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Eyal Matsliah
Eyal Matsliah, and I’m the author of ‘Orgasm Unleashed – your guide to pleasure healing and power’. I’ve been exploring and studying sexuality, business and spirituality all my life and I’ve helped thousands of people with these issues.

Caution and Warning- This Podcast is a departure from the norm, This a real true and RAW podcast it is a discussion about SEX.

Eyal Matsliah, is a straight forward dude, especially about sex, intimacy and personal control about the human sexual experience. He has taken the time to understand and gain wisdom about sex and relationships.

Some topics we discussed

  •  Male sexuality, masculinity and ejaculation control
  •  How sexual empowerment transforms your business and life
  •  Relating with women in and out of the bedroom
  •  Open relationships joys and horrors


Sex is the most prevalent topic in our daily lives. The driving force behind many of the emotions. We are far more free sexually than any point in modern recorded history.  Sexual repression is still at the forefront of our society.  During the podcast my guest Eyal Matsliah

My guest on the Billionaire Lifestyle podcast, Eyal Matsliah has studied the art of sex and sexuality. His goal is to help individuals build their sexual confidence,  and intelligence for themselves and for their chosen partners.

Men have a great deal of sexual energy but don’t know how to manipulate, control and totally enjoy the experience to the fullest. Sex is more than just a physical act. Sex is bonding intimacy, spiritual awareness, and serves many purposes. To truly enjoy the preferred acts of sex, pleasure, and benefits of healthy sex requires education.  Sex is not a given. Just as we learned to walk, talk and interact with the world, the act of good sex requires study of self and potential mates


Personally, I have witnessed the movement of women’s independence in the united states and the strides across the world regarding women’s issues. Sex still seems to be taboo in much of the world and even in societies where minds are open to sexual freedom, there still seems to be a great deal of misunderstanding. Women are extremely complex individuals when compared to men. Women (IMHO) have a deeper connection to their partners emotionally and seem far more emotionally intelligent that their historical gender counterparts (men). There are complexities for men to understand regarding their female partners. Some women respond to internal physical stimulation( vaginal), versus others who find far more pleasure externally (Clitoral). Your female partner is a complex physical and emotional being, requiring serious communication to find a serious connection.

Couple intimacy
Couple Intimacy

Communication with your female partner

I am no expert and understand my own ignorance, but I have come to understand there is more to a really good sexual connection with a female partner. It may not be as simple as asking what your partner preferred. She many not have yet discovered what sets her free sexually. As partners of women, particularly after the 18-24 month magic has faded, require investment in your female partner’s sexual happiness.

Explore and learn you sexual happy place.
Explore and learn you sexual happy place.


Many men and women get the birds and the bees lecture from someone in their family (I think), but by the time children in the digital age reach 5th grade and have access to the internet, exposure to sexual content has been made. Due to wide internet accessibility, just by happenstance, a child can see acts of sex without their parents or guardian ever knowing.  Particularly for young boys.

Male Sex Education

Males, especially young males in our modern culture have few roles models and mentors steering them in healthy sexual directions.  The internet and easy accessibility to pornography have given rise to the twisting of sex understanding in our culture. Even if a young man has a mentor, there is so much information producing counter opinions received from good mentorship. The messages placed before many men through media push power, control and ejaculation and the goal of sex. Sex is so much more than physical.

Twisted Communication Sexual Repression.

There is a need to truly open the dialog and understand and respect our sexuality. We may need a different approach to sexuality and our own understanding. People have so much baggage related to sexuality and understanding.  We have lived in a sexually repressed culture globally for reasons of power and control, be it religion or culture, sex has been used as a control mechanism since the beginning of time. Considering all the technological advances we have made in the last 100 years, we fall on the side of emotional sexual morons overall.


Please listen to the podcast. it was Racy, though provoking and informing.

What’s missing from your seemingly-perfect life:

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