Tim and Michelle Miller – Hypnosis Business, Marriage and Life

Tim and Michelle Miller Life  Marriage and business partners

Stage Hypnosis Live

Once upon a time in the world, a personal occupation was for life.  Today an individual may experience several different occupational pathways during their lifetime. The job for life model is from an era of yesteryear.

This leads me to Tim Miller, former division 1 football coach, and world-class athlete.  Tim has pivoted in his recent life to include real estate and a life hypnosis act Hypnosis Stage live.  The performance act primarily has Tim on stage during the show, but his Wife Michelle and Time are a team in business and in life.

Tim and I discussed the challenges facing changes in life and business. Additionally building the basics of modern relationships. The undercurrent concerning the reflection of the modern times with couples of different racial backgrounds.

The Hypnosis Business

Tim will quickly admit his primary obsession in life is to see his wife in a state of joy, which he contributes with his self-professed silliness. Tim loves to hear his wife laugh, which is a roundabout method of falling into the hypnosis world.

The start of Stage Hypnosis Live began as a side project. The expectation was to perform no more than two or three times a year but quickly developed a life all its own.  They are living the American Dream in many respect, spending time with family while sustaining their family through their own business ventures.


During the podcast, we talked about family, Love and how important friendship is to a marriage. Additionally how sometimes we have to be open and set our ego aside to see the other side of the equation. A topic I brought to the conversation was how many relationships can be hampered before really becoming ripe with the addition of children in a young marriage.  Tim and I both share a scenario, we were married young and had children young. With the help of faith and patience, navigating the family dynamic can be very fruitful.

Time and Michelle have an awesome time in store for your audience or corporate event Their website is http://www.stagehypnosislive.com/#home.

Additionally, there is a reality TV series in the works foTimIm and Michelle Miller which you may find more information on their website.

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Time and money with Chad E. Cooper

Book cover from Chad E. Cooper

Chad cooper picture
Author, Speaker, and Super Dad Chad E. Cooper

Chad E. Cooper-Time isn’t the problem you are. Four strategies to transform stress into Success!

Time and Money, we use most of our time chasing money, forgetting time is the one thing you can’t replenish. Often we are stressed out trying our best to accumulate resources of cash for necessities and better living. What if we put the “living” portion first? How different would your overall living experience on this planet pan out?

The interview with Chad E. Cooper on the Billionaire Lifestyle podcast was an affirmation of how we should construct our life’s for time versus merely trading time for money. There is a different approach to life and Chad’s book titled time isn’t the problem you” provide some direction.

The Bucket List

Chad was able to retire at the early age of 35, at the start of our last recession in 2008. He saw the recession coming and decided to pivot regardless. Speaking with Chad, it was apparent retirement is different depending on who is retiring, and when the question of withdrawal from the workplace manifest.

At the age of 35, a great deal of time left in a lifetime to be productive and give life meaning. Instead of retiring Chad chose to pivot into a new direction. He began working with the number one coaching company to bring his message to help individuals and businesses for a different transformational mindset.

Chad is an achievement person, looking to see how many bucket list items he can experience. Currently, he has identified and completed four hundred bucket list items.  You can too!

The Basics – Time and Money

The reality should be to save first and spend the cash left over. Financial literacy is the most neglected subject in our education system. The purpose of the education system is to produce good citizens and obedient workers for the to the overall good. Performing a small amount of research will confirm the use of our education system historically. Armed with the basic premise has led Chad Cooper to craft an extraordinary Billionaire Lifestyle for himself and his family. Being known as the time guy, he is frequently asked how he does scheduling work second.  Chad’s answer is simple. Schedule vacation and personal time first and make work and everything else the second priority.

Listen to the Podcast to get exponential information and some special offers from Chad.

You Can Too

I know, you may be thinking, I’m not retired and can’t live how Chad does. Sure you can, your approach may be a little different.

Here are the four-point premise in Chad’s book:

  •  Purpose
  •  Language Matters
  •  A Scheduling System of Support
  •  Masculine & Feminine Energy system of support for time mastery

These four points are the explored in Chad’s book Time isn’t the Problem You Are.

Book cover from Chad E. Cooper
Time isn’t the problem you are.

 About Chad

CHAD E COOPER  frequently requested by the top financial moguls, United Nations Representatives, professional athletes such as WBO, MLB, NHL, NFL, USAT University Coaches, Olympic Gold Medalist and more. Former UN Representative Zakharova said “I am confident now that I will get the results I want and have a life that I deserve… thank you, Chad for such a huge window of opportunities!”

