the radiation i was going to change the way i ate i was going to take care myself. so i would say to people like in their thirties i would say yes it’s important to be successful but take care of yourself eat what what you should be eating not just the stuff that we think we should be eating or that we don’t think about it all and exercise and get your rest and love yourself because, that’s what makes you well that’s what makes you healthy and whole and only when you’re healthy and whole can you go out and see the things you want to achieve


Emmitt Muckles: I thank you so much for being on the billionaire lifestyle podcast do you have a twitter handle a facebook because those are the ones we cannot covered

Judi Moreo:  again its Judi Moreo, i do everything under my name ju di mo re o,- but I want to thank you this has been a wonderful interview live I’d love talking to you and I do want you to send you that but let’s see what we can do to help you promote it

Emmitt Muckles:i’m going to send you the book and when I am coming to Vegas you pick up your phone because it took to call ready

Judi Moreo:we’ll go out for lunch you will but the water at the Bellagio and listen to the music or something wild.

Emmitt Muckles:your from Las Vegas so. I’ve been i went to Vegas two years ago seven times in one year because I had so many people because I’m a trainer for a company and every time I would leave their someone would call me back like we need you here you’re the only one that can do it after about the third time i was doing with Vegas but

Judi Moreo:well you have to get from my eyes then you’ll love it

Emmitt Muckles: that’s awesome and i will take you up on that this has been the billionaire lifestyle podcast you can reach it on Emmittmuckles.com  please download. give us your opinion leave us some stars.  let us know your comments those are the things that make us happy and it if we’re happy you’re going to be happy to. With that remember there’s one thing that we all must do we must love the person in the mirror because that love internally starts and grows and spreads to everyone else till the next time we speak thank you Judy for coming and have an awesome day everybody


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John Lagoudakis Website Traffic

John Lagoudakis Website consultant and person for Website traffic.

How to gain Website traffic for your business and products online.

John Lagoudakis has to figure out how to keep his online business  for Website traffic afloat after Google changed the algorithm removing clickbank.com product from Google AdWords campaigns.   They say when one door closes another opens. When you have an online business the key to success is driving traffic. John states his success was not an overnight sensation and there were a great deal of pitfalls along the way. Through determination and the no other option approach John made a door where there was none available.

Instead of promoting the products of other people and companies John decided to figure out how to add value to a crowded system. He found that adding quality and value in the form of a service as a product was just what the doctor ordered for John to succeed. Now at Johnlagoudakis.com  he has webinars, podcast and other material to help self starters and veteran online people gain traffic and knowledge.

Johns driving force is his family who drives him to provide choices in life by showing them there are more options available than the traditional 9-5 ideology would have use to believe.  Although John is located in Australia, his clients and followers are located all over the globe.

John shares some insight into starting your online business and gaining traffic. John also share with us a fact how many people claim to offer products are not what they seem.  If you are unsure of a marking website John suggest visiting The Warrior forum to gain insight and perspective on any online course concerning email marking and online marketing.  A big tip was how video is the best method to reach your audience and how to effectively use Facebook.com ad to target and re-target customers for the best bang for the buck. The methods connecting with potential customers has changed in the last few years so its best to do serious homework before diving in head first in the online marketing world. If you require help Johnlagoudakis.com is here to help.


Now go live The Billionaire LifeStyle


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Interview with Jane Aireton “Work it Out In A Week”

Work it out in a week  book series with Jane Aireton

Listen To The Podcast HERE!

Jane Aireton is an English author with the book series titled “Work it out in a week” with different topics such as money, weight loss, and even Christmas.

I had the honor of interviewing Miss Jane Aireton about her book series and philosophy of “Work it out in a Week”. Talking with me from the Canary Islands. Even though I was suffering from a serious head cold Jane’s energy was enough to give me some temporary relief.

Jane’s journey began after the age of 60 years old by creating workbooks to get unstuck. Jane’s approach to writing was to simply ask honest questions about her life.  Her ponder place is here garden where she identified her “Money Monster” was keeping her up at night. After identifying the root of the problem, then the task of solving the problem was easy. This is where Jane and I have a common bond as I listed in my book “The Journey of One” you must have conversations with yourself and be honest with the answers.

Once Jane solved the Money Monster problem other area requiring attention became easy to navigate. Such as work it out in a week with your weight, and Christmas. As she stated Christmas can be a problem for many women with families because there is so much to do in so little time. Here basic premise, is to formulate a plan and stick to it.

