Tim and Michelle Miller – Hypnosis Business, Marriage and Life

Tim and Michelle Miller Life  Marriage and business partners

Stage Hypnosis Live

Once upon a time in the world, a personal occupation was for life.  Today an individual may experience several different occupational pathways during their lifetime. The job for life model is from an era of yesteryear.

This leads me to Tim Miller, former division 1 football coach, and world-class athlete.  Tim has pivoted in his recent life to include real estate and a life hypnosis act Hypnosis Stage live.  The performance act primarily has Tim on stage during the show, but his Wife Michelle and Time are a team in business and in life.

Tim and I discussed the challenges facing changes in life and business. Additionally building the basics of modern relationships. The undercurrent concerning the reflection of the modern times with couples of different racial backgrounds.

The Hypnosis Business

Tim will quickly admit his primary obsession in life is to see his wife in a state of joy, which he contributes with his self-professed silliness. Tim loves to hear his wife laugh, which is a roundabout method of falling into the hypnosis world.

The start of Stage Hypnosis Live began as a side project. The expectation was to perform no more than two or three times a year but quickly developed a life all its own.  They are living the American Dream in many respect, spending time with family while sustaining their family through their own business ventures.


During the podcast, we talked about family, Love and how important friendship is to a marriage. Additionally how sometimes we have to be open and set our ego aside to see the other side of the equation. A topic I brought to the conversation was how many relationships can be hampered before really becoming ripe with the addition of children in a young marriage.  Tim and I both share a scenario, we were married young and had children young. With the help of faith and patience, navigating the family dynamic can be very fruitful.

Time and Michelle have an awesome time in store for your audience or corporate event Their website is http://www.stagehypnosislive.com/#home.

Additionally, there is a reality TV series in the works foTimIm and Michelle Miller which you may find more information on their website.

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Declan Edward Finding your Confidence and Purpose

The Billionaire Lifestyle Guest interview Declan Edward

Author, Confidence & Purpose Coach, Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

Finding your Confidence and Purpose

Declan Edward Finding your Confidence and Purpose

What makes the difference between people who flourish and thrive in life compared to those who simply survive and ‘get by’?

What are the differences between people who are confident and those who struggle with self-doubt?

How is it that some people live with a clear sense of purpose whilst others live out their life feeling, for lack of a better word, lost?

These questions have fascinated Declan for his entire adult life and have led him to seek out, study, and learn from some of the brightest minds in the fields of Personal Development and Positive Psychology.

Declan now intertwines these evidence-based practices with his personal experience as an author, Coach, keynote speaker and the founder of BU Coaching – an online company that empowers people to overcome self-doubt, cultivate self-confidence and live a life of purpose.

Since 2015 Declan has spoken for a range of businesses, schools and organizations on how people can overcome self-doubt, cultivate self- confidence, develop a sense of life purpose and begin thriving in life. The logos of some of these businesses and organizations are included below.


Declan Edwards Interview and File

The MP3 File for Declan Edward –


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