FroButter is making Textured Hair & America Great

FroButter Products

FroButter is making America and Textured Hair Great

FroButter Products for textured Hair
FroButter Products for textured Hair

What Makes America great? Small and family owned businesses are the critical components making America the greatest country in the world. The spirit of America is the birthplace of ideas and innovation from the largest corporation to the smallest. Great things being in small places. FroButter is one such case of finding a need and creating a solution resulting in a business. Susana Steward and Caroline Maina started FroButter to supply the public with hair care products for textured hair.

Frobutter Owners

Susana and Caroline both to America from two separate countries. As immigrants in America there is a certain drive they both have instilled in their transplanted DNA. Atlanta Georgia is the base of their operation. Being in Atlanta provided an experience and pool of community both ladies could gather energy. When someone hears the term FroButter, many people will thing of the Afro’s of the 1970’s and the resurgence of the staple African American hair style. Maintenance of black hair is not an easy endeavor. It literally requires focused attention.

Mintel market research:

“The Black haircare market is experiencing soft sales similar to mainstream haircare. Estimated 2016 expenditures by Black consumers on haircare products are about $2.5 billion as Black consumers flock to brands that cater to their specific haircare needs. The need for specific hair care products for people of colors goes back to the turn of the 20th century with Madam C.J Walker aka Sarah Breedlove became the first female self-made American millionaire.

Susana and Caroline are on the right path. Our society changes, sometimes as humans we forget more than we know.


Susana and Caroline met while working in a retail business both women because friends as they are both from different countries. Susana was born in Jamaica and Caroline is from Kenya. Comradery developed to become a lifetime partnership as sisters and business partners.
Frobutter are Shea Butter based products made for anyone with skin. The FroButter brand is not just for people with textured hair, but for everyone as the FroButter executives explained. Their goal is to be in every bathroom in America. I inquired about the market segments currently in America particular the Biracial children and the emerging men’s market. The products offered for men are focused on beards and de-tangling products for children.

Going to the Market

The initial market placement was done locally with the Mom and Pop salons in and around Atlanta. An important aspect of business is understanding the market for which you serve. The FroButter team gathered market research from local businesses which they were interacting. Some very helpful came from online while analyzing those who were in the market and came before.

Susana and Caroline Creators of FroButter
Susana and Caroline Creators of FroButter

Stay in your Lane.

The first rule to succeed as business partners is to recognize and respecting the strengths each  member brings to the table.

Listed are a few takeaways from the conversation during the podcast inverview :

  • Stay in your land and work YOUR strength.
  • Respect the ability of your partner.
  • Research your market constantly.
  • Watch your market.
  • Understand your niche.



Contact Susanna and Caroline to obtain more information about FroButter:


Textured Hair Maintenance

If you have textured, nappy, thick, tangled hair, visit


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