Susan Finley Happiness is Spiritual

Sue Finley

Susan Finley Happiness is Spiritual

The expectation of happiness is very personal and very individual. When I was introduced to Susan Finley former school teacher who is a coach for essential happiness, I had expectations that were shallow. When I mention shallow I intent to convey I simply was not thinking of the larger picture of happiness and all the components involved. Right from the jump, Susan was a flood of information regarding the spiritual side of our existence.  Quickly, Susan began to give information regarding how our planet has changed from a 3D planet to something else.

Before we delved too deep into our interview, I requested a context and definition regarding the topics to help the listeners identify with the information. Immediately she moved to let me/us understand the helpers, angels and ascended beings who are here to help us.

3D Reactional Planet

Sue explained we are in the midst of change upon the planet which began in 2012.  Moving from a 3D plant into a higher vibrational alignment status. Some information about 3D planet status. A 3D planet is that which life is reactionary. When something negative happens we react to that negative function with fear, anger or similar low vibrational emotions.  With the time passing of 2012, we are experiencing harmonic convergence according to Susan Finley.

Harmonic Convergence Spiritual Happiness

In 2012, for a lack of better words God and the divine team recognise there are enough people who are seeking a higher consciousness.  Basically, we have been given permission to move forward. According to Sue, there are spiritual beings among us, with us and on other planets.

One of the major points of Sue’s during our conversations was to not pay attention to the news media, due to the promotion of separation and the negative. New should focus on the positive. She even points to the children being born today are spiritually different from those of the past. We have moved past the indigo children and forward to the Crystal Children who are high vibrational people. Many are labeled as autistic.

Ascended master and lightworkers

Ascended Masters are those individuals who once lived on our planet but have no need to come back to this plane. Lightworkers are the people who chose to live on this planet to promote higher vibration and positive work for the world. Many lightworkers don’t even know they are lightworkers but are putting in the work.  We are in a period of change for the better. THe world may seem as though we are going the opposite direction, but things are worse before they get better.

Edgar Cayce

Sue’s pivotal moment came during a time she was suffering from physical ailments doctors could not pinpoint the cause. During this period of physical discomfort, Sue discovered Edgar Cayce and his teaching related to diet. Following the recommendation of Edgar Cayce’s diet, she found relief and began to have some physical normalcy in her life.

Sue’s health turnaround, in addition to earlier life experiences, guided her to delve deeper into the metaphysical understanding of happiness and the Law of Attraction. SHe eventually moved towards becoming a certified coach, to help others with their journey.

Susan’s first book

Keys to Unlocking The Law of attraction

Can be found on her website. Get the book

We had a conversation filled with exciting information.

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Heneka Watkis Porter | Entrepreneurial Success

Heneka Watkis Porter, Serial-entrepreneur, Podcaster, Author, Speaker, and Fashion designer.

Jamaican born Heneka Watkis-Porter, Her purpose is life transformation through inspiration. Heneka ventured from working at a 9-5 job that was unfulfilling to starting her own fashion line, writing books, podcasting, and public speaking. Her journey is filled with similar emotions we all may face when trying to find purpose in our lives.

Heneka Watkis-Porter Head Shot Heneka Watkis Porter | Entrepreneurial Success
Heneka Watkis-Porter Patwa Apparel

Just Start

The Book titled: 15 Hints to Entrepreneurial Success

Heneka’s  passion for motivating others through entrepreneurship has led her to start a radio show, now a podcast (The Entrepreneurial You) inspiring people to peak their performance. My book, “15 Hints to Entrepreneurial Success: Lessons From A Caribbean Business Woman”, highlights the things that I identified as instrumental to win in business and life. The most important factor of all the lessons is identifying your purpose.

Even though she knew there was a calling to give back to the global community, starting the project was difficult. Here largest hurdle was simply how to start. Heneka was seeking wisdom which she found via a friend, she was instructed to simply start writing. She began to find her way with the writing the path was revealed.  The main goal Heneka focused her energy was for those people looking to start a fashion business. Once she produced the first set of written works the pathway was clear and more information began to come to her for starting other projects such as speaking and podcasting.


During our interview, gratitude was beaming from Heneka’s being. She reflected how much worry was surrounding her as she ventured away from having the comfort of working a seemingly secure 9-5 job. Constantly Heneka would pray and meditate for guidance and courage to move forward. Drawing on quotes from historically successful people, gave her more strength to move and grow her business.

