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Head shot of Suzy Prudden
Co-founder of Itty Bitty Books Suzy Prudden

Before We Get To Itty Bitty Books.

If you are a night-time before bed reader of books, then you have had to endure being physically assaulted by the very thing of your entertainment. There is the other side of books too. Many of us have the inclination of carrying a physical book with us for the down times,  but the experience is akin to having a tire in your front pocket.

Well books serve two purposes, and those are for education and entertainment, oh yeah, and leveling the old couch in a dorm room, or basement. Aside from the obvious, there is a phenomenon with reading currently. Many people are foregoing the hard and soft cover books for eBooks and other digital media. Even with the rise of digital media to help our immediate gratification and easy of use society, we often find ourselves searching for the entertaining passages or the particular notes and information we need. Digital media in convenient but lacks a tactile feel and experience I have come to expect with physically bound literature.

As a reader of sorts myself, I am quickly finding myself moving back to the hard, paperback and soft cover book form because of the experience an actual physical book brings to the table. There is nothing like a good BOOK! Over the last decade and a half we have seen the dwindling of book store large and small, but the appetite for information historically is at an all time high.  With services such as Amazon providing Kindle, iTunes, and Audible. The hunger for information and entertainment has not subsided. The landscape of choice has changed.

Even little ole me, as a self-published author inspired to write because of a particular physical type of book. I look for easy to read, well written for understanding, with easily to locate the important part. Small books which can fit in any back pocket inspired me.

The days of Unabridged dictionary sized literature covering a topic from the creation to modern society are not what most readers are looking to grasp concerning information or fiction. The need for direct concise information has come to the forefront.

Let’s Go Itty Bitty Book with Suzy Prudden.

Suzy Prudden has the answer for you. If you are an author or a person who is looking for the Meat of a subject, Suzy has the formula to fill that space with the Itty Bitty Publishing company.  Suzy Prudden is no stranger to publishing as she details in the podcast,  sometimes there is a specific void waiting for the right person to fill that void. Suzy is just the person to drive the bus for Itty Bitty book publishing. Suzy has a wonderfully colorful past, having been in the national headlines and financially wealthy from birth, then finding herself homeless after appearing on the early Oprah Winfrey show. The conversation with Suzy was only interrupted by the fact another appointment scheduled. This was not an interview as much as a conversation with a mentor of great experience and life experience.

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Suzy Prudden's Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book
Suzy Prudden’s Itty Bitty Weight Loss Book


Here is some information was taken from Suzy’s Bio:

SUZY PRUDDEN, internationally acclaimed and prize-winning speaker and seminar leader, author, and TV/radio host and personality, has been inspiring audiences since 1965.  New York Times Best Selling Author, fitness expert, hypnotherapist, and success and accountability coach. Authored 14 books on physical fitness, weight loss, body/mind technology and mind power, 4 videos, dozens of dvds and CDs. She created and publishes the Amazing Itty Bitty Book series and Fit For Life® Publishing.

Yes, you’ve seen her on Oprah, Good Morning America, and The Today Show.

Deepak Chopra says, “Based on trusting your inner intelligence, Prudden’s program is logical and straightforward, and most important, it works.” 

Louise Hay says, “Prudden’s message is both new and simple. Learn to love the body you are in. It feels good and it’s fun. I’ve seen Suzy take a skeptical audience and within three minutes turn this same group into a happy, smiling, eager and enthusiastic gathering.”

Suzy and Oprah with a book on a couch
Suzy and Oprah

The New York Times says, “If Suzy is talking about it today, the rest of the country will be talking about it tomorrow.”

SUZY PRUDDEN co-founder of Itty Bitty™ Books made her stage debut in a dance recital at the age of two as the lead elephant in a long line of two-year-olds in a rendition of “The Circus.” It was love at first performance. Suzy never again saw a stage she didn’t want to be on – preferably in the center.

At 22, with her husband in school and a toddler at home – following her mother Bonnie Prudden’s sage advice to “keep ‘em busy” – she founded Suzy Prudden Studios – the first, largest and most successful toddler exercise school in New York City. That school, which branched out into gymnastics and women’s exercise, took her to 13 books, twenty national tours, The Today Show, Good Morning America and Oprah, along with hundreds of magazines and newspapers and total burn out.

To ease the burn out she started studying metaphysics and hypnosis which led her to open and build the largest Hypnosis Center Specializing in Weight Loss in Los Angeles. It was during these years she discovered that she was a truly great salesperson.

As a successful entrepreneur and author of a dozen books, she next started coaching her business hypnosis clients in how to grow their companies. On the way, she and her sister Joan Meijer-Hirschland wrote “The Itty Bitty™ Weight Loss Book” and discovered a unique blend of publishing and business opportunity.

Together they founded the Itty Bitty™ Publishing Community which publishes Itty Bitty™ Books – 15 Simple Informative Steps By Experts In Fields Of All Kinds. Prudden hangs out with experts of all kinds and within days of announcing the founding of the company began signing authors.

You can find out more about Suzy at
The interview was a blast of information, for authors, inspiration, wisdom for living, and the law of attraction lessons for us all.



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