ADHD Finding Your Center and Purpose

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 Sometimes we just have too much energy and can’t concentrate. – ADHD Finding Your Center and Purpose

Finding your center and purpose is not just a dilemma for teens, children and adults. Many are affected with concentration within our daily lives. Food, atmosphere and sometimes interesting motivation or a lack there of can play a part in finding your calm healthy state of being. Our mission in this wonderful life is to find a center and purpose to live the billionaire lifestyle.

Donnie Desanti –  Taking control of life.

Donnie Desanti know too well about finding g balance and has come full circle from childhood to adult. Labeled as the kid who could not sit still, disrupted class, and frequented school  detention. After some time Donnie was diagnosed as ADHD,  having a little too much energy was causing disrupting problems within Donnie’s life and those in his family.  A prescription of Ritalin was issues to calm and manage Donnie’s energy/focus.  After some time with the new prescription his grades and overall social performance .

Donnie Desanti’s great eBook, Million Dollar Meal Plan

The Dark side of Prescriptions for kids.

Issuing a foreign chemical to the human body is not easy for most people and Donnie was no different. The are side effects to many prescriptions. Ritalin help with the focus and high energy levels but as Donnie stated during the billionaire lifestyle podcast he felt a little emotionally broken and embarrassed.

After approximately 8 years of taking Ritalin, Donnie decided to take ownership of his mental and physical health after being inspired by a woman who spoke as a guest at his high school.  During the lecture Donnie learned how this woman who was presenting cured her cancer with a change in diet.

Feeling inspired by a sense of direction after that meeting. Donnie set out to find the key combination key for his mind-body and soul. Incorporating  exercise, meditation and diet was the missing link.  Donnie’s health journey is drive ing him to spread knowledge, while helping other who may think there is no other alternative to doctors. The key is to get back to the basics. Feed the mind, body and soul with good and it will sustain your being.

Who Donnie can Help.

The journey to discovery for  Donnie started  as conversations with his parents, helping him identify specific triggers to remove those trigger components in baby steps.  Modern food and living stresses expose many people to triggers of physiological and psychological stimulus. These environmental components may have adverse affects upon our well specific well-being.

A quick internet search detail the negative  effects of sugars, such as high fructose corn syrup on the body. Compounding the newly bombardment of electromagnetic waves can alter many things in a person, as many of these triggers are new to our society being introduced over the last 20 years.

With the campaign of looking at sugar, Donnie found it’s not as simple as cookies, cakes and ice cream. There can be as many as 52 different names for high fructose corn syrup found in almost everything we consume. The benefits of fine tuning what goes into our bodies has many wonderful benefits including but not limited to weight loss, more energy, and better skin. Learning the definition of “real food” is the best new modern movement.

Donnie’s eBook, The Million Dollar Meal Plan.

Donnie has put together a meal plan to start you out on your journey towards real food made good for your taste buds.


Things Learned.

  • Food can alter your state of being.
  • Pay attention to what triggers negative moods and energies.
  • Cook your food, what we have done since the beginning of time.
  • Move your body, walk more, stand more just exercise to grow older better.
  • Be conscious of the things in your life.


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Demi Karpouzos | Level Up Your Business

Listen To the Podcast with Demi Karpouzos – Level Up Your Business below!

Demi Karpouzos – Business Mentor, published author and tell-all speaker.

Why I wanted to Interview Demi Karpouzos.

When starting out in business many people have very little understanding about all the ins and outs plus the grind required. Sometimes we just need a support system to help navigate the system we have built for our business to stay on course. Just like great sports coaches, strategic business coaches see what the players are missing or don’t grasp. I wanted to get an inside understanding of how business coaches can help us all move to the next level.  Now you have access to Level up your business with Demi Karpouzos and the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast.

Demi Karpouzos Bio.

Demi Karpouzos is a Business Mentor, published author and tell-all speaker .She works with entrepreneurs who want nothing more than a full client roster, a spacious schedule, and cushy bank account – but consistently let fears, doubts and insecurities stop them from putting themselves in the spotlight and making  money.

How Demi can help you Level Up You Business!

Demi shows her clients how to spawn new leads, and then teaches them how to market to those leads, so that they turn them into paying clients. She left a 6 figure income job to pursue her desire to become a business owner. After a lot of struggle and frustration, she realized that to build a successful business, all it takes is 3 simple steps.  Now she helps entrepreneurs and small business owners get more clients by building their audience and sharing their message. Demi has built a multi-six figure business where 90% of her clients are from referrals . Demi and her work have been featured on DailyWorth,, YahooNews! SNDI, CNN, NBC, ABC News, Fortune, and CBS

Lessons Learned.

  • Get from behind the computer and interact in the real world.
  • Following your calling, listening to your life.
  • Having or not having a support structure does not matter.
  • Do not fear growth.
  • Embracing email campaigns and social media mindset.

