Just Ask Yvi – Yvonne Heimann – Business Coach

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Just Ask Yvi -Yvonne Heimann -The Business Coach

A good business coach is someone who has amassed a library of skills and techniques to help others move forward. The real line items for a good coach is to possess the ability to see weakness and remolding a weakness into a strength. Coaching has become a very important part of the global lexicon. We all need a second set of eyes to review our personal performance, in order for performance growth to occur. Looking for the truth with your business growth then all you have to do is Ask Yvi, aka Yvonne Heiman.

Yvonne’s bio

She is impressive bringing to the table a wealth of information determination and personal drive. The first few seconds of our podcast interview, it was easy to see and feel her direct no-nonsense approach may be just with the doctor ordered.

For hundreds of years, people have chased the American Dream. Yvonne Heimann is here to show that it’s still alive. Yvonne, Born and raised in Germany, left the security of her home country to follow her dreams in the United States. She closed her pub, hopped on a plane, and dove into the fascinating world of social media and marketing.

Yvonne started her consulting business, Ask Yvi, just a year after moving to the United States. Things took off and she was soon taking over her first client’s systems management and teaching herself web-development all the while falling in love with the company’s owner, Peter Oakes. Years later, Peter was diagnosed with cancer. Yvonne took over running his company and her own while Peter recovered and was certified as cancer-free. The two were married later that year, but shortly after their wedding, Peter’s cancer returned.

Yvonne Heimann sitting at a desk with notepad
Yvonne Heimann – Ask Yvi

While caring for Peter

Yvonne ran two businesses while learning just how chaotic life can be. Peter sadly passed away leaving Yvonne to rebuild her life and two businesses. She quickly recognized that life is short and business all too often gets in the way of living life to the fullest. Yvonne became passionate about business streamlining and automation to find a balance between business and personal life. Overcoming the passing of her husband taught Yvonne how to rebuild a business after a traumatic event and the tools needed to manage a business that didn’t overwhelm life. Through the grief and chaos, Yvonne ended up launching her first product and discovering new passions that would uplevel her two businesses. Through this personal transformation, Yvonne became the embodiment of the American Dream, a proven business woman with battle scars, and a successful CEO who started from zero.

The Mission Statement for Askyvi.com

Today, her goal is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible enjoy their life while running their business. Yvonne knows the ups and downs of life can wreak havoc on a business, so she works with entrepreneurs to build thriving empires that can withstand anything. Her expertise in streamlining business process, in addition, on helping building residual income, Yvonne teaches entrepreneurs how to make their business work for them so they can enjoy all the good things in life.

Contacting Yvonne is extremely easy for the busy individual to visit the scheduling link to set up a virtual coffee chat at: ASK YVI

For social media, help business consulting, setting up a website, and getting your online business to the next level Askyvi.com is your first stop.
Yvonne Heimann
      Cell: 916.672.8828
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