Anastasia Button – New Job New Life

Making a Millennial Mentor

Anastasia Button the Millennial who found herself floating for a purpose after graduating college began looking for a job as most graduates. Lacking experience or a direct passion identifying her calling for a workplace. What is a woman suppose to do? Find any job of mediocrity? No, she grabbed the bull by the horns and did what most people when not happy with offered options. She made a way for herself.


Take it to the very top – Roofing, and Sales

Anastasia found herself in a door to door sales position for roofing of all things. While she was the person selling the jobs, it did not mean she was just a sales person. She found herself on more than one hot or cold roof during this period of her life. It was during her stint as a roofing sales person Anastasia began to look towards the future. Never knowing which direction your inspiration will come. During a particular roofing sales job,  Anastasia was literally on a roof, and began contemplating her involvement with Toastmasters International and decided to become a public speaker. It’s that simple, a decision made, actions to follow.



How does one go from roofing sales to an International public speaker? Easy, have faith, research, and belief. After doing some initial investigating into the matter of becoming a public speaker she was informed, publics speaker are typically published, authors.

The Workshop and the Birth of Brand

After attending a writing workshop, Anastasia found it easy to find her messaging niche, and base for the brand. During the workshop, Anastasia was introduced to a publisher who liked the book concept she conceived during the workshop.

Anastasia Button – #NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan For Success

Free Shameless Self Promotion

Most authors know the easiest part of publishing a book is actually writing the content. Once a physical or digital product has been produced the true work begins. Anastasia’s journey mimicked process.  Writing the book is relatively easy if it comes from your core as Anastasia experienced. After getting the product produced, promotion time is ripe. The best method to promote is to use the Costco method. Give it away A public speaker is born The best way to speak in public is to speak in public. If no one knows you, then it is your job to shout to the world until someone notices. Countless speaking engagements for free to promote her product for helping millennial-seeking to start a business or find their work life path.

Her book titled:

#NewJobNewLife: The Millennial’s Take-Charge Plan For Success

Anastasia Button Author | Speaker | Coach | Millennial Get your FREE downloadable version of the book: Shoot me a text @ 720.232.5988 Schedule an appointment with Anastasia at her website:

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Life Choreographer – Angels and Burlesque

Lora Cheadle Life Ch
Lora Cheadle Life Choreographer

The Model-Guest: Lora Cheadle – Life Choreographer – Angels and Burlesque

When I started the Billionaire lifestyle podcast and blog, my backing thought was to show people there is more than one method of living.  Pushing forward the notion, anything is possible and available to each human being. However, changing mindsets ca be difficult, in the current flow of thinking for human beings. It has been a true blessing finding individuals who discovered or fundamentally understood life is not finite in navigation. Lora Cheadle is the pentacle model for the Billionaire Lifestyle audience.

What had happened was…

Lora literally embodies The Billionaire LifeStyle. She decided early in life practicing law was her calling and pursued law as her career. Lora, having no real experience to draw upon and finding much of the practice of law fit her analytical mind. As time progressed the truth began to reveal this was not the true calling. Sure she could use law practice to exploit talents she loved, but the human side left her feeling lacking. When I say human side, I am referring to the bickering between humans in conflict associated with lawyers.  Dealing with humans in conflict may not alway be about justice and good faith but the power of wills. Lora had enough.

photo credit: Neuwieser Photokina 2012 via photopin (license)

Changing course

Becoming a lawyer is not easy or inexpensive. Lora had a challenge of disappointment on her horizon. Telling her family the capital investment of student loans for law school was an experiment in life and may not be used as everyone anticipated.  Those around her understood the move away from practicing Law was an intuitive and necessary step for Lora to live her life fully.

Lora possessed several innate abilities including intuitiveness, analytical, feminine, physical and masculine, qualities screaming to manifest. Lora understood there was something out in the world which could allow her access to these talents and help people. She founded her own practice helping people to become un-stuck within themselves in . 

Pyramid Fusion helps bring the mind, body spirit connection together in a comprehensive package for clients. Lora’s, by any means necessary approach helps people wherever there are located, via Skype, Zoom, Facebook or telephone. Coaching people back to their center, and unleashing the power of freedom to be how you are and can become.

Lora’s own words

Lora Cheadle – Life Choreographer™ .

