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Ling Wong Copywrite expert
Ling Wong Copy write Expert – Write it Right

Ling Wong – Copywriting Expert

When you have a message for an audience there is a core message ling Wong, author of Copy write Alchemy. Write from your personality, and define your voice. Writing copy seems to be an easy task. The act of creating content properly to convey the right message can be very complicated. In order to convey your thought while being concise and engaging requires skill. I  to have suffered from my confidence of copy writing,  and keeping The Billionaire Lifestyle audience captivated, engaged and excited about the topics of the blog post. You can only imagine the excitement bubbling from my being as I organized the interview with Ling Wong related to copy write.

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Asian in America

Ling Wong not being a United States native, and with Cantonese being her native language, Ling has found her niche for writing copy in her adopted language of English.

Ling has found her path exercising a passion for writing. She began her career as a consultant for other small business and individuals enhancing copy for their online business.  Ling found herself performing more than consulting. She essentially was performing the work designed as a task for the customers for which she was working and consulting.  After some debate, Ling Wong thought it would be easier to be her own best client. The business model was Driven by a talent for writing and online marketing.  Her core audience and the target was to provide an online platform to provide content and direction for bloggers, online marketers and those who desire to write better copy and convey better messaging.  Her book Copy writing Alchemy is available at

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If you are looking to spruce up your content copywriting/copy write skills Ling has the information.

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