One topic that was not intended was tiny houses and how Americans have started a moment that is spreading around the world.

Jane’s latest book is focused on New Years resolutions and how we need to make promises we just can’t keep. The key to Jane’s theory is learning to focus on Baby Steps. Please have a listen and enjoy.

You must listen to the wisdom in this podcast Janes Aireton’s words will honestly help you to Live better.

Please leave a comment, or

Find Jane Aireton on Amazon

Jane on Twitter: success60plus

Jane’s twitter home page: Twitter Home

Jane’s home page: www.success60plus.com


Find The Billionaire LifeStyle Podcast:

Twitter: Emuckles
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmittsbillionairelifestyle
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/billionaire-lifestyles-podcast/id1170849809?mt=2

Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/emmitt-muckles/the-billionaire-lifestyle


Transcription of the Podcast:

Emmitt Muckles: today on the billionaire lifestyle podcast my interview with Jane Aireton. She has a series of books that you can acquire on amazon called working out in a week.

Whether it be your weight or finances or Christmas, you can work it out the week or at least begin. Now you have to forgive me because I had a really long day and I went to bed at four o’clock in the morning and woke up really early to do this podcast. I’m very sorry if my voice is a little bit ragged but the information and the inspiration is awesome so stay tunes.


Ladies and gentleman welcome to the billionaire lifestyle podcast and his beautiful woman who is hanging out over and England, and I forgot the name of the island, it’s not a canary islands is it?

Jane Aireton:  it’s the channel

Emmitt Muckles: their you go it’s the channel islands so this is Jane Aireton and she has written several books over the last 18 months that dictate some changes in your life that you can apply in a short amount of time which is freaking awesome because you, know people say oh lose weight 90 days lose weight in a year no she’s got it work it out in a week this is awesome thing and that’s what people need.

How are you doing Jane?

Jane Aireton::: Well it’s really exciting! I started off by writing a book called to say success at 60 Plus with a friend of mine and I really got hooked. Because a lot of people are not fulfilling their potential and my background is a nurse and I saw a lot of people who are physically ill just because they felt trapped. Have you ever felt trapped.

Emmitt Muckles: I did but I’m not married to her anymore.

Jane Aireton::: Alright and people do get trapped not only by their partners but by the second circumstances, by money, by all kinds of things and if you feel trapped the next thing is that you become ill. So I looked at ways of untrapping yourself and I’m one of these people who like to get to grips and do things get a result. I think it’s really important to empower people to do this so work it out in a week was a really good idea. I thought, and i started off with money because I’m one of those people that awakes at three o’clock in the morning and start worrying.  

Emmitt Muckles: that’s not good.
Jane Aireton::: I noticed from your stuff on your Facebook page and so on, that you’re saying that money isn’t the be all end all but we need a certain amount and but what you know what you said and I completely agree with is what you need anyway I so. I thought i’d like to go out and sit in my garden shed. Because they’re I won’t get disturbed and I would think about this matter. how I’m reacting to me money. I’m an intelligent woman, I like this. so I went out there and I started thinking about my attitudes to money and how much I needed and exactly what you’d be talking about and i discovered that was money monster there that.  that was the one that came at three o’clock in the morning.

I thought I don’t need is really don’t need this. what I’ve got to do is to sit down and work out a way to so that like because it’s sort of cyclical thing isn’t it. that you worry about it and then you’re so worried that you don’t look at your bank statement and it gets worse and worse.  so i went right back to basics. I’m going on about it but I worked it out in a week and I started solving the problem so that’s what we did with one worry. then I thought about Christmas, and women tend to worry about Christmas because there’s so much to be done again. start at the beginning think about baby steps. think about the things you’ve got to do. write them all down get I did lots of ideas in my books and my work it out in the week Christmas book lots of recipes so that people don’t have to think, they can just sit down work out a plan and do it. and what to do with the people that come over for Christmas that you’d rather they didn’t.


Emmitt Muckles: that’s awesome that’s really awesome you know one of the things about life is that most people don’t realize that is literally your journey and sometimes you have to look down at the road and plan where your next step is and that’s what I really liked about your books. what made you get to the point where you said I am going to concretely put this down and this is going to be my thing to share with the world. because we all have something awesome to share. most people don’t realize it and that could be just your calling card your passion. how did you just say screw it I’m gonna do it?