Lora Cheadle lives trusting the life of her own truth while guiding others to reveal their forgotten selves and re-choreograph their own lives.  For Lora life is the total package, mind, body, spirit, and connection.  You may be asking what does this mean?

photo credit: y3rdua Hubba Hubba Revue: Burlesque Nation (2017) via photopin (license)

The Understanding of living.

  • Connecting with the Angels guiding use through life.
  • Connecting with life through movement and dance.
  • Listening to your body.
  • Listing to your spirit
  • Connecting with your heart and connecting energy flow.
  • Being in the moment and communicating with the now.
  • Being present.






Life Choreographer - Burlesque
Lora Cheadle Body Shot

The Body Burlesque

Lora practices dancing burlesque under the name Chakra Tease, (based on her knowledge of the chakras. She performs, speaks and teaches all over the US. Her performances have been lighting up the stage at Harrah’s in Las Vegas, the House of Blues in New Orleans as well as other locations across the country. She performs and choreography for D’Sanez Productions.

We spoke extensively about Burlesque and the theory behind the art form. I don’t feel I could do justice to the conversation in writing, but the conversation is in the podcast attached to the post.

To be human

To be human requires working the system we were all given. Working your Trinity is a task each of us were put here to explore and experience. It is not one single thing, action, or motion.  Lora understands we must work the body, the mind, the spirit, and communication to find the most value in living If you are feeling stuck, there is a pry bar waiting to set you free in Lora Cheadle.


Contact Lora Cheadle


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The Corporate Yogi – Julie Zuzek business coaching

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The Corporate Yogi, from a centered point of view.

Conscious Business - Julie Zuzek Poster
Conscious Business Podcast – Julie Zuzek


Julie Zuzek is The Corporate Yogi, helping entrepreneur find their direction, move forward and define their path.  Additionally, Julie is a Yoga instructor practicing and leading morning yoga classes, hosting a podcast and being an all around hustle person.

Like many of us, Julie found the corporate lifestyle a bit too confining and disabling. When she announced to her peers she had found her calling after amassing the necessary knowledge to help people, everyone knew her choices were the right decision.  Through the years of working in the corporate

Through the years of working in the corporate environment, Julie began taking in the methods that produced the best result. The most obvious benefit she brings to the table for her clients is direction and building a plan to move in the best direction. Her primary clients are entrepreneurs who have been in business for 18 – 24 moths. These individuals or partners have gotten their feet wet, gone through some challenges and require some help moving past the initial stages.

Julie’s words from the Corporate Yogi website.

When I launched The Corporate Yogi in 2011 I had more than 15 years of business experience under my belt. During that time I was immersed in marketing and communications for technology companies and startups. I worked in public companies and private companies; I’d experienced unprecedented growth, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Ever hear that rule that it takes 3 to 5 years to get a new business off the ground? I was confident that my kick-ass experience, confidence and marketing skills made me immune to it. At least, that’s what I thought at the start of my journey. The truth is, becoming a successful entrepreneur has been one of the hardest and most challenging things I’ve ever done. And trust me, I’ve done a lot of challenging things in my years. I understand now why more than 90% of new businesses fail and why so many entrepreneurs give up. I believe my business experience helped me immensely, but I see now that it was only part of what I needed.

Okay, so I promised you some advice, didn’t I? Straight up, here it is. The most important thing you need to know about entrepreneurship is that it’s an accelerated form of personal development. Your mindset and beliefs are the subconscious blueprint that determines your success. The bottom line? The growth of your business depends on the growth of YOU. It’s not rocket science, but I still see a lot of entrepreneurs focus solely on factors outside of themselves to grow their business.

I know now that everything on my path has played a role in where I am today. If I had made millions in year one, I wouldn’t understand how to help others. I faced my fear of public speaking, learned how to be comfortable being seen and heard, and perhaps scariest of all I learned vulnerability. My business called me forth to grow, and once I started to incorporate my spiritual principles into my business and focused on my personal growth, it really started to take off.

Coaches are necessary – The unbiased opinion

Let’s face it we all may need some help when building up a business or venturing into new territory.  Coaches are those people who can see your world from the outside with a knowledge for the inside working for better performance. Julie is that coach. Bringing to the table for clients direction and understanding to help move the energy of business in the directions her clients desire.   Often when venturing into the solo business world, the excitement and passion can move anyone away from the focus. The world is an ever-changing landscape and anyone may find themselves off track, without a viable clue how to move back into the mix and flow.