Formerly a corporate executive in the IT Industry, Chad retired at the young age of 35 and is making an impact ever since. An accomplished athlete, businessman, philanthropist, and Super Dad, and former top coach with the #1 coaching organization in the world.
Looking to change your upcoming event from ordinary too extraordinary? Chad’s speaking events are about building unique, dynamic, and inspirational experiences and each one is customized to your desired time frame, outcomes, location, and level of activity. Chad would love to serve you and make the impact you desire! Whether your audiences are professionals or college students, these seminars will lead to a life path of success. Chad teaches how a Legendary Lifestyle is about how to make time serve you.

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Heneka Watkis Porter | Entrepreneurial Success

Heneka Watkis Porter, Serial-entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, and Fashion designer.

Jamaican born Heneka Watkis-Porter, Her purpose is life transformation through inspiration. Heneka ventured from working at a 9-5 job that was unfulfilling to starting her own fashion line, writing books, podcasting, and public speaking. Her journey is filled with similar emotions we all may face when trying to find purpose in our lives.

Heneka Watkis-Porter Head Shot Heneka Watkis Porter | Entrepreneurial Success
Heneka Watkis-Porter Patwa Apparel

Just Start

The Book titled: 15 Hints to Entrepreneurial Success

Heneka’s  passion for motivating others through entrepreneurship has led her to start a radio show, now a podcast (The Entrepreneurial You) inspiring people to peak their performance. My book, “15 Hints to Entrepreneurial Success: Lessons From A Caribbean Business Woman”, highlights the things that I identified as instrumental to win in business and life. The most important factor of all the lessons is identifying your purpose.

Even though she knew there was a calling to give back to the global community, starting the project was difficult. Here largest hurdle was simply how to start. Heneka was seeking wisdom which she found via a friend, she was instructed to simply start writing. She began to find her way with the writing the path was revealed.  The main goal Heneka focused her energy was for those people looking to start a fashion business. Once she produced the first set of written works the pathway was clear and more information began to come to her for starting other projects such as speaking and podcasting.


During our interview, gratitude was beaming from Heneka’s being. She reflected how much worry was surrounding her as she ventured away from having the comfort of working a seemingly secure 9-5 job. Constantly Heneka would pray and meditate for guidance and courage to move forward. Drawing on quotes from historically successful people, gave her more strength to move and grow her business.

“The future is bright, the future is NOW! Let’s live on purpose and peak your performance.
Speaking headshot Heneka Watkis Porter | Entrepreneurial Success
Public Speaker Heneka Watkis-Porter

Networking & Finding Capital = Skin in the Game

A major factor is funding a venture, Heneka used grants to fund her business by attending functions and networking. Eventually, Heneka found herself on the right mailing list and crowds. Finding the funds to operate her business came through grants, but the money was not free or complete. Heneka found, before other would invest, she had to have a portion of capital on the table to show good faith. Thanks to her faith and fortitude everything fell into place for her to secure funding.  Heneka learned you have to flexible since business people must be able to pivot and match the changing trends.

15 Hint to Entrepreneurial Success Points.

Part 1

  1. Finding Your Purpose
  2. Defining Success
  3. Evicting Fear
  4. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
  5. Perspective
  6. Preserverance
  7. Getting & Staying Motivated
  8. Being a river, not a reservoir
  9. Reliability

Part 2 Conventional business

  1. Customer Service
  2. Marketing
  3. Financials
  4. Intellectual Property
  5. Negotiation
  6. Planning

These are the core competencies required to start and maintain a healthy business.


Heneka’s website Here

Facebook Group

Patwa Apparel link


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Business Scaling & Today’s Leaders


The Boss Argument.

It can be said there is a real vacuum for true leadership talent. In any conversation. a large percentage of workers in America have a passionate dislike for their boss and overall leadership in the workplace. Why do people have an uncomfortable feeling for their boss or team leader?

Often, people who work for a living as employees have a direct boss or team leader to whom they report. The intention of these leaders is to guide and steer their people for productivity and results. In addition to the aforementioned, these leaders are responsible for relationship management with their employees and team members.

 The Interview

The interview with Ron was a river flow of information for those who may be managers, companies owners or Human resources specialist.  His primary function at Navalent is helping global startup and large companies scale and grow their business. Often as explained by Ron, companies don’t know the difference between scaling and growth for their company.  The companies executives Ron works with are usually in the throes of messy and transformational change. Transformational change is not immediate, often requiring years of involvement and tweaking.

