Why You Shouldn’t “Ask” Your Doctor

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Why You shouldn't ask your doctor book cover
Why You shouldn’t ask your doctor.

Dr. Richard Rumbling seems to have the cure for what ails you.

Dr.Richard Ruhling’s book “Why You shouldn’t ask your doctor”, stuck a chord with me, because I am not a fan of pills. Every time I have a doctor’s appointment, a new prescription manifest.

Our industrialized society it seems everyone has some sort of constant or periodic health. Minor maladies plaguing our being,  stem from the choice incorporated daily. Poor life and food choices require months and years for the effects to manifest biologically and psychologically. Many people are suffering subconscious mental and physical stress and pressure to maintain the status quo of American living, such aches and pains can see to come out of the blue. In reality they are the result of the lifestyle choices.

Uncovering Influences

Dr. Richard Ruhling seem to have uncovered many of the influences contributing to unhealthy and ailing states many Americans find themselves experiencing. Let’s face it we are a product of the society within which we reside. The system of capitalism is driven often by blind profit.  From the air we breath to the fuel we eat in the form of food and drink, there is a direct effect physical effect upon the health of the  individuals and the collective population.

Take a voyeuristic look around any Midwestern town in  American and the evidence is startling. We are suffering from Obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and a host of other preventative physical maladies. Industrial automation and advancement in computer drove humans into a very sedentary lifestyle. Many of the modern occupations require very little physical output to perform. The decline of manufacturing occupations in the United States and Canada.

Looking at our mental and physical health, the evidence is clear we are more prone  toward immediate comfort and convenience in our personal lives. We as individuals and a population deviated from the necessary function for biological prosperity, opting for the ease of life in the industrialized world.  Vast databases of information are currently available detailing the risk of eating various poor foods and little exercise. The motivation for health is just not enough to sway many in the population for change.

It’s not about Survival anymore.

Dr. Richard Ruhling headshot
Dr. Richard Ruhling head shot

We use to move as a method of survival. With many of our safety obstacles removed, the priority for physical conditioning has slacked in great numbers. Being unhealthy is not necessarily your fault. There has been a war on your subconscious to alleviate you of your dollars.  Cheaper food products may provide sustenance, while keeping prices the same or higher increases profits.

Dr. Richard Ruhlings Take on things

Dr. Ruhling seems to go for the straight forward no-nonsense approach to health and wellness. It’s not really difficult, it’s all about basics and something that seems to be a myth, common sense. Planet Earth has been providing humans with the necessary nutrition for eons. Population growth has seen us move from eating naturally to eating from a chemistry set. Human being did not evolve from a test tube, why should we eat the majority of our food from a test tube?

During our interview Dr. Ruhling pointed out how media affects our judgment, and the result of how sugar affects children more than adults due to their size. The food portions are one size fits all, with few actual portions sold directly for children.

Ttalking with Dr. Ruhling it’s evident his perspective is fact based. He is not a fan of modern Pharmacology. His book titled “Why you shouldn’t ask your doctor “, explains health care and medical are completely different items, and how the terms have been switched.

 Dr. Ruhlings Amazon page for “Why you shouldn’t ask your doctor ”  here is an excerpt from his Amazon page for the book:

The fastest growing cause of death in the U.S. is medical care and the largest component of medical deaths is from adverse reactions to drugs that were “properly prescribed” according to the Journal of American Medical Assoc, 7-26-00.

People need to know what they can do without TV ads to start Rx’s. My book has an excellent section on nutrition–it was Hippocrates who said “Nature cures…let your food be your medicine.”

A visit to your doctor yields a high probability of you walking away with a prescription for what ails you. Modern doctors are at the mercy of Pharmaceutical companies peddling everything from falling arches to snoring, and sleep aids. The reason, is their congressional lobby and deep pockets give them the upper hand.

Upon a tiny bit of information it is clear Dr. Ruhling has a biblical foundation. Aside from his book related to health many of his other titles are closely related to End times and biblical scriptures correlation to our modern times.

