Passion and Purpose Collide

Passion and purpose are in your hands

” When your Passion and Purpose is in alignment with your talents, something AMAZING has to happen.” is the quote from Meiyoko Taylor.

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Passion and purpose are in your hands
Passion and purpose are in your hands

I immediately thought of the Self-development speaker Jim Rohn’s lecture on the best day of your life: Disgust. Decision. Desire & Resolve, when introduced to Meiyoko Taylor.

The Crossroad

There is a point in our life when we enter the crossroad of decision. Often the crossroad is the result of recognition. I am not where I feel or think I should be.
The journey of life has many pathways. For some reason, we tend to believe there’s only one path for our entire life. Living a single life path is a rare occurrence for most of the earth’s resident population. The living experience for everyone is complicated with psychological baggage dating back to our earliest memories.

Early Programming

Our early life programming and influences are derived from our environment, economic status, family, religious beliefs, and DNA. Moving forward in the living experience, our situation and seem automatic and not of our personal control.
For many of us, we’re trying to find that one of thing that makes us whole happy and complete. The journey to your life’s purpose may require an entire lifetime to discover. Often the discovery is seemingly by accident or the result of serendipity.
What happens when have not found your purpose, but you understand there is something waiting for you. How do you move? How do you identify the goal? What is the first step?

Meiyoko Taylor- Passion and Purpose

Meiyoko Taylor Passion and Purpose
Meiyoko Taylor Passion and Purpose


The very subject of life passion and purpose is the mission statement of Mr. Meiyoko Taylor.


Meiyoko Taylor is an author, entrepreneur and personal development coach. He is based in New Jersey, USA, but he works extensively with people from across the world, inspiring them to find their “amazing” and to take charge of their life!
He aims to empower and educate his audience, his mission is to accomplish something ‘Amazing’ by inspiring over ONE MILLION people to take charge of their own lives, find their passion and truly discover their own greatness from within.
With his new book, “Find Your Amazing- 5 Steps to Transforming your life”, Meiyoko helps people unlock their true potential and create their own version of success, firmly believing that “When your passion, purpose, and talents are in alignment something “amazing must occur”.
True change begins with your own will, passion, purpose, and motivation. Meiyoko continues to share this message with the world today and hopefully, for many years to come.

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Why I needed to have Mr. Taylor on The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast

I interviewed Meiyoko, to spotlight his struggle, and identification for his journey and calling of duty to live a unique personal passion. What’s different about Mr. Taylor? He informs his client base he is human as they are human. Understanding the human to human concept provides a better model to interact with clients. Meiyoko has read the books and done the work from all the great self-help mentors and asked the very difficult question. Now what?
Those who are on the self-help/betterment path have read the books, and performed the action items, only to return to their environment finding the support structure missing. His goal is to bridge that gap, providing a better experience for individuals on the path to their “AMAZING”

The Podcast

The story Meiyoko tells is very similar to many of us. Please download and enjoy the podcast for an in-depth observation and a lesson for you to move towards your WOW moment.

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