“The future is bright, the future is NOW! Let’s live on purpose and peak your performance.
Speaking headshot Heneka Watkis Porter | Entrepreneurial Success
Public Speaker Heneka Watkis-Porter

Networking & Finding Capital = Skin in the Game

A major factor is funding a venture, Heneka used grants to fund her business by attending functions and networking. Eventually, Heneka found herself on the right mailing list and crowds. Finding the funds to operate her business came through grants, but the money was not free or complete. Heneka found, before other would invest, she had to have a portion of capital on the table to show good faith. Thanks to her faith and fortitude everything fell into place for her to secure funding.  Heneka learned you have to flexible since business people must be able to pivot and match the changing trends.

15 Hint to Entrepreneurial Success Points.

Part 1

  1. Finding Your Purpose
  2. Defining Success
  3. Evicting Fear
  4. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
  5. Perspective
  6. Preserverance
  7. Getting & Staying Motivated
  8. Being a river, not a reservoir
  9. Reliability

Part 2 Conventional business

  1. Customer Service
  2. Marketing
  3. Financials
  4. Intellectual Property
  5. Negotiation
  6. Planning

These are the core competencies required to start and maintain a healthy business.


Heneka’s website Here

Facebook Group

Patwa Apparel link

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Finding Creative Mojo – Leslie Nolan

Finding Creative Mojo with Leslie Noland of Nolan Design

I was wondering how my interview, finding creative mojo with Leslie Noland of Noland design was going to pan out. Let’s say if someone tells me they can help me get my MOJO back working, I’m suspicious. Usually, the mention/thought of therapy or other methods to will get you back into the groove of being yourself comes to mind. Leslie has a different approach, being an artist of high emotional and spiritual intelligence, bringing alternate methods to the forefront to help people. What I did not expect was such a down to earth conversation about finding one’s own center by tapping the creative power we all have available. 

My sense of the world gives me the feeling we are emotional cerebral society. Humans justify emotional responses with cerebral logic. Basically, we live too much in our heads and forget the true message delivered by the heart. The cerebral mechanism seems to have has taken over our globe connection process, and the world needs people like Leslie to remind our consciousness there are alternate methods for connecting with the eternal self.

Creative Mojo From Leslie Nolan
Creative Mojo

Leslie Nolan is an entrepreneur, visionary artist, motivational speaker and founder of Leslie Nolan Design. She works with creative entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo and inspirational vision. Helping entrepreneurs reclaim their power so they fronted the courage to create their Great Work.

Leslie Noland Noland DesignFindingcreative Mojo
Leslie Noland Noland Design Finding creative Mojo

Leslie Noland’s years of experience and success radiates when, she speaks on vision, mojo. She relates creativity and consciousness are made manifest through the inquiry of Intentional Creativity. She inspires pathways to problem-solving, creative break-through and fosters healing and clarity as inspired in the lecture, lab, studio, or workshop. Through the magic of painting, she helps clients uncover their true genius.

Leslie’s History

A graduate of Pratt Institute. Leslie is seasoned graphic designer and marketer of Nolan Design, which is an award winning graphics studio for over thirty years. Her natural visionary talent and the ability to conceptualize has been a source in growing her own business, along with those of her clients. It sparks her intention to help other entrepreneurs navigate their personal power and inspirational vision.


She mentors and shares her knowledge, giving workshops, visiting schools and colleges. Teaching privately and assisting online educational programs to a worldwide audience is a passion of Leslie’s. Her Intentional Creativity teaching has inspired adults and children.  The enrichment classes span the scope in healing centers. She works with the Spring Lake School system, International Consciousness Research Laboratory, Big Brother’s Big Sister’s of Monmouth / Middlesex County, as well as private mentorships.

The Works

Leslie is a Contemporary Symbolist, whose visionary paintings have been showcased at The United Nations World Conference for Women Against Violence. The Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City brought her group to participate in a collaborative art project for The Draftsmen’s Congress with Pawel Althamer.
Her work has been showcased at The Reiki Way Healing Center, Her Church in San Francisco, and Wetherholt Gallery in Washington D.C. and galleries throughout New Jersey.

