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Fun Biblical Stories Revisited, Enter John McCormick – Investment Perspective Wealth Responsibility

In Detroit Michigan, I attended St. Elizabeth commonly known as East Side Vicariate school. Of course in the curriculum, we were required to attend Catholic religion classes and attend occasional mass. The approach for children works by focusing on the stories of Jesus, which I found fascinating. The stories seemed so well crafted particularly The Parable of The Talents and The Prodigals Son. When I was introduced to the work John McCormick produce on his take of the Parable of the Talents, my interest spiked.  The story of the Parable of the Talents is a direct correlation for our wealth responsibility in modern times.

John McCormick recent mini-book is an ancient story about money – The Parable of the Talents, titled The Investment Perspective.

Here is a summation from the back cover of the book.

“The Investment Perspective revisits the ancient story of three men and the fateful gift that would shape their destinies.  Compelled by their benefactor to engage in a game of chance, they are torn between two motives so old as to transcend culture, race, religion and time.  Their choice and ours, when faced with the same struggle, is of such consequence as to make all other questions shrink in comparison.  This book seeks to shed light on this common perplexity and to follow its ramifications to their ultimate end.  While its message has sober implications, it is intended to give hope and  encouragement toward a simple course which if pursued, will yield  dividends of meaningfulness, significance and ultimately, joy.”

Things discussed:

  • Deep dive into who you are and why?
  • A different understand of a biblical story -The Parable of the Talents.
  • Accepting outside perspectives
  • Help you to shed light on the path we are walking.
  • Choices that don’t make sense.
  • Listening to intuition.
  • Your inner voice lessons.
  • How universal stories are our bond.

My quick takeaway.

The conversation was an eye opener and reason to provoke, though. Money is not the end result but is the driving force for our physical comfort. Money gives us access to resources which can, in turn, lead to money. In actually the focus should be living instead of more money.

The Investment Perspective book


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