Intuition GPS Terrie Christine

Terrie Christine
Terrie Christine Getting to your Intuition.

Terrie Christine- Intuition GPS,  is yours working?

Its all about intuition and energy. Our daily lives are filled with family, jobs friends and experience causing a disconnect from ourselves and our guidance system, your GPS. Terrie connects with her own intuition tapping into an energy field. Her superpower allows a look at her client’s situation with a fresh perspective, providing insights Terrie’s clients cannot access. She can see, know, feel and connect with her clients past and present energy. Connecting into the energy field allow identifying the blockage or negative issues affecting the client.

Finding your Intuition, getting help.

In case you have been wondering why you are not in the flow of living, the lack of flow may be caused by lack of intuition communication interpretation. Intuition or your gut feeling is the internal software navigation system of human beings. Terrie Christine has tapped into her senses providing information direction her clients and the rest of us from being stuck. During our conversation on the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast,  she provided a statement which rang a bell with me personally. Often people get stuck and cannot detach from our condition without help from someone else. Have you ever tried to solve a problem and felt the solution was beyond your control? Sometimes we need outside help for an internal problem.

Terrie Christine connect Intuitively

It all about intuition. Have you forgotten how to tune in to your spiritual navigations system

Its all about trusting your inner GPS. By the age of seven years of age, our limiting beliefs and blocks have been created. These systems may be expanded as we reach our teens and early adulthood. When these belief systems are impregnated in our subconscious, difficulties with expansion and growth may be hindered. Working with Terrie and others like her provide an opportunity to expand your consciousness to free yourself from the belief systems holding you back.

Listening to Terrie during the podcast recording. I had to agree, we are often too close to a problem or situation to see the simplest solution.  The doorway leading out of our emotional situation is directly in sight but is obstructed by our ego, psychological bias or childhood/overall personal programming.

Childhood conditioning.

We are the products of our environment, we carry childhood artifacts with us through life. Programmed bias and judgment passed on from our parents and mentors make us who we are. Our parents and mentors often had the best intentions for us, the perspective was correct for themselves, but not necessarily for the person, you are now.  Cognitive dissidence may play a high factor in the hampering of our growth and property.

Definition- cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.

Limiting Beliefs

We are living at a time where cognitive dissonance is at an all-time high. In the paraphrased word of Terrie, there is a clash of opposing energy at play. The limiting beliefs from our Parents and mentors may be at odd with our personal experiences. Tapping into your own intuition, following that personal GPS with faith can deliver and guide us during our journey.

You can expand your energy by paying attention to your feelings and learning to properly interpret the information being offered. We can often pick up the uneasy energy of others, but interpret those energies or feelings as our own. We have to learn how to partition and recognize those states of being.

 A doctor can’t operate on their own body

The same notion applies to us. We can’t fix our own internal problem. We have to be able to identify the daddy/mommy issues, imposed limiting belief systems, and human bias. Psychological therapy is one method, but sometimes we need a spiritual doctor too.

Places where Limiting Belief affects the external world.

  • Relationships
  • Workplace
  • Growth
  • Physical well being

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

A common theme for humans is, “We want what we want and not what we have”.  The play comes in finding the roadblocks preventing moving forward, be it from the past or current. Most of the blocks come from formulations we made in the past that have been imprinted into our subconscious.

We have to discover how to let go. If you are interested in working with Terrie Christine contact her at:



FB Page:


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Breaking Bad Habits Making Good Habits

Breaking Bad Habits poster

The Billionaire Lifestyle 30 podcasts in 30 days – Day 2

Breaking Bad Habits Making Good Habits

Most Habits are not learned overnight.

Everything we learn starts with the smallest component. When we learn to walk, ride a bike or speak it is a time-consuming effort. The same is with habits, bad and good. Learning a new trait may be considered good temporarily, but as time progresses the trait acquired may turn ugly and unnecessary.