Demi Karpouzos 3 Step Process.

  • Managing your mindset or forming the habit
  • Building an audience
  • Develop cultivating a relationship with your audience to build rapport to position yourself as an expert.

Demi Karpousoz website


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Tracee Sioux – Just Say YES

Tracee Sioux head shot

Tracee Sioux head shot
Tracee Sioux Girl Revolution & Year of Yes

Please listen to this Interview, I laughed so much and had so much fun with Tracee.

Tracee Sioux is the author of a book titled “The Year of Yes” and “The Girl Revolution Manifesto”.  No nonsense approach is Tracee’s best weapon, she puts it in your face guiding your progress.  We all need to just say yes more often from our individual intuitive self. In today’s world, any of us may be amazed, how simply saying yes will open personal opportunities on every level. I am not talking about blindly saying yes to any and every request or inquiry, but listening to the dialog of your soul to provide guidance for your “YES”.

One of the most uncomfortable actions in life is to agree and say yes. The very word “Yes” may seem to be easy to put forth into the world but due to personal fear, ego, second guessing the answer “No” or not deciding to take an action is the rule often. Recalling your childhood, babies learn the word “No” before yes becomes a part of our natural conversation. Some of your actions may be a habit. Some habits are made to be broken.

The Billionaire LifeStyle and Tracee Sioux.

Frequently I would come across the image of Tracee Sioux. Every encounter of Tracee’s profile picture would cause me to pause and stare, not in a creepy way either. Ultimately after reading Tracee’s information and performing some research, The Billionaire lifestyle podcast reached out to Tracee. Houston We Have Contact!

Just Say YES!

Tracee’s book title stirred memories of my own actions of going with the flow. The simple act of saying yes for a year was right up my alley. In conjunction with the Yes proposition, I began to understand how spiritual the conversation would be with Tracee. The research to find more about Tracee brought to mind of my deceased mother had an affinity for spiritual acceptance.  In my own life as time passes the gravity of the spiritual subjects matter is never far from my personal orbit. I said yes to finding more about Tracee’s work.

Tracee Sioux is quite a busy person with the publishing The Girl Revolution Manifesto while practicing the subjects of her books. In addition to writing Tracee is involved with her own internet radio format on Clear Mind radio and true2you radio. These formats offer talk formats and meditation methods radio.

Here are some of the topics covered during the conversation:

  • Girl Revolution Manifesto.
  • Soul VS Ego SmackDown
  • Meditation
  • Noise in the world.
  • meditation
  • inner voice
  • yoga
  • vibrations and healing
  • Spiritual realm
  • Colorado

Available on Amazon

The Girl Revolution Manifesto
The Girl Revolution Manifesto
Soul vs. EGO Smackdown
Soul vs. EGO Smackdown


The Year of Yes
The Year of Yes
Divine Money Portal Activations
Divine Money Portal Activations


Author Website: 






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Investment Perspective Wealth Responsibility

John McCormick Head Shot
John McCormick

Fun Biblical Stories Revisited, Enter John McCormick – Investment Perspective Wealth Responsibility

In Detroit Michigan, I attended St. Elizabeth commonly known as East Side Vicariate school. Of course in the curriculum, we were required to attend Catholic religion classes and attend occasional mass. The approach for children works by focusing on the stories of Jesus, which I found fascinating. The stories seemed so well crafted particularly The Parable of The Talents and The Prodigals Son. When I was introduced to the work John McCormick produce on his take of the Parable of the Talents, my interest spiked.  The story of the Parable of the Talents is a direct correlation for our wealth responsibility in modern times.

John McCormick recent mini-book is an ancient story about money – The Parable of the Talents, titled The Investment Perspective.

Here is a summation from the back cover of the book.

“The Investment Perspective revisits the ancient story of three men and the fateful gift that would shape their destinies.  Compelled by their benefactor to engage in a game of chance, they are torn between two motives so old as to transcend culture, race, religion and time.  Their choice and ours, when faced with the same struggle, is of such consequence as to make all other questions shrink in comparison.  This book seeks to shed light on this common perplexity and to follow its ramifications to their ultimate end.  While its message has sober implications, it is intended to give hope and  encouragement toward a simple course which if pursued, will yield  dividends of meaningfulness, significance and ultimately, joy.”

Things discussed:

  • Deep dive into who you are and why?
  • A different understand of a biblical story -The Parable of the Talents.
  • Accepting outside perspectives
  • Help you to shed light on the path we are walking.
  • Choices that don’t make sense.
  • Listening to intuition.
  • Your inner voice lessons.
  • How universal stories are our bond.

My quick takeaway.

The conversation was an eye opener and reason to provoke, though. Money is not the end result but is the driving force for our physical comfort. Money gives us access to resources which can, in turn, lead to money. In actually the focus should be living instead of more money.

The Investment Perspective book


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