Maura Sweeney Happiness Ambassador

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Maura Sweeney Happiness Ambassador

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Maura Sweeney

Do you ever feel depressed and unhappy because the life you are living feels as if it is not yours. Trudging through the everyday experience of living as if your out of synced with your own life. Maura Sweeney from  experienced the very feeling of living a life not of her own creation.

This phenomenon of pre-selected living is common throughout the world. Many of us are groomed from an early age to live and abide by the expectations of our parents, community and lineage. That may have been a common practice 50-100 years ago, but the reality is we have a choice in who, how and what we want our living experience to represent. Maura Sweeney have the very experience described.

Maura Sweeney made a conscious choice to craft her life and happiness.  Ditching law school because there was a calling for something different. Maura had  little evidence of the actuality of the calling but Law school at Seton Hall was not it.

Maura’s leap of faith has given her the path to help people find their happiness. Now as a Podcaster, workshop creator and moderator, and intentional helper of happiness of herself and others through discovery.

Maura Sweeney and is here to help with content and book to help those blues and uplifting your emotional lifestyle. We all know the winter months can be a drain on the soul and mind with the limited exposure to sunlight. Actually with so many task and items for human beings giving attention and focus upon, we can all feel as if we are just flesh robots churning away at surviving the world. Sometimes we need inspiration and help. This is one of the reason The Billionaire Lifestyle was created, in addition finding information and inspiration from people such as Maura Sweeney. and

Identifying the triggers.

All the pressures of modern society, family, work and occupations can become a mental and psychological black hole on our being. At any moment we all can suffer from depression, black moods and just not feeling in tuned with ourselves. Sometimes we wonder internally and aloud “Why can’t I be happy”?

Well to be homes happiness and wellness are one in the same and it is all tied to the mind. Happiness is a choice, a practice and a religion. We want to believe happiness is automatic, but that is just not true. The practice of staying fit, limber and mobile applies to happiness. Happiness is honestly a state of being. It requires management to maintain and navigate your status of being happy.

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