Marques Ogden – Evolved Leadership

Marques Ogden – Evolved Leadership

Marques Ogden In Charge of his life.
Marques Ogden Life after Football

Our American heroes are typically military personnel and athletes. It is no wonder because these individuals put their life and health on the line for us in on way or another.

Leadership heroes never accept defeat. When times are tough, they dig deep and find a new path, a new way, and move forward. Defeat is never an option for a hero.  There may be setbacks but the notion of quitting is forbidden. The very drive these people exhibit in their chosen profession often creates the best leaders, because of the adversity and challenges they have conquered. No one said it would be easy, and that is pulled from the bottom of their DNA.

 Finding your Leadership and future

There is never a time when the world does not need good leaders. I had the privilege of talking with a man who grabbed the leadership reigns laser focused forward and never looked back because the only option is forward in living. That man is Marques Ogden former NFL offensive lineman with the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Baltimore Ravens, the Buffalo Bills, and the Tennessee Titans until 2007.

Marques understood time in the NFL was typically finite. He began planning to make a mark in the world after the NFL by being community minded and moving toward being an entrepreneur for life after his NFL time was done. It is easy to recall the status of various high-profile National Football League players who became financially broke after their playing days were complete. To get an insight check out the 30 for 30 episode titled Broke.  Marques was determined to have a legacy after football, that included financial and career prosperity.

Mr. Ogden came from a family of competitive men, be it sports or life. Giving credit to his father and brother as his guides and inspiration early in his life. Today his inspiration is his family and other he can help provide opportunities.After his NFL stint ended, Marques was the operator of a very successful construction company, for several years. The business was great until a good deal went South. As any great leader Marques owns the responsibility of what happened.

What now!

If there is anything in life a person learns is what not to do and how to adapt. Doing whatever was required to provide, Marques humbled himself and began to provide for his family and plan for the future once again.

Let the words flow

People who practice conscious living and experience made for great leaders. He began speaking to anyone who had an ear, promoting leadership, business, and determination.  As he ventured into new territory, his mind’s eye began to show a path to success. Speaking engagements began to grow and become more frequent.

What does a leader do?

In charge of his life and destiny
Marques Ogden profiled

Leaders build other leaders, so Marques created a speaker bureau for other athletes to have a voice. Teaching networking, value and leadership skills to other sports veterans and untapped speaking talent.

Tips from Marques Ogden:

  • Fail = First Attempt At Learning
  • Failure is a stepping stone to success.
  • If you own a business, Market, market, market! Critical to success.
  • Know your business – be an expert!
  • Vet your partner and employees
  • Proper funding
  • Know when to walk away.

We all have talents and leadership skills, and the best teacher is life itself. Take the talents you already have and see how those talents apply to other areas. Marques Ogden is a success story because he does not live in the past and is bringing people into the future.

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