Dr. Richard Ruhling has some very interesting information for humans to ponder, consider, and discuss. You can find his works on Amazon or follow him on his website.

Talking Points

  • Your doctors word is not the end all be all, question everything.
  • Eat natural unprocessed foods more.
  • Read and expand your knowledge.
  • The bible has information we may no be interpreting fully.
  • Control your own state of being, don’t leave it in the hands of someone else.







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Love Death Afterlife Plus Bageles

After Life Emotional Curve Balls

Irene Weinberg headshot
Irene Weinberg

Sometimes life will throw a serious curve ball. Usually, when the curve ball hits you it seems random, unexpected and sudden.  So how does Love, death, afterlife and bagels have to do with anything?

What if you get a message of a dire situation, and there is nothing you can do about it with the information. What if you got a message so devastating, you were left paralyzed emotionally and spiritually and almost physically to the point you could not discuss your experience with anyone.

Irene Weinberg had that very scenario happen. Out of the blue a voice stating, Saul her husband has to go. What does that mean? How does a person react?  Does it indicate a divorce is eminent, or far worse?

Irene experienced a devastating lost during an accident claiming the life of Saul her husband of 17 years.

During the fatal incident Irene continued to hear a messaging voice, indication Saul is gone and she would be OK. Another strange message was delivered to Irene during the minute seconds of the accident. The message simply stated for Irene to love everyone as if it was the only thing in the world of importance.

What an odd message as the physical uncertainty of your existence is in the balance.

Available on Amazon

Important Afterlife Messages

During our conversation on the podcast, Irene lays bare the journey of wonderment, discovery and mindset alteration. The entire interview turned out to be thought-provoking and refreshing to new possibilities. There is an afterlife of love information and compassion available for all of us. Irene states it is all about love. Money, status, and earthly things are just a part of the experience of living but don’t have any importance other than the experience on earth. She indicates we should all focus our attention on promoting love during our experience on this planet.

Here are some takeaways from our discussion.

  • We don’t die, but transition.
  • It all comes down to love.
  • Love yourself too.
  • Respect someone else’s opinion.
  • Everything is connected.
  • They serve bangles in heaven.

You can find Irene’s book on Amazon and via her website. She is open to questions and talks of many topics related to connection with loved ones who have transitioned, and some of life’s less easy questions to tackle.

Irene Weinberg Contact information

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Tiny House Tiny Apartment Less is More

(Think Tiny House)

Positive creativity from Millennials.

Introducing Felice Cohen 90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet

The Millennial Generation has stumbled on a movement which is catching steam while changing the mindset of many American.  The Tiny House, Tiny Apartment and less is more movement is gaining popularity with many in the younger generation, with a progression toward Baby Boomers looking toward affordable retirement.

Enter Felice Cohen

The epitome of less is more by living example is Felice Cohen. Looking to live in Manhattan, Felice found an extremely affordable apartment in the city that never sleeps by referral of a friend. To her surprise the apartment consisted of 90 square feet of living space. Think of the space as a really big closet 9 feet by 10 feet wide. I interview Felice via Skype during which Felice stated how the transition was a serious adjustment mentally, spiritually and physically to feel at home in such a confined area. There were unforeseen challenges such as not having a formal kitchen, and an extremely tiny bathroom to name a few.

After the initial shock, it was easier than expected.

The task of turning such a small dwelling into a habitat may have been a bit easier for Felice as her profession as a professional organizer aided the transition to living, unlike most Americans. An important fact she highlighted was how there is a cost to having possessions.  Having a lot of “stuff” is taxing on your time for maintenance, cost money for storage and requires energy to keep in your vicinity. Why waste energy on something you rarely “need”.  A good example is having a $50,000 car when you work 15 feet away and all your needs are within walking distance.

The New Movement, Experience not things.

Within the American population, there is a new movement to live and little more fully. That movement encompasses spending your resources on living the experience versus having more stuff.  The experiences movement to me is an honest progression to a simpler set of values and better overall life. I personally have experienced the wear and tear of having too many things, particularly after the fallout of 2008. If you have ever moved from on place to another or sold a house after 5 years of residence, it’s easy to understand the less is more mentality.