Jane Aireton:well it was I think, it goes back to my first book which was basically a workbook and in that book I, this is one that I did this is Success at 60 Plus and i worked as a workbook and I just asked lots and lots of questions. first of all the work, the most important thing is making happiness a priority in your life. and I think you would completely agree with that having read about you. and that if you but just put happiness there you can choose to be happy under any circumstances at any moment in time and don’t make other people, don’t let other people tell you otherwise, so then you’ve made happened is a priority. my next question was who are you what sort of person are you and a lot of people don’t actually sit down and really work out the sort of person they are.

Emmitt Muckles: That’s true

Jane Aireton::: telling people i would say start where you are not where you’d like to be because if you start where you’d like to be you’re not living in the real world. so start where you are. where are you going how can you get to where you want to go if you don’t know where that is. so that’s really important. and where are you now? and then you can put a plan together. so that’s where I started really looking at what i wanted and i wanted to write. I spent 15 years looking after all my old relations, I killed them all off, and now I’ve got some time I mean I was honored and privileged to look after them but you know at the end of the day when it’s all done and dusted and done with you it’s up to you to then take the reins and get to where you want to be so that’s where I started.

Emmitt Muckles: so let me ask you this question with your early success with children’s television or you were involved with children’s television that lend itself to you being able to transition to what you do today?

Jane Aireton: Yes I think it did I just really enjoy doing that with Elizibeth Beresford who will use to create The Wombles. Do you know about will The Wombles in America?

Emmitt Muckles:  we don’t, i don’t but I’m I’m 50 years old so it it might have been a different time

Jane Aireton::: ya might be um I’m not that old, yes well that little creatures that go around and picking up rubbish and it was in the days before, ever you know the green thing and then people went aware, and and so there was a it was a very famous thing in the UK and so we work together and yes it would I’ve always wanted to empower people and in that we would we choose a character cool but the bad and about some quite an endangered species in the UK what about  him in America

Emmitt Muckles: uh America’s a little crazy at the moment is crazy and calm at  the same time
Jane Aireton: of bats you know the bat yam we are bats are pretty

Emmitt Muckles: I don’t think they’re endangered because actually people make nests for them here.

Jane Aireton: alright yes we’ve got some bad boxes as well so what yes I so yes I’m always  interested in all those sort of things.  so yes the it was interesting early on to do the children’s television program and get that off the ground I used to travel around London with a six foot bat.

Emmitt Muckles: Right, I have a question for you because I couldn’t figure it out what is complementary therapy?


Jane Aireton: ah well mainstream therapy is like the doctors giving you chemical medicine but there are all  kinds of other ways that you can solve problems using the energy system. do you have acupuncture in the state?

Emmitt Muckles: oh yeah, so we call it homeopathic here

Jane Aireton: well there is homeopathy, there’s acupuncture I use vibrational therapy there’s lots of other ways of dealing with it in ways that are not intrusive and they don’t have side effects so that’s what i’m interested in

Emmitt Muckles: so you’re referring to Reiki as well

Jane Aireton: oh absolutely yes that’s that’s a very. very powerful moment method of healing yeah Emmitt Muckles: it was just my own ignorance I’ve never heard of it it referred to as complementary therapy and i said  to myself i’ll ask her because you’re a very interesting person and I was just looking at all the things you’ve done.  and you are like you and I are kindred spirits where we’re always looking for the next thing for us to learn it to do which I found so awesome with just looking at your books looking at your website and your blog so i have a question how can people contact you to find out what you’re doing and about your books.

Jane Aireton: well thank you that I’ve got a website. which is success spell as s u double C, how you pronounce power spell success you know 60 in in figures and plus written plus dot-com so that success 60-plus dot-com that’s my website.  and i’m at success is 60-plus on Twitter and so yes people do that and if they want to look at my books work it out in a week is a nice way of remembering it you can stick that into a Amazon other in the UK or in America so yeah that that’s where my books are but I’m just so excited to be able to talk to somebody in America when i’m sitting on a little rock in the middle of the English Channel/ I just think that’s awesome and to  connect and i love the enthusiasm that come from the Americans I’ve met.

