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Hello, welcome to the emmittmuckles.com and the Billionaire Lifestyle blog, tips and information to create, expand and learn about developing and maintaining your prosperity in all areas of your life.

Being a billionaire is not all about finances, it is about lifestyle, and choices. Actually a better definition represents a mindset for everyone, constituting an abundance for everyone in the universe. Billions upon billions of great things are available for all who chose to accept the good and beautiful opportunities awaiting you. The process is to free yourself from the shackles holding you in one place. I was there and realized there is a better more prosperous method.

Through my own and your experiences , we will take time to fine tune the journey and the process for bringing forth the missing links in your life.

The billionaire Lifestyle is a movement towards exceptional health, finances, love and well-being.

Along with knowledge about freeing you life, there will be discussion about small business matters, living, responsibly, abundance with gratitude and charity. Please feel free to leave a comment or tell us about your definition and vision of the Billionaire Lifestyle.

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