One of the greatest lessons Navalent has learned was leaders don’t contextualize properly and adapt to a new paradigm.  Localization is the major force behind the contextualization, understand the same method does not work in each scenario.  This contextualization is truly relevant in regional transplanted companies from different geographic areas. Additionally, the perception of millennials in the work place have the related issues.

Millennials in the work place

We talked a good clip about millennials and how this particular generation has scaled and built “businesses who employ workers are at the bottom of the latter related to other generations.  The actual nature of millennials would be less entrepreneur and more Solopreneur.

Growth versus Scaling

The myth concerning growth is understood as doing more of the same with the same amount of resources after driving demand. Scaling is adding revenue faster than accruing cost.  There can be a fine line difference between growth and scale up, but many companies don’t understand the difference.

About Ron Carucci

Ron is co-founder and managing partner at Navalent. His duties focus around working with CEOs and executives pursuing transformational change for their organizations, leaders, and industries.  His thirty-year track record helping some of the world’s most influential executives focused on helping tackle challenges of strategy, organization, and leadership.  THe scope of duties ranges from start-ups to Fortune 10 companies for functional turnarounds to new markets and strategies, overhauling leadership and culture to re-designing for growth.  Ron has performed his magic work in more than 25 countries on 4 continents.


Ron’s Contributions include:

  • Contributor to HBR (Harvard Business Review)
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • CEO Magazine
  • Business Insider
  • Inc
  • Business Week
  • Smart Business, and thought leaders

You can read more of Ron’s insights at HBR (Harvard Business Review) and Forbes, and at the Navalent blog.  The articles at these sights may provide additional insights on topics that Ron may be able to speak about on the show.

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Marques Ogden – Evolved Leadership

Marques Ogden – Evolved Leadership

Marques Ogden In Charge of his life.
Marques Ogden Life after Football

Our American heroes are typically military personnel and athletes. It is no wonder because these individuals put their life and health on the line for us in on way or another.


Leadership heroes never accept defeat. When times are tough, they dig deep and find a new path, a new way, and move forward. Defeat is never an option for a hero.  There may be setbacks but the notion of quitting is forbidden. The very drive these people exhibit in their chosen profession often creates the best leaders, because of the adversity and challenges they have conquered. No one said it would be easy, and that is pulled from the bottom of their DNA.

 Finding your Leadership and future

There is never a time when the world does not need good leaders. I had the privilege of talking with a man who grabbed the leadership reigns laser focused forward and never looked back because the only option is forward in living. That man is Marques Ogden former NFL offensive lineman with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Baltimore Ravens, the Buffalo Bills, and the Tennessee Titans until 2007.

Marques understood time in the NFL was typically finite. He began planning to make a mark in the world after the NFL by being community minded and moving toward being an entrepreneur for life after his NFL time was done. It is easy to recall the status of various high-profile National Football League players who became financially broke after their playing days were complete. To get an insight check out the 30 for 30 episode titled Broke.  Marques was determined to have a legacy after football, that included financial and career prosperity.

Mr. Ogden came from a family of competitive men, be it sports or life. Giving credit to his father and brother as his guides and inspiration early in his life. Today his inspiration is his family and other he can help provide opportunities.After his NFL stint ended, Marques was the operator of a very successful construction company, for several years. The business was great until a good deal went South. As any great leader Marques owns the responsibility of what happened.

What now!

If there is anything in life a person learns is what not to do and how to adapt. Doing whatever was required to provide, Marques humbled himself and began to provide for his family and plan for the future once again.

Let the words flow

People who practice conscious living and experience made for great leaders. He began speaking to anyone who had an ear, promoting leadership, business, and determination.  As he ventured into new territory, his mind’s eye began to show a path to success. Speaking engagements began to grow and become more frequent.

What does a leader do?

In charge of his life and destiny
Marques Ogden profiled


Leaders build other leaders, so Marques created a speaker bureau for other athletes to have a voice. Teaching networking, value and leadership skills to other sports veterans and untapped speaking talent.

Tips from Marques Ogden:

  • Fail = First Attempt At Learning
  • Failure is a stepping stone to success.
  • If you own a business, Market, market, market! Critical to success.
  • Know your business – be an expert!
  • Vet your partner and employees
  • Proper funding
  • Know when to walk away.

We all have talents and leadership skills, and the best teacher is life itself. Take the talents you already have and see how those talents apply to other areas. Marques Ogden is a success story because he does not live in the past and is bringing people into the future.

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