Here is a list of bad habits you may identify with:

  • Smoking
  • Cursing/swearing (my favorite indulge)
  • talking out of turn.
  • obsessive eating
  • poor health habits
  • procrastination
  • watching too much television
  • Facebook, twitter, etc
  • Mobile phone scanning
  • vaping (guilty)
  • shopping (retail Therapy)
  • eating with your mouth open
  • Talking on the mobile phone in public like you are in private
  • Tardiness
  • Chasing money with no goal.
  • No going to the doctor
  • Computers (Guilty But I am a media Person)
  • Lazy Hygiene
  • Drinking
  • Biting Fingernails
Breaking Bad Habits poster
Breaking Bad Habits

Now for the good Habits to build.

  • Healthy Eating
  • Excercise
  • Timeliness
  • Cleaning your stuff (house, car, apartment, desk)
  • Listening to others, thinking and responding
  • Talking walks
  • Family Time
  • Yoga/stretching
  • Breathing intentionally
  • Reading (books)
  • Visiting the local Library
  • Cooking
  • 7 + hours of sleep
  • Telling yourself and other you have value.
  • Appreciation
  • Gratitude

For every action, there is an opposite action.

The Greatest Salesman in the World

There is an awesome book by OG Mandino, addressing the power of habits and appreciation titled “The Greatest Salesman In the world”. If you are having problems with forming good habits, this book will place you in the correct frame of mind to begin your journey for making good habits a factor in your life. You can get the book on Amazon or Audible.

Audible is great because you can make a new habit by listing to the book in your car during your commutes.

Listen to the podcast

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Steven Horne – Herbal Healing Garden of Eden

Throwback Healing – Herbal Garden Medicine

I can say I was honestly excited when I became aware of Mr. Steven Horn, herbalist, promoting herbal healing. The best way to gain knowledge is from someone with experience. Steven Horne is a naturally curious individual.  Having suffered some illness during his younger days, he decided to get back to the source of health. God made the planet and provided an Eden for humans to live. Everything we need to survive is here waiting for our use.

Let me go back in time a bit. My grandmother, on father’s side consistently had these natural remedies for whatever my child size body would suffer. From mint teas and thing she would magically pull from the back yard, there was some cure for what ailed me.

In this modern era of Western medicine being the end all be all, I can say it was refreshing speaking with Steven Horne.

During our interview, Steven was more than I expected. Jovial and really good natured, we seem to laugh more than talk. The obvious takeaway from our conversation was simple, our population is in dire need of connection with the things consumed for our health.

The western culture and industrialized national of the world have lost the connection with food, exercising and cooking. Sure, there is a good revolution, bit the movement of extremely organic cooking has died a slow death.

Steven Horne Herbalist
Steven Horne Herbal Healing Garden

Steven Horne is a professional member and recent past president of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and a professional member of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA).  He has also served on the board of directors of both organizations.

No to Monsanto – photo credit: WOGO* via photopin (license)


When was the last time you cook a meal with non-processed ingredients?

I’m guilty, from the sauces to the medium used to get going such as oil, bottled spices, and herbs. This was one of the obvious statement Steven offered. Everything is GMO, everything. Growing items in your garden may fall in the GMO category. Seeds experience chemicals already present in the atmosphere and airborne alterations. Steven’s premise is to see what works for you and to do a little homework, developing your library of knowledge.

 Steven’s take on Food.

Eating meat is not as bad as the world make us believe. Unfortunately, the composition of the meat we consume is the elephant in the room, according to Steven Horne. Mass produced meat we consume require processing while speeding up the turnaround time animals are fed diets which are not native to the animal. Chickens eat native to their environment, not feed chicken feed conjured by man. Cow and Beef provide the best consumable stock when fed by grass. The native diet to these animals has been altered and thus altering humans.

The second point is the introduction of processed white edible foods. Flour, potatoes, and vegetable oils cause inflammation and stickiness in our bodies. Coconut oil and macadamia nut oils are far better for the human body.