Available on Amazon

90 lessons for living large in 90 square feet
90 lessons for living large in 90 square feet

Enter the Tiny House.

Felice no longer lives in the 90 square foot apartment. Instead upgraded into a 500 square foot apartment, by most living standards is still tiny. Much of her time is dedicated to the Tiny House Movement, by having workshops, lectures and appearances at Tiny house, and frugal living trade shows. Felice informed me the movement is gaining incredible momentum in the United States and sparking global interest. In the event you are unaware a tiny house consist of a dwelling of less than 400 square feet.

Takeaways about Tiny Living.

  • Living with less is a mental, physical and spiritual change.
  • Makes living simpler.
  • Requires less personal resources.
  • Will require an adjustment to your person.
  • January is Get Organized month.
  • Staying tiny must be a priority because of our culture.

Find more information about Felice Cohen.

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Susan Orosco – 8 ways love your Life


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love your life
8 ways to say I love my life


Susan Orosco –  Is the organizer, writer, and publisher of 8 ways to say I love my Life.

love your life 101

Loving yourself is the topic of many self-help books published in the market for consumers, but I wonder how many people love their life they actually own. This blog and podcast is titled The Billionaire Lifestyle. The purpose is to help people identify and see the options for crafting a self-driven lifestyle. Susan Orosco made a point very clear to me during our interview, Her book, 8 ways to say I love my life, is exactly that, about loving the LIFE you are living.

Why a book about loving your LIFE?

Susan displayed so much energy and passion as she shared with me how the book came together from eight different women. As Susan and I spoke about the contributors of the 8 ways book, I asked how difficult was the process of getting eight women to share their pain a struggle with the world? Susan gave me some insight concerning the process of having everything lined up then losing 3 individuals immediately because of the intimacy and raw emotion they would have to share. With a driving intent, she was able to find three people willing to give their soul to help this project succeed and feed the world.

Sharing emotions is not easy. We have this notion in some cultures which is, to show emotion and vulnerability is a sign of weakness when actual strength is necessary to share your life and emotion.

Susan said this project was born out of hope. Hope to inspire people not to just love themselves but the experiences past present and future, making the whole of living.

Ask yourself Several questions or open the discussion from the bullets below:

  • Do you have a dream?
  • Do you have a goal; a desire or maybe it’s an experience you want really bad?  
  • Do you stay up nights thinking about it, yet you struggle with feelings of unworthiness, procrastination or just plain resistance to a wonderful idea?
  • Do you want it, but you don’t know what to do about the very loud and persistent obstacles that stand between you and your most cherished goal? 
  • Are you tired of being let down?
  • Do you often feel like just walking away? It doesn’t have to be that way. Living a life of wealth can often be as simple as changing your perspective.
  • What if you learned that your dreams want you just as much as you want them?
  • What if you discovered there is nothing wrong with you? And that even the fears that block and prevent your dreams …want you to awaken from the illusion of who you are not!
    And remember instead who you really are!
  • What if you were to discover that your most cherished dream is part of your life purpose and your spiritual assignment?
  • What if you learned that the entire universe is supporting you and your dream?
  • Could you still walk away? Or would you be willing to get past the fears and doubts …and rescue your dream.

Available on Amazon:

Don't Invite Mr. Right until Mr. Wrong is Gone!
Don’t Invit Mr. Right until Mr. Wrong is Gone!
Latino Power 7 Power all Latinos Have upon which to build an empire.
Latino Power 7 Power all Latinos Have upon which to build an empire.

If you need motivation

The stories within 8 ways to say I love my life may be the key to start your spiritual engine. The book is designed to help you find your inner power, by using others who may have experienced something close to your heart. Susan draws from here personal experience of being Mexican in the Midwest American at a time being different was not easy, to say the least.

You may contact Susan Orosco:

email: susan@susanorosco.com







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