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Author, Speaker, and Super Dad Chad E. Cooper

Chad E. Cooper-Time isn’t the problem you are. Four strategies to transform stress into Success!

Time and Money, we use most of our time chasing money, forgetting time is the one thing you can’t replenish. Often we are stressed out trying our best to accumulate resources of cash for necessities and better living. What if we put the “living” portion first? How different would your overall living experience on this planet pan out?

The interview with Chad E. Cooper on the Billionaire Lifestyle podcast was an affirmation of how we should construct our life’s for time versus merely trading time for money. There is a different approach to life and Chad’s book titled time isn’t the problem you” provide some direction.

The Bucket List

Chad was able to retire at the early age of 35, at the start of our last recession in 2008. He saw the recession coming and decided to pivot regardless. Speaking with Chad, it was apparent retirement is different depending on who is retiring, and when the question of withdrawal from the workplace manifest.

At the age of 35, a great deal of time left in a lifetime to be productive and give life meaning. Instead of retiring Chad chose to pivot into a new direction. He began working with the number one coaching company to bring his message to help individuals and businesses for a different transformational mindset.

Chad is an achievement person, looking to see how many bucket list items he can experience. Currently, he has identified and completed four hundred bucket list items.  You can too!

The Basics – Time and Money

The reality should be to save first and spend the cash left over. Financial literacy is the most neglected subject in our education system. The purpose of the education system is to produce good citizens and obedient workers for the to the overall good. Performing a small amount of research will confirm the use of our education system historically. Armed with the basic premise has led Chad Cooper to craft an extraordinary Billionaire Lifestyle for himself and his family. Being known as the time guy, he is frequently asked how he does scheduling work second.  Chad’s answer is simple. Schedule vacation and personal time first and make work and everything else the second priority.

Listen to the Podcast to get exponential information and some special offers from Chad.

You Can Too

I know, you may be thinking, I’m not retired and can’t live how Chad does. Sure you can, your approach may be a little different.

Here are the four-point premise in Chad’s book:

  •  Purpose
  •  Language Matters
  •  A Scheduling System of Support
  •  Masculine & Feminine Energy system of support for time mastery

These four points are the explored in Chad’s book Time isn’t the Problem You Are.

Book cover from Chad E. Cooper
Time isn’t the problem you are.

 About Chad

CHAD E COOPER  frequently requested by the top financial moguls, United Nations Representatives, professional athletes such as WBO, MLB, NHL, NFL, USAT University Coaches, Olympic Gold Medalist and more. Former UN Representative Zakharova said “I am confident now that I will get the results I want and have a life that I deserve… thank you, Chad for such a huge window of opportunities!”

Formerly a corporate executive in the IT Industry, Chad retired at the young age of 35 and is making an impact ever since. An accomplished athlete, businessman, philanthropist, and Super Dad, and former top coach with the #1 coaching organization in the world.
Looking to change your upcoming event from ordinary too extraordinary? Chad’s speaking events are about building unique, dynamic, and inspirational experiences and each one is customized to your desired time frame, outcomes, location, and level of activity. Chad would love to serve you and make the impact you desire! Whether your audiences are professionals or college students, these seminars will lead to a life path of success. Chad teaches how a Legendary Lifestyle is about how to make time serve you.

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Bryan Shelmon – Global Culture – Solopreneur

Bryan Shelmon – Anthem Culture CEO –  Global Solopreneur

Bryan Shelmon OF Anthem Culture Global Branding and success
Bryan Shelmon OF Anthem Culture Global Branding and success

What to expect from this interview

1. What is Anthem Culture?
2. What is a Global Creative Director?
3. What has been the driver/mindset to your success?
4. How important are relationships/networking to your business?
5. What’s necessary for someone looking to achieve success?

Bryan Shelmon business Bio:

Bryan Shelmon is a Global Creative Director who founded the company Anthem Culture, a global lifestyle company. Anthem Culture partners with agencies and companies around the world to help develop marketing campaigns and strategies for clients. These projects span a variety of industries while gaining experience. with developing and implementing marketing/branding strategy, content development, digital marketing, lead generation, & more. His continuous travels around the world have brought a new awareness for conducting business and outlook for the future.
The Focus of Anthem Culture resides within developing and implementing marketing/branding strategy, content development, digital marketing, lead generation, & more. Bryans continuous travels around the world have led to a growing network of resources that are used to help clients operate better in the global marketplace.
If you have not heard of the term Solpreneur, you should make yourself aware, as it is the next way of business title bred from millennials.

Solopreneur Definition:

A Solopreneur is also the proverbial chief cook and bottle washer, who started the business, owns the business, runs the business and is responsible for the business’ failure or success. A Solopreneur is not the same as an entrepreneur, however. Both assume the risk and build a business, but a Solopreneur does it alone.
The coolest thing about Bryan is how open he is to simply be in his own space within the world. Very early in our conversation, I found we had common a bonds via books we have read and the approach towards living.
Here are two books we discussed as necessary reading for living and staying grounded in life.


There was a theme to our conversation, the world is bigger than your neighborhood. The world is bigger than where you were born. Bryan had a really good quote, from Warren Buffet, in you must define what success is for you before you move forward.


Bryan Shelmon at the time of this interview has not hit his 25th birthday but is so far ahead of the pack from defining his path early.

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