Emmitt Muckles:  Really

Jane Aireton:yes, I love Americans, I think they are they grabbed the knife by the scruff of the neck and they really enjoy least one that i have, and i know that you have because of the way that you’ve you know you’ve got this going and um you’ve got a good lot of interest in the States for Billionaire LifeStyle?

Emmitt Muckles:  it’s it it’s taken about a year for me to get the ideology together to get my  elevator speech together because I’m kind of all over the place and I had to narrow everything down and figure out the the path that I wanted to go I want to figure out my journey so I’ve started this journey and one thing is I feel with my whole heart. you have to help people you have to be there for someone and for me to reach out to people like you who are doing great things you know in your own life that’s worth billions to me. and then are any fruit it bares from there I’m good I’m happy and I’m healthy wealthy and wise

Jane Aireton:: well I love that and I loved the fact that you’ve got really interesting people I’ve been listening to some of the podcast  and you have some very interesting people. with it so is Zosso” and i had to laugh because he was talking about a small town with 40,000 people on our island we we have 1600 people what

Emmitt Muckles:   well that’s the city from where i live i live in this small Indiana town and I moved from a major much metropolitan areas Detroit Michigan and i moved to this really we call it downtown Disney like John Cougar Mellencamp talks about i was born in a small town this is a small town everyone knows everyone.

Jane Aireton::: 40,000 huge so we all do know each other on the island that’s for sure  


Emmitt Muckles: yeah yeah yeah  but uh I want to ask the use of other things as well so where is Cornwall to yank like me ?


Jane Aireton: Cornwall is in the southwest of England and that’s where my boys live well they are men. now they got children of their own but, now that’s quite interesting because i want to go over and I want to spend part of the year near then and there is a movement that has come from the United States to the UK which is tiny houses  


Emmitt Muckles: yes it is so awesome

Jane Aireton:  and i’m so excited about this and I’m going to build one next year because the poor boys that means i can follow them wherever they go. you seen mark my tiny house on wheels but i love this idea because in America we always thinking from the UK that the

Americans have everything bigger than everybody else but now you’ve got things that are smaller than everyone else and what really struck me when I looked at the tiny house idea was that the people who were who were building tiny houses we’re not doing it because they didn’t have the money but because they wanted to spend time doing other things other than looking after their real estate and that resonates with me so well the and I and you know just reducing the number of possessions you have and that fits in with your business about the millionaire lifestyle and that life isn’t about what you have it’s what you gave.

Emmitt Muckles: you know my wife who is 17 years younger than I, she’s so emotionally wise it’s beyond belief and one of the  things she always says to me, she says it’s about she’s like enjoy experience. it pay for experiences not things,  she’s like you pay for the things you need. don’t pay for just the things you want. pay for the experience you have to you know that’s what life is about. is the experience and more people understood it’s about the experience and if people  looked at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs they’ll

Jane Aireton:::  Absolutely

Emmitt Muckles:  they would just really understand the billionaire lifestyle in a nutshell.
Jane Aireton:  Brilliant well i haven’t talk about my latest book yet which is about at about New year’s resolutions and that to me is it’s be it was the most difficult one to write and it was also the most interesting because a lot of us make new year’s resolutions and most of us don’t keep them so i wanted to look at why we didn’t keep them and so often we say oh well i’m not going to bother because I can’t do it well the answer is you can so in a nutshell. first of all I looked at if you’re going to say,  when you mentioned about losing weight,  if you just started a diet today you know lettuce leaves in a glass of water or fail. what you have to do is going to gradually but do tiny little baby steps, so reduce your portion size and then you can start and do the next step which is maybe having shakes or doing something different or you might be doing juicing or whatever like up so you did say that I said that you could lose all your weight in a week that isn’t quite correct if you did be even a trial but in actual fact if you take your if you take on new year’s resolution baby steps you get there.  now the other thing that was an American i can’t remember his name but he had this really good idea of a chain and every day if you put something if you’re doing weight-loss if you do what you set out to do that day you put a chain on your calendar for that day a link and then the next day you put another link when you do it and you really don’t want to fail because you don’t want to break that chain every day you put a link on it and if you live what you want to do with something you already do for example running I’ve taken up running bit late tonight but I’m taking it out and so what i do now is when I get out I put my running shoes on we won’t have to get up we all have to choose on if you put running shoes on you look a bit stupid if you’re not going running, so what do you do you go running then you come back to take months and you put your link on the calendar,  and I’ve got this link going and I really really don’t want to break it,  and that’s a brilliant way of getting where you want to go

