Ancient Alcohol Addiction Cure Available

dr frank gibson

dr frank gibson
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Dr. Frank Gibson Ancient Alcohol Addiction Cure Available

The cure for alcoholism is real according to Dr. Frank Gibson.  Dr. Frank Gibson has a degree in Oriental and Chinese medicine.  Dr. Gibson had some early success as a restaurateur in several states in clouding around my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. After selling his restaurant business life dictated a new path. We all face a crossroad at some point in our living experience, so Dr. Frank wondered how could he do good in the world and help people.

I think I’ll try medicine.

Frank Gibson former restaurateur decided to he’d to medical school. Quickly it was clear the western model of medicine was fill with prescriptions vs heal the body. Something did not resonate with the picture painted. Frank understood, pill have their place but we’re not the total picture.

The Remedy search.

Dr. Frank need to find an alternative method, so he headed to Singapore for a different perspective and discipline. Dropping out of medical school in the state’s was the first step in finding the 600-year-old  jewel to help people be better. During his stay in Asia, by proxy of his interaction with a Chinese family he resides with for 18 months, he stumbled upon a natural remedy for alcohol addiction. A statistic Dr. Gibson shared with me some information, there are 15 million people who can be clinically diagnosed as addicted to alcohol. According to Dr. Gibson, there’s at least 14 thousand treatment center related to alcohol addiction, who used 1950’s and 1960’s methods for treatment.  Sometimes we forget as a society the answer to our problem is not very far and already exists.

In 1992 a product and program was created to help people kick their alcohol addiction and drinking habit change.  Information about Dr. Frank Gibson’s program can be found at where you can obtain information why your body craves alcohol and content related to the program.

The cure for alcoholism should be a widely known bit of information to the America and the world population, but of course it is not. Many people suffer with the stigma of alcohol addiction but keep is their dark secret private and as we guarded as possible. Dr. Frank Gibson has formulated a treatment to alleviate and help people with alcohol dependency based on very old information know in Chinese medicine.


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Native American Population

It is a well know statement how alcohol disproportionately affects the indigenous people of the Americas. Dr. Frank has been on a mission to help curtail the effects of alcohol within the Native American population.

One statement shared by the Doc during our conversation related to helping other. He stated when you help someone and they succeed, remember, they did the work to achieve the goal, we were assistants. I found that statement profoundly accurate and humbling, to the point someone thanked me for helping them to learn. My response was “Thank you, but you did the work so the credit is yours. I was merely there to guide.”

We all have someone with alcohol addiction and know the cost associated with this disease. Many of the cost are substantial ranging human performance to incarceration and worst case premature death. It is worth a try to point someone toward the program which can be effective in as little as eight weeks according to Dr. Frank Gibson.

The Avantcare Foundation is the practice to help people with their addiction to alcohol This is a Philanthropic organization which includes the Back to Life program for veterans.

The product used to cure the addiction are: Sobrexa and Kalmaro


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