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Spiritual Maturity
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What am I to do? What is my Purpose?

Have you ever been on the wrong path, knowing what you are doing or into is not really your truth? There are expectations of every human being which are not our own. Families and communities try their best to give us a way to fit into the cog of society. Often these steered directions don’t resonate with who we are. Funny, but true, may humans live a life feeling as if they are missing their true direction.

I can clearly remember in my youth, people I would meet who’s parents had a predetermined path for their children. Only to find them washing out of whatever endeavor their parents had set for their future.

 Debbie N. Goldberg’s Journey

Debbie N. Goldberg Author and speaker
Debbie N. Goldberg – Finding Purpose

Debbie Goldberg had the very similar scenario. She was working herself to death in a career she felt was missing something. The big question for every human has been, including Debbie is, what is my purpose. There is a common understanding we are alive/living beings. The acts related to being alive and experiencing a certain reality is an understated spoken fact of truth. Lingering from the moments we can construct a full thought is what is the point of being here on Earth.


Debbie found herself working like a slave and in the process slowly killing herself on all levels, mentally spiritually and physically. Something had to change and she needed a kick in the pants to make that change.

Physical Maturity versus Spiritual maturity.

Society considers and recognizes us humans as an adult based purely on reaching a number of years on the planet for the most part. Reinforced during the interview with Debbie was maturity is more than just a physical age. Our spiritual being also has a maturing process. Common in most languages is the term “Old Soul”. Well, that is a real manifestation. Recently I began hearing the term of a “Young Soul”.

Debbie laid it out during our interview regarding the maturity of souls and her journey. She stated, living here on earth is an exercise for experience, growth, and learning. Some humans have been on this planet in various incarnations while others are relatively new to the physical occupation.

Life for Debbie began to change well into her adulthood. She had a successful business and was working with too much drive for success and to prove herself to others. She had not defined the goal of success. In essence, she was working hard to be working hard.  The pivotal moment came when she had a falling out with her son and his wife in 2014. THe situation cause some heartbreak.  Debbie did something most people can’t. She questioned herself, asking what is it I’m doing to cause this problem?


Enter Jesus.

During a guided meditation session Debbie met Jesus by a pool. Yes, I said that correctly. During her meditation, Jesus shows up and began hanging out.  Over time, continuing the meditation the relationship developed. There is one item I must mention Debbie recognized herself as a cultural Jew. So Jesus showing up was a little confusing for her. Initially,  verbal communication did not occur until she began by saying “hello” to Jesus. After verbal acknowledgment began, the information dialogue began to flow. You may say that is crazy, but it is not if you open your thought process.

Abstract form in multi colors spiritual guide
Jesus Spiritual Guide Finding purpose even to non-believers-photo credit: translator, artist, Renaissance scholar thorns via photopin (license)

The Guide

The conversations with her new found guide in Jesus began a new path in life and basic lessons.

  • Earth is a playground for souls to mature toward higher levels of consciousness.
  • Life is an Illusion.
  • The ego is her to protect us but can hinder our progress.
  • The Soul is in human form and also connect universally.
  • The Soul has a contract with the source to learn in THIS lifetime.
  • We all have a purpose.
  • Everything we experience is a reflection of what is inside of us.
  • We are all connected to each other and the universal consciousness.
  • We are all Devine.


Sometimes we look so hard for a complex answer if the obvious is missing. Debbie Goldberg has a clue for us to move forward and find our direction and purpose. The interview I had with Debbie was an affirmation related to how the construction of organized religion has skewed our sense of spiritual essence. She spelled out how our ego can be with all of its good intentions hinder spiritual progressing.

The Ego

Eckhart Tolle talks a great deal about the EGO’s negative effect on living. Debbie affirmed many of Eckhart’s theories.

The ego is her to protect us, much like an overbearing parent. THe ego is pulling from a time when life on this planet was extremely harsh. Dangerous situations were everywhere compared to modern living. The ego evolved to keep us in safe conditions. In doing its work, the Ego can hinder your growth by limiting the learning process, by limiting experiences.


The Interview.

Here are a few point played out during the interview.

  •  Finding purpose is easy if you are open.
  • Meditate to get away from the Ego.
  • Think inward.
  • Hear with your heart, where the soul resides.
  • God talks to us through our heart.
  • If you don’t know your purpose then Ask.
  • Life is an illusion you can control.
  • We are all connected.
  • If you want to talk to the spirit, invite a good spirit to communicate with you.
  •  Learn to breathe properly, breathing correctly opens your energy.

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