Piss Poor to Abundance

The World is yours
The World is Yours!

Poor to Abundance – How To Make America Great.

We have a newly elected President of the United States, in Donald Trump. The platform he ran on was “Make America Great again”.  In the minds of many American, making America great entails the creation of jobs across the country. Many individuals think this is a lofty promise, with those position of jobs largely dependent upon manufacturing. I think it’s time we change our mode of thinking and become independent of the government process for greatness.  Terry R. Robinson has the springboard for boosting the mindset change of Americans to make their lives great.

Terry Robinson – Piss poor to abundance

Terry Robinson has always had a knack for numbers. As Terry stated during our interview “I was counting in my mother’s womb.  Terry has a lesson for everyone on multiple levels within her writing. Education is the key to understanding while being aware many of us are ignorant to many ways of business. Our ignorance stems from our middle-class worker education and mentality. Once upon a time in the world, an individual could raise a family and live a very comfortable life with a high school education. Those times seem to have passed us by, never to return.


All Is Not Lost

Miss Robinson, being a native Chicagoan and after having graduated from DePaul University, She set her sites on the corporate world. Several years into her working career, a change of mindset began to brew.  Revisiting some very deep social and family trauma from her childhood drove deep soul searching. The result was acquiring a job away from Chicago in Sunny Florida where things began to click and make sense.

Here are a Few Points how to move towards financial abundance.

Don’t Hustle Backwards

Many people figure the right education in the field will land them the perfect job.  From Terry’s point of view, this is Hustling backward.  You can only make as much as someone is willing to pay when working for someone else. Finding your niche to generate income and happiness is the key to abundance.

Look outside your box.

Sometimes you have to look away from your circumstances or remove yourself from the environment to get a better perspective. We become and set our standards to the environment we inhabit. Often a sampling of a totally different experience will help you to grow exponentially. The experience most likely will be very uncomfortable. The long-term gains will outweigh the discomfort.

Business owner, not an employee unless you employ yourself.

The wealthy of this and most countries are derived from owners, not employees. Look for opportunities aligning with your talents and passion for creating wealth under your terms.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and take some risk.  Change your mindset to an owner and problem solver, as being a business owner will create freedoms few of your peers can appreciate or afford.

Create an independent financial machine, go from Piss Poor to Abundance.

Creating a legal company is far easier than you think.  When a business is started by an individual, the company has many financial rights as an individual. Here are few quick perks:

  • Independent financial legal status
  • Independent Financial status
  • Able to secure greater lines of credit

It is easy with the internet for someone to research terms such as.

  • Dunns and Bradstreet score
  • LLC
  • LLP
  • S-corp
  • Sole Proprietor
  • Venture capital
  • Build to sell
  • Asset protection
  • Business credit identity

The right and founding principle of America is to Own you Own. The very reason many individuals flock to America is to be a business person or work for themselves.  Somehow we have forgotten the basics.

Terry detail how her slow third level education came when she found herself working very long hours and not having the capital gains to show. Additionally, Terry saw the first hand the people with the most wealth owned businesses. From her knowledge and observation Piss Poor to Abundance was born.

Now go Live The Billionaire LifeStyle


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