How To Live The Billionaire Lifestyle Step #1

Taking the First Steps toward your new Designer Lifestyle

The storm may be around the corner, be strong.
The storm may be around the corner, be strong.

Let me begin about the Billionaire Lifestyle Blog here at, because I want to make things clean and clear. This blog is about lifestyle, specifically crafting a lifestyle removing as much worry and stress as humanly possible, while building your net worth and  personal human assets. A major concern in the lives of most people  is the lack of money and finances, which creates an enormous amount stress in anyone’s life. Releasing or minimizing the stress of finances makes life really easy.

The idea had been bouncing around my life for two years or so but I could not put a tag onto it, or make it real. I was looking for a definition, then one evening my lady partner and BFF would say to me during months of experiencing low vitamin D levels and the Hater community started take note of my existence.,said, “you know because we are responsible about our life approach, we can just about go where we want and obtain the thing we need in life.”I realized I was in a unique situation unlike many of the people with whom I had daily contact.

The situation I was and am experiencing was intentional, and this is just the beginning. It starts with intention and, moves with a plan followed by action.

The First Steps

There is a practice of which helps to keep me focused or at least searching for answers about life and circumstances to improve the overall course and journey. Practising introspective and exterior inventories about myself in this life, is vital, helps to provide direction. Inventories are like therapy without paying through your nose for someone else to tell you what is in front of your face. Basically put forth to yourself a great deal of questions with the expectation of evaluating your situation to make it better. The most important to keep on mind is being brutally honest with yourself and remove emotion, and ego from the equation. Many people perform self inventories but either fail to be honest, don’t perform the required action, are not ready to change, or the biggest pitfall of all, people are scared to change from what they understand, even if the effects are negative. I recently was talking with a young lady who told me of her decision in junior high school to direct her life. She decided the people in her life could eventually influence her path in life. So she decided to make a change to have directional control of her destiny. If you were to meet this woman you can clearly see he virtue.  She is a person striving on a higher plane from the surrounding from which she came, from and was subjected. Her accomplishment with the decision to control her situation is extremely difficult for most people, similar to breaking a drug habit. Her Inventory gave her a plan then she went into action.

Taking a personal inventory can be challenging personally. Everyone has items in their lives to identify that are not serving their intended good purpose, causes discomfort, or has very little overall value other than serving your ego, or the ego of someone in their life, but it is not all about the bad or uncomfortable things present in your life. During your inventory which will lead you to The Billionaire Lifestyle, the good about you and your situation must be acknowledged and placed as sacred. When you perform and inventory you must take stock of everything, your mental and physical health, spiritual well-being, financial situation and people who have less than positive influence. Looking at everything is great, so the baby is not thrown out with the bath water. Everything is not black and white in clarity.

I try to shoot for a .25 percent change daily from my inventories and outcome. Sometimes I back track, but with the progression of time progress will still be made. We must remember if we are not growing, we are slowly dying.

I’ll tell you about my story and how I came to truly hunker down and begin getting things together in my life, and my life was not really bad, it just was not RIGHT. It was mid 2007 and I was doing a lot of busy work that showed little progress or results. The one item I cherished outside of my family was my DJ business. My admiration for the DJ business filled a void I just could not get from daily work at my 9-5 job and I kinda liked my 9-5 job. There was nothing really special about 2007 either, I was married, my youngest of my two daughters was heading out of High school soon, we had a nice house, but I HAD to work hard consistently and constantly to survive being $240,000.00 plus in debt, including the mortgage on my home, credit card, open loans and life. After doing a quick financial inventory, comparing about 6 months of bank statement, I realized our monthly household expenses were peaking over $5000-$6000 a month, considering my income from our day jobs was well below or just at that level of my monthly debt. I began thinking about change. There is one truth in life it seem, the more money you make, the more you will spend. My family and I were just coasting on the sails of life, and at any moment a storm could come upon us at any moment.

Enter the Storm

2008 started off normal but I could feel the wind changing. The week before Thanksgiving, I was laid off permanently from my automotive related 9-5 job. I remember when they pulled me into the office, I saw it coming that morning and was a little put off because if they would have done the lay off the evening before, I would have saved time and gas on the 80 mile round trip drive.  It seemed the “letting me go”  stressed my then wife more than it stressed me. I figured I would get a much needed vacation for about 2-3 months and get a job by February or March. NOPE. March came and went, June came and went, finally in August, some 9 months later I landed a JOB. The vacation and was not as hard of a time during my lay off financially thanks to my wife being employed, being in hustle mode ON and my DJing, but there was a great deal of personal inventory time.

Here is a list of things that came from my inventory, first, the bad.,

  1. I was over financed and upside in my house and that really served no great purpose.
  2. My debt was Out Of Control
  3. I did not have an emergency fund, so would have to remain in the credit loop to stay afloat.
  4. I was getting unhealthy lost a serious of weight
  5. I wanted more control over my life
  6. Discovered my relationship with my then wife was not as strong as I expected.
  7. I was not a 30 years old.

Now the good

  1. I did not NEED so much stuff.
  2. Life is ever changing,  so I started to see how to ride on top of the wave instead of swim against the tide.
  3. I had accumulated a great deal of talents and knowledge for self-exploitation for my own good.
  4. I had made life complicated, so decided to uncomplicated things. I got honest
  5. Getting into shape is not that hard (Actually lost so much weight from working out, people though I was sick) over did it, but got healthy.
  6. There are thousands of opportunities, we just miss them because we are stuck in the Matrix.
  7. Started being a positive opportunist. (For the most part)

Lets just say the inventory, which is much deeper that what I am sharing made life far more simple. I had the epiphany of looking at Morpheus and taking the “RED” pill.

Here is the result in a nutshell as my friend Eric can attest.

  • I vowed (and talked to GOD) to delete my total debt to less than 35% of my income.
  • Begin building assets
  • Learned to spend money on the experience of life, not possessions and things in life. Own yourself!
  • Love, smile and notice other people as a priority.
  • Use credit card with extreme caution (Like live plutonium). If you use it pay it off in less than 45 days., net 60 max
  • Save at a minimum 10% of my income.
  • Have an emergency savings fund worth 3-6 months of living expenses
  • Travel more
  • Have friends, whose native language is different from my own, who live nowhere near me.
  • Develop talents to exploit, for fun and for profit.
  • Stay free

Today, most individuals think I am the most carefree outgoing person (I have been called a MAN DIVA. That is true, because I have learned to Live The Billionaire Lifestyle).

You may be wondering why I call it “The Billionaire Lifestyle”, well, it was inspired. let’s break it down. If you analyse a billionaire or maybe it’s my idea, that person is not chasing material possessions but has assets, carefully selects friends of value, give to those in need and does many good deeds without need for recognition. The Billionaire Lifestyle is getting and knowing you have what you need when you need it, be it money, love or connection. living of responsible abundance.

Need I say more, but it is a process and journey which requires acknowledgement work and responsibility. In the Billionaire Lifestyle you are never in the position of being a victim. Please join me in “The Billionaire Lifestyle”

Please leave a comment, I would love to hear your story.



photo credit: Only five more months till monsoon season. My favorite AZ season! via photopin (license)

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