The power to Change
The Power of Change

How to find the right person/right business coach?

Collaborating and working with other individuals can be a great challenge. The task of finding good advice is an extremely difficult task, particularly in a climate of so many options.  Julie’s background in yoga helps her to be grounded, centered and focused for her clients.  The most notable feeling from Julie is brutal honesty. In her own words, she stated her typical mode of operation is from a place of honesty.  If you can’t be honest then you are not ready to make the changes necessary for the forward move.

Hustle from the balanced center.

Canada’s cold cannot stop Julie. as mentioned before, Julie’s is:

  • Yoga instructor
  • Business coach, workshop leader, planner, podcast host of
  • Workshop leader, planner, podcast host of
  • Destination retreat planner, podcast host of
  • Podcast host of conscious business.

The Corporate Yogi brings a wealth of wisdom to the table for her clients, with additional knowledge added as time passes due to her boundless energy and passion for helping.

Check out her Thrive retreat, and maybe learn how to host your own destination retreat. Thrive Retreat

Her website and blog The Corporate Yogi

Her podcast The Corporate Yogi Podcast


Now go live The Billionaire LifeStyle!

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Jordan Cooper – Committed Public Servant

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Jordan Cooper – How to be involved in community

Jordan Cooper decided to take the plunge. Quitting his day job at the age of 27 to run for political office as a Delegate in Maryland’s 16th district. The decision was long in the making, with its beginnings stemming from volunteerism as a youth.  Beginning at a very early age Jordan was struck with the bug to help people. Carrying the passion for giving personal resources to those in need, He found himself constantly looking for a place he could make a difference in the community and in the lives of others.

Being an Active Citizen.

Here is the Bio on Jordans about me page. Jordan P. Cooper has been consistently engaged in public service for the past 16 years and has spent 8 of those years being actively engaged in Maryland politics.


Jordan works on Health IT and Health Information Exchange implementing Obamacare for the District of Columbia’s Department of Health Care Finance. Mr. Cooper ran as a Democratic Candidate for Delegate in the 2014 election cycle. Serving previously as the President of the Luxmanor Citizens Association (2013-2014) and currently serves on the Western Montgomery County Citizens Advisory Board, the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee, the Rockville Selective Service Board, and the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission Customer Advisory Board. He is an Area Coordinator for District 16 for the Montgomery County Democratic Central Committee and is a member of the District 16 Democratic Club Board. Jordan has a master’s degree in health policy from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and a bachelor’s degree in political science from Vassar College. Jordan was born and raised in Bethesda, Maryland.

What I Learned During The Podcast.

  • Incumbents have a great deal of recognition power.
  • Only about 4%-5% of the total electorate are required to get into elected office. ( Due to low voter turnout). Typical turnout for Bethesda Maryland is approximately 18% actually vote.
  • All politics is local.
  • Voters don’t really care about what policy and change you have made for your political party, but are far more interested in the direct change an individual can make in THEIR community.
  • People vote who they feel personal closeness.
  • Living in the community goes a long way.
  • it is possible to spend $30,000.00 on postage stamps.
  • The campaign funds are strictly for campaign expenditures.
  • being a candidate and being elected are two different beasts.
  • A candidate in a local election can spend $500, 000.00 to $12,000,000.00 for a $43,000.00 + job.
  • Elected delegates are expected to have a job in addition to serving office.
  • There is a great deal of apathy in the voting political process.
  • Local elections are the most important and impactful to an individual American citizen.

My conversation with Jordan.

According to Jordan, The league of women voters website provides a great deal of information concerning candidates running for many political offices. The most impact anyone can have is local elections. Local elections require understanding topics from schools, road, food, water, trash and subject affecting the daily living of most Americans.

The podcast provided an incredible amount of information for anyone seeking to understand the method we should be involved in our political process.  Jordan is passionate about informing the public knowledge for politics. He gives back to the public with his podcast titled The Public Interest Podcast. Interviewing politicians and those involved with the political machine.


Remember it’s your life, you’re the driver.

Now go live The Billionaire Lifestyle.


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