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David Ince Certified Professional Life Coach & Founder
David Ince
Certified Professional Life Coach & Founder

During the Podcast, I experienced some technical difficulties. I left them in the show because it pointed to the topic of discussion. 

Finding The Passion

99.9 percent of living is non-constant. Human beings have a very difficult time processing obvious change requiring a change in action or behavior. The big challenge many individuals face is adapting to seemingly life-altering change.  Funny thing, when a change occurs we typically have a mental freak-out session.


Secondly, when a change occurs our emotional and spiritual self, becomes dumb to decision. Our previous life investment in whatever situation we are forced to change has the ability to for the pendulum wildly in the opposite direction.

Here are a few of those life altering moments as an example:

  • Loss of job/income
  • Loss of relationship
  • New unforeseen responsibilities
  • Loss of control concerning some life aspect.

One of two reactions typically follows. We do absolutely nothing until forced to take action, or immediate hyperactivity to correct the situation.

David Ince fell into the scenarios previously described. His employer of twenty-five years decided the company was going in a different direction, of which David was not to be included. In a way, David explained it was a sigh of relief, as his passion for the occupation had all but died over the years.


The experience David was going through may have been life kicking him in the pants to follow his earth path, as with the separation from his employer came with a bit of severance. Not everyone who experiences such a situation is blessed with a monetary compensation, but live for need versus want can help by building a nest egg for such life changes.

Overall David’s reaction was contrary to the actions of most people. He decided to follow his heart and begin anew. Checking his ego resulted in finding g a path to fulfill his passion. Helping others to become better. The decision to change direction was slow and calculated versus pushing the pendulum hard. Meditation, soul searching, and counseling helped David find his pathway.

Located in Barbados, you would think options are limited for Mr. Ince. With global social media and the internet available, geography is no longer a barrier.

Lens of Living
Lens of Living

5 Steps for Living your Passion

  1. Identify your passion
  2. What do you want to do with your discovered passion(Hobbie, business or charity)
  3. Identify how will you make your passion a reality?
  4. Make a Plan to bring your passion to life.
  5. Initialize your plan

Today David is involved with coaching people to be better in their day to day life and overall journey.

From Davie Ince – Managing Director at Living Successfully Inc

LSI Living Successfully INC
LSI Living Successfully INC

Life is a continuum!

Many persons do find themselves at this crossroad when life has thrown them the curve ball, it may not be as drastic as my case but still, the question remains, “what now?” It is here that you have an option; you can settle for less than the best by staying in an unfulfilling job, an uncomfortable situation or you can decide to live your passion and be the best that you can be.

For me, after weighing my options I decided to go for it by launching my own business in personal development.  It wasn’t without challenges, but it is rewarding and fulfilling, as I now help others grow and succeed in building businesses, developing their careers and living their passions.



Now Go live The Billionaire LifeStyle

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