Angels Remove Fear & Doubt

Angels with sky background

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Angels Remove Fear & Doubt.

Angels with sky background
Love and Angels are real.

Joseph Holmes chronicled a fascinating story many people would find far fetching. He tells the story of an encounter with beings possibly of another times space reality whom he has interacted and communicated with since 1992. Starting with a pair of eyes looking at him during a week long deep breathing exercise. Experiences of this nature became an alteration of Joseph’s consciousness while opening a personal awareness and healing of his soul from trauma suffered as a child.  This experience was the beginning of an informative relationship few people can find common bonding.  As told during our interview the eyes eventually turned into a face, identified as Mother Mary. The experience turned out to be interpreted as a blessing directly for Joseph.

I inquired as to what the experience was relatable within our common senses. Joseph informed me the images were somewhere between ghost and apparition, but very difficult to place into reference, for our language.  When asked about subsequent, encounter, Joseph tells the story of visiting the deep breathing exercise some years later and having a very similar experience with a positive result from the encounter, actually a healing.

 The Healing

During the second encounter Joseph details the healing received concerning the secret molestation endured as a child. Joseph’s secret held for several decades was never shared with anyone. Contact with Mother Mary was the beginning of an enduring relationship.  The frequency of communications grew over time manifesting in writing Joseph calls poems. Prior to totally accepting these communications, Joseph asked for confirmation to find validity in the communications. Some months later confirmation was given to Joseph, his own burning bush.

Based on the information of the encounters and the love Joseph received from the experience, there was no doubt these were angels who enter his life. Why did this encounter happen during midlife? It may be due to the timing being perfect. There are times in our lives where we cannot appreciate positive events unless negative events have been experienced.

The Ego became a subject we spoke about concerning doubt and fear. Doubt and fear are the derivatives of ego, which is based in the mind and not of the heart. Joseph’s remedy is to thank the ego when it rears its ugly head and remember to search your heart for the correct response. Joe’s actual statement is to say thank you to the ego and “Drop back into your heart”.

  • Most people make decisions based on fear.
  • We fight the Ego constantly
  • The ego is a reminder.
  • The Ego is thinking, lack of ego is feeling from the heart
  • Doubt is the killer of dreams.
  • Thing come to us when the time is necessary and correct.

Angels Are real!

Angels Remove Fear & Doubt.
Available on Amazon
Available on Amazon

The conversation could be easily titled conversations with Mother Mary but that would be too limiting. Our conversation delved far deeper than focusing on the entity of Mary Magdalene.  There were many reference to Magdalena, and several other references to biblical figures. Often information from entities outside of the norm manifest in the form of things we find comfort.  Experiencing a sense of comfort was a main theme from my conversation with Joseph. When I questioned how the information manifested, Joe stated the information simply flows. The entire interaction with Joseph Holmes reminded me of the movie I experienced some years ago titled “Conversations with God”.

Joseph has authored a series of books Loving yourself wealthy, the power of angels.

When I posed the question how can we access our angels, Joseph simply let me know, we all have to listen to our intuition.

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