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After Life Emotional Curve Balls

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Irene Weinberg

Sometimes life will throw a serious curve ball. Usually, when the curve ball hits you it seems random, unexpected and sudden.  So how does Love, death, afterlife and bagels have to do with anything?

What if you get a message of a dire situation, and there is nothing you can do about it with the information. What if you got a message so devastating, you were left paralyzed emotionally and spiritually and almost physically to the point you could not discuss your experience with anyone.

Irene Weinberg had that very scenario happen. Out of the blue a voice stating, Saul her husband has to go. What does that mean? How does a person react?  Does it indicate a divorce is eminent, or far worse?

Irene experienced a devastating lost during an accident claiming the life of Saul her husband of 17 years.

During the fatal incident Irene continued to hear a messaging voice, indication Saul is gone and she would be OK. Another strange message was delivered to Irene during the minute seconds of the accident. The message simply stated for Irene to love everyone as if it was the only thing in the world of importance.

What an odd message as the physical uncertainty of your existence is in the balance.

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Important Afterlife Messages

During our conversation on the podcast, Irene lays bare the journey of wonderment, discovery and mindset alteration. The entire interview turned out to be thought-provoking and refreshing to new possibilities. There is an afterlife of love information and compassion available for all of us. Irene states it is all about love. Money, status, and earthly things are just a part of the experience of living but don’t have any importance other than the experience on earth. She indicates we should all focus our attention on promoting love during our experience on this planet.

Here are some takeaways from our discussion.

  • We don’t die, but transition.
  • It all comes down to love.
  • Love yourself too.
  • Respect someone else’s opinion.
  • Everything is connected.
  • They serve bangles in heaven.

You can find Irene’s book on Amazon and via her website. She is open to questions and talks of many topics related to connection with loved ones who have transitioned, and some of life’s less easy questions to tackle.

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