Emmitt Muckles:that is true

Jane Aireton:and the other interesting thing that I discovered was the willpower we say we haven’t got any willpower well actually did you know where your willpower is in your brain know we’re behind your forehead in your preform top yeah that’s right prefrontal cortex of the brain and it’s really interesting because its best in the morning.  because that prefrontal cortex does all kinds of other things during the day short-term memory and all kinds of other things are going on and we’ll power gets pushed and pushed the end of the  line .  so it’s really nice to think well I actually do have a will power if i use it first thing in the morning to get those things done i’ll get them done and it’s so true because if you just set up,  people say to me oh I dont have any willpower, well yes you have but you don’t use it at the right time if you leave it to the end of the day there’s no space for it so of course do it first thing in the morning and you got it done don’t you think that’s that is brilliant

Emmitt Muckles : Yes I do, because when I do things first thing in the morning,  first of all its quiet, i can focus and i”m right there getting it done, her whether it be lifting weights or writing something down that first thing in the morning that is a good best way to start

Jane Aireton: I bet it wasn’t very good thing fast this morning but most mornings

Emmitt Muckles :yeah I was ya idea i had a couple pints for those of you who don’t know is it had a lot of pint’s actually

Jane Aireton:but then this is the thing you can make that choice you ,you know if you have that choice you know the next morning you won’t be getting runnung but the  the day off do you will be so you know

Emmitt Muckles: yeah it’s easy I find it best to get things done in the morning it helps me to actually start today because then i get up with the zest if I know particularly if it’s pre-thought,  I think that night before or hey I have something to do anymore it’s just like I have to  get up and go to work.  well that’s not a good example but when I have something to do that is the best time to make that effort which is in the morning and you’re correct

Jane Aireton:so then there’s some of the things that time be your about mine watching this particular book and

Emmitt Muckles: do you have a copy of it so I could see it?

Jane Aireton: well I haven’t been copied that one but i got the other two they think that the christmas one not well that’s the money one

Emmitt Muckles: so  work it  out in a week

Jane Aireton: they’re all worked out in the weekend if you go on Amazon then they are they’re all wear and so you’ll get the changing habits because basically new year’s resolutions are changing your habits and it’s and I’ve really proved you I’ve been practicing ready for new year and it really does work and i’m so excited because I was one of these people who made  these great claims that out of what i was going to do and I didn’t break it down and do it a bit too time and as you go forward each step you cement your resolve and you get the results .

Emmitt Muckles: so let me ask you something are you on the speaking circuit yet because you have the most charming presentation

Jane Aireton: I’ve done some and the lower well thank you very much indeed  

Emmitt Muckles: that’s that’s probably your next area you you can go into because you such a charming person

Jane Aireton:  well that’s very nice of you to say that but you know I’ve really enjoyed being interviewed by you because I think that we actually resonate you’ve got this feeling for empowering people and it’s so exciting what happens

Emmitt Muckles: yeah at you know that’s the one thing that if I could convey to people is it’s not about what you can take it’s about what you can give because if you give enough everything that you need will be taken care of.

Jane Aireton:absolutely

Emmitt Muckles:I just I just can’t you know express it enough.  so Jane what do you have a twitter handle?

Jane Aireton: yes a success at success 60-plus at and the 60 is the number 60 correct that’s right yeah yeah yeah and I love Twitter because it’s so immediate and you’re you’re getting feedback from people all the time and some brilliant really inspirational and motivational people out there to follow,  and to the following me and we’re swapping all things all the time,  and that you know if you’ve got that going on.  I mean if you if you wake up in the morning you turn on the radio and listen to all this negative stuff then that sets your tone for the day if you wake up and you’re empowered your invigorating you as you say if you’ve got a plan for the day and you’re doing things for other people it’s completely different.


Emmitt Muckles: yes, yes,  that’s true well I know you have a lot to do today what I want to do is I want to give you this invitation my door is always open to you so if you come to America or you just want to talk because I will record every word.  the invitations right there for you you know

Jane Aireton: that’s the nicest thing that’s happened to me today and i’m on the end of my day so that says something thank you so much and I have enjoyed this so much that’s awesome thank you so much frankly, i meeting you Emmitt

Emmitt Muckles: thank you

Jane Aireton: have an  awesome day and you by


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