Leslie holds space for others to create. She dreams of building a retreat and workshop studio in her backyard– The Sol Barn. Her intent is to harness solar-power energy and channel inspirational energy. She taps within courageous hearts to empowered creative entrepreneurs towards their great work. Leslie lives with her husband and their adopted son and works from her home studio at the Jersey Shore.


Leslie Nolan Design website


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Finding Purpose – Debbie N. Goldberg Interview

Debbie N. Goldberg Author and speaker

Spiritual Maturity
Spiritual Maturity photo credit: Pragmagraphr 366 • 103 • Now and then via photopin (license)

What am I to do? What is my Purpose?

Have you ever been on the wrong path, knowing what you are doing or into is not really your truth? There are expectations of every human being which are not our own. Families and communities try their best to give us a way to fit into the cog of society. Often these steered directions don’t resonate with who we are. Funny, but true, may humans live a life feeling as if they are missing their true direction.

I can clearly remember in my youth, people I would meet who’s parents had a predetermined path for their children. Only to find them washing out of whatever endeavor their parents had set for their future.

 Debbie N. Goldberg’s Journey

Debbie N. Goldberg Author and speaker
Debbie N. Goldberg – Finding Purpose

Debbie Goldberg had the very similar scenario. She was working herself to death in a career she felt was missing something. The big question for every human has been, including Debbie is, what is my purpose. There is a common understanding we are alive/living beings. The acts related to being alive and experiencing a certain reality is an understated spoken fact of truth. Lingering from the moments we can construct a full thought is what is the point of being here on Earth.


Debbie found herself working like a slave and in the process slowly killing herself on all levels, mentally spiritually and physically. Something had to change and she needed a kick in the pants to make that change.

Physical Maturity versus Spiritual maturity.

Society considers and recognizes us humans as an adult based purely on reaching a number of years on the planet for the most part. Reinforced during the interview with Debbie was maturity is more than just a physical age. Our spiritual being also has a maturing process. Common in most languages is the term “Old Soul”. Well, that is a real manifestation. Recently I began hearing the term of a “Young Soul”.

Debbie laid it out during our interview regarding the maturity of souls and her journey. She stated, living here on earth is an exercise for experience, growth, and learning. Some humans have been on this planet in various incarnations while others are relatively new to the physical occupation.

Life for Debbie began to change well into her adulthood. She had a successful business and was working with too much drive for success and to prove herself to others. She had not defined the goal of success. In essence, she was working hard to be working hard.  The pivotal moment came when she had a falling out with her son and his wife in 2014. THe situation cause some heartbreak.  Debbie did something most people can’t. She questioned herself, asking what is it I’m doing to cause this problem?


Enter Jesus.

During a guided meditation session Debbie met Jesus by a pool. Yes, I said that correctly. During her meditation, Jesus shows up and began hanging out.  Over time, continuing the meditation the relationship developed. There is one item I must mention Debbie recognized herself as a cultural Jew. So Jesus showing up was a little confusing for her. Initially,  verbal communication did not occur until she began by saying “hello” to Jesus. After verbal acknowledgment began, the information dialogue began to flow. You may say that is crazy, but it is not if you open your thought process.

Abstract form in multi colors spiritual guide
Jesus Spiritual Guide Finding purpose even to non-believers-photo credit: translator, artist, Renaissance scholar thorns via photopin (license)

The Guide

The conversations with her new found guide in Jesus began a new path in life and basic lessons.

  • Earth is a playground for souls to mature toward higher levels of consciousness.
  • Life is an Illusion.
  • The ego is her to protect us but can hinder our progress.
  • The Soul is in human form and also connect universally.
  • The Soul has a contract with the source to learn in THIS lifetime.
  • We all have a purpose.
  • Everything we experience is a reflection of what is inside of us.
  • We are all connected to each other and the universal consciousness.
  • We are all Devine.


Sometimes we look so hard for a complex answer if the obvious is missing. Debbie Goldberg has a clue for us to move forward and find our direction and purpose. The interview I had with Debbie was an affirmation related to how the construction of organized religion has skewed our sense of spiritual essence. She spelled out how our ego can be with all of its good intentions hinder spiritual progressing.

The Ego

Eckhart Tolle talks a great deal about the EGO’s negative effect on living. Debbie affirmed many of Eckhart’s theories.

