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Heneka Watkis Porter, Serial-entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, and Fashion designer.

Jamaican born Heneka Watkis-Porter, Her purpose is life transformation through inspiration. Heneka ventured from working at a 9-5 job that was unfulfilling to starting her own fashion line, writing books, podcasting, and public speaking. Her journey is filled with similar emotions we all may face when trying to find purpose in our lives.

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Just Start

The Book titled: 15 Hints to Entrepreneurial Success

Heneka’s  passion for motivating others through entrepreneurship has led her to start a radio show, now a podcast (The Entrepreneurial You) inspiring people to peak their performance. My book, “15 Hints to Entrepreneurial Success: Lessons From A Caribbean Business Woman”, highlights the things that I identified as instrumental to win in business and life. The most important factor of all the lessons is identifying your purpose.

Even though she knew there was a calling to give back to the global community, starting the project was difficult. Here largest hurdle was simply how to start. Heneka was seeking wisdom which she found via a friend, she was instructed to simply start writing. She began to find her way with the writing the path was revealed.  The main goal Heneka focused her energy was for those people looking to start a fashion business. Once she produced the first set of written works the pathway was clear and more information began to come to her for starting other projects such as speaking and podcasting.


During our interview, gratitude was beaming from Heneka’s being. She reflected how much worry was surrounding her as she ventured away from having the comfort of working a seemingly secure 9-5 job. Constantly Heneka would pray and meditate for guidance and courage to move forward. Drawing on quotes from historically successful people, gave her more strength to move and grow her business.

“The future is bright, the future is NOW! Let’s live on purpose and peak your performance.
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Networking & Finding Capital = Skin in the Game

A major factor is funding a venture, Heneka used grants to fund her business by attending functions and networking. Eventually, Heneka found herself on the right mailing list and crowds. Finding the funds to operate her business came through grants, but the money was not free or complete. Heneka found, before other would invest, she had to have a portion of capital on the table to show good faith. Thanks to her faith and fortitude everything fell into place for her to secure funding.  Heneka learned you have to flexible since business people must be able to pivot and match the changing trends.

15 Hint to Entrepreneurial Success Points.

Part 1

  1. Finding Your Purpose
  2. Defining Success
  3. Evicting Fear
  4. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
  5. Perspective
  6. Preserverance
  7. Getting & Staying Motivated
  8. Being a river, not a reservoir
  9. Reliability

Part 2 Conventional business

  1. Customer Service
  2. Marketing
  3. Financials
  4. Intellectual Property
  5. Negotiation
  6. Planning

These are the core competencies required to start and maintain a healthy business.


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Dreams the Key to Your Future

Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast 30 Podcast in 30 Days

Dreams the Key to Your Future

Dreams are a gift, humans have the ability to create in their mind and make those things real. Children are the most adept at dreaming things into reality. Usually when we hit puberty that creation quality begins to dwindle.

Have a listen to The Billionaire Lifestyle 3rd installment or the 30 podcast in 30 days and reconnect with your ability to create from dreams.

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Breaking Bad Habits Making Good Habits

Breaking Bad Habits poster

The Billionaire Lifestyle 30 podcasts in 30 days – Day 2

Breaking Bad Habits Making Good Habits

Most Habits are not learned overnight.

Everything we learn starts with the smallest component. When we learn to walk, ride a bike or speak it is a time-consuming effort. The same is with habits, bad and good. Learning a new trait may be considered good temporarily, but as time progresses the trait acquired may turn ugly and unnecessary.

Here is a list of bad habits you may identify with:

  • Smoking
  • Cursing/swearing (my favorite indulge)
  • talking out of turn.
  • obsessive eating
  • poor health habits
  • procrastination
  • watching too much television
  • Facebook, twitter, etc
  • Mobile phone scanning
  • vaping (guilty)
  • shopping (retail Therapy)
  • eating with your mouth open
  • Talking on the mobile phone in public like you are in private
  • Tardiness
  • Chasing money with no goal.
  • No going to the doctor
  • Computers (Guilty But I am a media Person)
  • Lazy Hygiene
  • Drinking
  • Biting Fingernails
Breaking Bad Habits poster
Breaking Bad Habits

Now for the good Habits to build.

  • Healthy Eating
  • Excercise
  • Timeliness
  • Cleaning your stuff (house, car, apartment, desk)
  • Listening to others, thinking and responding
  • Talking walks
  • Family Time
  • Yoga/stretching
  • Breathing intentionally
  • Reading (books)
  • Visiting the local Library
  • Cooking
  • 7 + hours of sleep
  • Telling yourself and other you have value.
  • Appreciation
  • Gratitude

For every action, there is an opposite action.

The Greatest Salesman in the World

There is an awesome book by OG Mandino, addressing the power of habits and appreciation titled “The Greatest Salesman In the world”. If you are having problems with forming good habits, this book will place you in the correct frame of mind to begin your journey for making good habits a factor in your life. You can get the book on Amazon or Audible.

Audible is great because you can make a new habit by listing to the book in your car during your commutes.

Listen to the podcast

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