All the Good, healthy food is already available photo credit: Flickpicpete (Thanks for 2.5 million+ views) Winter Food 206 via photopin (license)

Everything is already here! Herbal Healing

For thousands of years, human being existed on this Earth. How have we survived this long? We have forgotten more than we already understand. There was one point about diet, referencing geography. It may be required learning to understand what foods your ancestors were consuming to specialize your diet.

Vegan is not for everyone!

I brought up to Steven how I tried to be vegan, and it was hell on my body. Nutrient density and mineral consumption is different when consuming meat distant diets. My problem may have been, I was starving myself and not getting enough vitamins. I had to agree, as I need to consume larger physical volumes of leafy stuff, much larger.

San Francisco

San Francisco California was the V8 consciousness opening moment for me. I began to cross paths with individuals who were talking about teas, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I was hurting seriously to the point of no return. Deciding to visit a local practitioner, Dr. Jennifer Huang for acupuncture treatment for plantar fasciitis. She worked wonders In a few short visits.
If I can introduce just one person to alternative treatment for health sustainability then mission accomplished. Western medicine is not the only game in town. Steven Horne follows in line with the Tarah Long interview from my previous post. Personal healing and maintenance began with what God has already given us on the planet.

photo credit: Flickpicpete (Thanks for 2.5 million+ views) Winter Food 206 via photopin (license)

Takeaways from the conversation with  Steven Horne.

  1. Don’t be afraid of eggs, and meat. Locate the best, most natural state food available. Grass fed is best.
  2. Butter comes from cows, find the grass-fed variety.
  3. Edible plants are all around us, learn what is available in your perimeter geographically.
  4. Start a garden
  5. Excercise
  6. Stay away from refined white edibles, sugar, potatoes, refined flour and milk
  7. Medicine for humans is derived from plants. Pills work on the body fast but display side effects. Plants work slow and work naturally with the body.
  8. Research the food your ancestors consumed before processing became the method of the day.

Contact Steven Horne:

Steven Horne, RH(AHG), CCII
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Tarah Long – Joyful Body Healing Miracles

Tarah Long -Heal yourself from your spirit
Tarah Long -Heal yourself from your spirit

Tara Long

Tarah’s website Wide Awake Healing is the culmination of several health experiences.  Tara began suffered chronic fatigue and stomach ulcers. After visiting several physicians, she found herself with no more knowledge concerning her ailments than when her situation began.  She felt a viable treatment for her ailments was missing from the conversations.

Western medicine approach to health is the prevailing foundation for much of the world. Western Medicine also, does not cover the complete scope concerning the human body system.

Our current society is far more intelligent regarding various environmental effects upon our bodies. In conjunction, our relationship to food intelligence is growing. Each day there is someone who is waking up and re-discovering vintage information practiced for thousands of years. How did we survive

How did we survive on this planet for thousands of years in a far harsher environment without the conventional western medicine philosophy? We had knowledge of self. The “Self” equals mind body and spirit connected and communicating. I am not promoting western medicine in not required, but there are realms where western medicine managing symptoms versus finding cures.

Healing-Finding the Cure

Chinese and Oriental medicine has been used for years in conjunction with western medicine. America has experienced a recent epidemic of obesity, hypertension, and heart disease. In addition, specific disorders have manifested to the forefront such as lupus and fibromyalgia.

Many physicians are managers of symptoms for many conditions affecting people within industrialized nations. The pharmaceutical companies,  in conjunction with malpractice insurance, are a major factor in how healthcare delivered and practiced.

Purpose Living
You are your Perfect Coach learn from a coach.

Holistic doctors.

If you are lucky and live in proximity to a passionate knowledgeable Holistic health practitioner you are very fortunate. any holistic practitioners are keen on educating their clients and explaining or confirming old knowledge related to health. Often I wonder if we have forgotten more than we currently understand.