The ego is her to protect us, much like an overbearing parent. THe ego is pulling from a time when life on this planet was extremely harsh. Dangerous situations were everywhere compared to modern living. The ego evolved to keep us in safe conditions. In doing its work, the Ego can hinder your growth by limiting the learning process, by limiting experiences.


The Interview.

Here are a few point played out during the interview.

  •  Finding purpose is easy if you are open.
  • Meditate to get away from the Ego.
  • Think inward.
  • Hear with your heart, where the soul resides.
  • God talks to us through our heart.
  • If you don’t know your purpose then Ask.
  • Life is an illusion you can control.
  • We are all connected.
  • If you want to talk to the spirit, invite a good spirit to communicate with you.
  •  Learn to breathe properly, breathing correctly opens your energy.

To contact Debbie.

Facebook :

Website Debbie N. Goldberg

Go Live the Billionaire Lifestyle!

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Life Choreographer – Angels and Burlesque

Lora Cheadle Life Ch
Lora Cheadle Life Choreographer

The Model-Guest: Lora Cheadle – Life Choreographer – Angels and Burlesque

When I started the Billionaire lifestyle podcast and blog, my backing thought was to show people there is more than one method of living.  Pushing forward the notion, anything is possible and available to each human being. However, changing mindsets ca be difficult, in the current flow of thinking for human beings. It has been a true blessing finding individuals who discovered or fundamentally understood life is not finite in navigation. Lora Cheadle is the pentacle model for the Billionaire Lifestyle audience.

What had happened was…

Lora literally embodies The Billionaire LifeStyle. She decided early in life practicing law was her calling and pursued law as her career. Lora, having no real experience to draw upon and finding much of the practice of law fit her analytical mind. As time progressed the truth began to reveal this was not the true calling. Sure she could use law practice to exploit talents she loved, but the human side left her feeling lacking. When I say human side, I am referring to the bickering between humans in conflict associated with lawyers.  Dealing with humans in conflict may not alway be about justice and good faith but the power of wills. Lora had enough.

photo credit: Neuwieser Photokina 2012 via photopin (license)

Changing course

Becoming a lawyer is not easy or inexpensive. Lora had a challenge of disappointment on her horizon. Telling her family the capital investment of student loans for law school was an experiment in life and may not be used as everyone anticipated.  Those around her understood the move away from practicing Law was an intuitive and necessary step for Lora to live her life fully.

Lora possessed several innate abilities including intuitiveness, analytical, feminine, physical and masculine, qualities screaming to manifest. Lora understood there was something out in the world which could allow her access to these talents and help people. She founded her own practice helping people to become un-stuck within themselves in . 

Pyramid Fusion helps bring the mind, body spirit connection together in a comprehensive package for clients. Lora’s, by any means necessary approach helps people wherever there are located, via Skype, Zoom, Facebook or telephone. Coaching people back to their center, and unleashing the power of freedom to be how you are and can become.

Lora’s own words

Lora Cheadle – Life Choreographer™ .

Lora Cheadle lives trusting the life of her own truth while guiding others to reveal their forgotten selves and re-choreograph their own lives.  For Lora life is the total package, mind, body, spirit, and connection.  You may be asking what does this mean?

photo credit: y3rdua Hubba Hubba Revue: Burlesque Nation (2017) via photopin (license)

The Understanding of living.

  • Connecting with the Angels guiding use through life.
  • Connecting with life through movement and dance.
  • Listening to your body.
  • Listing to your spirit
  • Connecting with your heart and connecting energy flow.
  • Being in the moment and communicating with the now.
  • Being present.






Life Choreographer - Burlesque
Lora Cheadle Body Shot

The Body Burlesque

Lora practices dancing burlesque under the name Chakra Tease, (based on her knowledge of the chakras. She performs, speaks and teaches all over the US. Her performances have been lighting up the stage at Harrah’s in Las Vegas, the House of Blues in New Orleans as well as other locations across the country. She performs and choreography for D’Sanez Productions.

We spoke extensively about Burlesque and the theory behind the art form. I don’t feel I could do justice to the conversation in writing, but the conversation is in the podcast attached to the post.

To be human

To be human requires working the system we were all given. Working your Trinity is a task each of us were put here to explore and experience. It is not one single thing, action, or motion.  Lora understands we must work the body, the mind, the spirit, and communication to find the most value in living If you are feeling stuck, there is a pry bar waiting to set you free in Lora Cheadle.


Contact Lora Cheadle


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