How Lies Can Become Truth

Search for Truth, Kill Negative LIES.

Understand & Fact Checking.

We live in a society where the words of an unproven theory, spin, and misinformation is taken as fact.

We have forgotten to fact check the information presented.

Have a listen to the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast addressing Lie consumed as Truth.


28 podcast in 28 days of February.

Pray for me!


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KL Alston – Peak Performance Inside Out

Peak Performance – Inside out Intensive!

Personal changes begin with hardship and living rough patches. The easy time of life doesn’t require evaluation and change, During the easy periods, we are in the flow.  Kevin L. Alston has found the key is looking inside ourselves to command the outside world. Our success in an internal process as Kevin stated during our interview.

The human eyeballs are there to let light into our bodies, additionally the eyes can be the source of negative programming. It is up to us to regulate the information that influences our being.  Your peak performance or existence depends vitally on the control and acceptance of the information presented from the outside world to your inner being.

K L. Alston Peak Performance -Inside Out Intensive







The important questions for your success.

  1. Where are you going
  2. Not knowing where you honestly desire to go.
  3. Having a strong commitment to why. What is your reason?

 A made up mind can do anything. 

Be willing to go the Extra Mile!

Living experience is the guidelines for progression. Often we are living by accident and playing not to lose versus playing to win. These two Dynamics seem similar but are not related.

We have to be willing to commit to our improvement in this world. Little room is available for inaction and commitment. We are all familiar with someone who has stated a goal out loud only to never move to action. Though without action is a moot point, it’s just a dream. You must take control of your life. Get help or ask questions if you don’t know where to start, K.L Alston Enterprises is available to help.

Topics covered during the Podcast Interview. K.L Alston on The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast.

  1. What holds us back from reaching our goals?
  2. What role does experiences play in determining our success?
  3. What is the number one factor that determines how successful we’re going to be?
  4. What is it about our fears keeping us from achieving our full potential?
  5. If it’s true that success leaves clues, what new ways of thinking and doing should we adopt in order to be successful?

About K.L. Alston Enterprises

Kevin Alston is a coach, author, and speaker who is a passionate advocate for building success from the inside-out.  As a Certified Master Peak Performance Coach, Certified NLP Practitioner and Master Trainer, he has developed an approach called The Inside Out Intensive that effectively marries proven research with real-life application to assist individuals and couples to create stronger, long-lasting, successful relationships.  Kevin believes, because “it is not the eyes that see, but the brain”, it is important for people to understand how their thoughts, background, and experiences shape their mental models and therefore their ways of relating to the world and others.

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Sonya and Sacha -Parent-Adolescent Communication

Parent-Adolescent Communication

Sonya, and Sacha are the dynamic duo of speaking, communicating and reaching tweens, teens and young adults in Australia. Their mission is to empower parents and their children with the power of communication and openness to fortify lasting relationships and rear great adults in today’s world.

Different but the same time.

Generations tend to look at those who follow with a separation. It can be stated, people are people, but the times are different. Sonya and Sacha understand adults are really people who forgot they are honestly big children. Sonya will quickly admit she is a big kid with serious responsibilities.

Adults tend to think they are truly relatable to teens, but the reality is we adults are products of the time. How many adults look back and dream of being younger, because of the fun times. Those fun times are not over, just the hands on the life clock have moved to a new position.

Sonya and Sacha on the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast interview

The door is always open.

Adults don’t feel receptive to being talked down to, no more than teens and preteens, but we often do this very thing to our children. Often it can be cultural, or just programming. Kids today are faced with so much information to process and are compounded by the feeling g there is no one to confide without judgment.

Kids today are being judged and programmed to accept the judgment. So the expectation of judgment from authority figures is an added stress.Sonya and Sacha provide help for kids understanding there is a way for them to connect with their parents.

Communication not judgment

Communicating with your children and teaching them life lessons is a precarious act.  Hormones, peer pressure and too much information can cause children to shut down and hide from their parents. This moment in history is critical to bolstering communication and trust between parent and child. To save the future we must really connect with our children now.

Sonya and Sacha.

TV Show 


About Sonya and Sacha from their website:

Australia’s leading experts in a wide range of the adolescent and family issues Sonya and Sacha are Australia’s leading experts and speakers in a wide range of the adolescent and family issues Australian society is faced with today. The friends and colleagues have a mission to open up taboo discussion topics with people across Australia with a down to earth attitude – determined to make “Talking about the tough stuff easy”. Sonya & Sacha are the most experienced speakers in their field sharing their deep and entertaining insight into young peoples issues, openly tackling what most people will not – with a positive and humane approach designed to break down barriers and assist young people in their quest for acceptance. Both women separately speak to more than 300 secondary schools each year in Australia. They bring an open discussion to the table including safe partying, careers, drugs and alcohol, self-esteem, bullying and cyber bullying, teamwork, leadership, body image, relationships as well as running parent and teacher seminars.

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Sabrina Osso – Stop Domestic Violence

Sabrina Osso – Domestic Violence Eradication

Sabrina Osso is the founder and CEO of Osso Safe, started to bring awareness and eradication of domestic violence in the home, workplace, and schools.

During our interview, asking how domestic violence became her calling set us of a review of her history. Sabrina was raised in a home where she witnessed first-hand domestic violence and the effects upon the lives of those who bear the brunt of violence in the home.

A surprising historical fact given about the history of direct violence against women can be traced back to the rise of currency. Monetization led to the commoditization of women had a direct effect on the way women were treated a revered in many societies.

Why people hide their abuse

It is a known fact many men and women who suffer personal violence feel a great deal of shame for the situations upon which they have endured.  The effects of Domestic violence and bullying have a lasting effect on the people who take the brunt of these forced actions.

Osso Safe Founder Sabrina Osso
Sabrina Osso – Osso Safe founder


We can all help.

The common practice of minding our own business may be deadly to someone who is suffering in silence. Offering an escape, place of rest or finding an option for those you may encounter will go a long way for those needing to escape domestic violence.

Domestic violence extends past physical violence, manifesting in emotional and psychological abuse. Sabrina pointed to the warning signs to look for in relationships.  Additionally, Sabrina provided statistic related to the monetary cost associated with domestic violence. The monetary cost is huge and relatively silent.

To hear the true-life account of a Domestic Violence survivor visit the Interview I did on the Billionaire Lifestyle with Tori Tolbert


Visit Sabria’s Website

for more information concerning her project and how to help those in need.



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