These holistic helpers have the ability to educate each of us on food effects and suggest alternative root causes to our ailment. Ailments are not always the result of a physical source, there is the emotional connection to our bodies. Stress and environmental experiences have a direct effort regarding our health status.

Tarah found it was her duty to heal herself. During her journey as she states, there were knowledge updates related to what was required to heal.  Tarah began to heal herself in the most natural method, by listening to her body and spirit.

Directly from the

Thank you for taking the time to check us out! My passion is sharing the knowledge that YOU can heal YOURSELF…and guiding you to do so! I am here to help you have the life you dream of with freedom and ease in your body.

I help those who do not feel good in their bodies (suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, migraines, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, anxiety, depression, and other long-term dis-ease), transform their health and heal themselves.


The human body is a billionaire miracle of life. We are spiritual being having a physical experience. You are the controller of the reality. Reprogramming your total self will give you the tools to manage your experience.


To contact Tarah Long fro coaching and find out more visit:

Please listen to the podcast for an insightful view of healing and Tarah Long, and her coaching.




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5 Steps to living your passion – David Ince

Lens of Living

David Ince Certified Professional Life Coach & Founder
David Ince
Certified Professional Life Coach & Founder

During the Podcast, I experienced some technical difficulties. I left them in the show because it pointed to the topic of discussion. 

Finding The Passion

99.9 percent of living is non-constant. Human beings have a very difficult time processing obvious change requiring a change in action or behavior. The big challenge many individuals face is adapting to seemingly life-altering change.  Funny thing, when a change occurs we typically have a mental freak-out session.


Secondly, when a change occurs our emotional and spiritual self, becomes dumb to decision. Our previous life investment in whatever situation we are forced to change has the ability to for the pendulum wildly in the opposite direction.

Here are a few of those life altering moments as an example:

  • Loss of job/income
  • Loss of relationship
  • New unforeseen responsibilities
  • Loss of control concerning some life aspect.

One of two reactions typically follows. We do absolutely nothing until forced to take action, or immediate hyperactivity to correct the situation.

David Ince fell into the scenarios previously described. His employer of twenty-five years decided the company was going in a different direction, of which David was not to be included. In a way, David explained it was a sigh of relief, as his passion for the occupation had all but died over the years.


The experience David was going through may have been life kicking him in the pants to follow his earth path, as with the separation from his employer came with a bit of severance. Not everyone who experiences such a situation is blessed with a monetary compensation, but live for need versus want can help by building a nest egg for such life changes.

Overall David’s reaction was contrary to the actions of most people. He decided to follow his heart and begin anew. Checking his ego resulted in finding g a path to fulfill his passion. Helping others to become better. The decision to change direction was slow and calculated versus pushing the pendulum hard. Meditation, soul searching, and counseling helped David find his pathway.

Located in Barbados, you would think options are limited for Mr. Ince. With global social media and the internet available, geography is no longer a barrier.

Lens of Living
Lens of Living

5 Steps for Living your Passion

  1. Identify your passion
  2. What do you want to do with your discovered passion(Hobbie, business or charity)
  3. Identify how will you make your passion a reality?
  4. Make a Plan to bring your passion to life.
  5. Initialize your plan

Today David is involved with coaching people to be better in their day to day life and overall journey.

From Davie Ince – Managing Director at Living Successfully Inc

LSI Living Successfully INC
LSI Living Successfully INC

Life is a continuum!

Many persons do find themselves at this crossroad when life has thrown them the curve ball, it may not be as drastic as my case but still, the question remains, “what now?” It is here that you have an option; you can settle for less than the best by staying in an unfulfilling job, an uncomfortable situation or you can decide to live your passion and be the best that you can be.

For me, after weighing my options I decided to go for it by launching my own business in personal development.  It wasn’t without challenges, but it is rewarding and fulfilling, as I now help others grow and succeed in building businesses, developing their careers and living their passions.



Now Go live The Billionaire LifeStyle

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