Positive Consciousness and Health Simplicity

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Excited to have Evita Ochel consciousness teacher.

Positive- Conscious – Health – Simplicity

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Evita Ochel

I was excited to interview Evita Ochel from her stance on the mind, body, soul connection.  She promotes the total well-being for the entire world.  to sum up our interview would be positive conscious health simplicity.

Located in Ontario Canada Evita found there was a calling to spread information concerning food consciousness and general positive living. I was drawn to her Youtube video channel and information found about her at http://www.radioguestlist.com/.

The Billionaire lifestyle is about recognizing that calling to follow a path of unexpected potential. Many guest on the Billionaire Lifestyle blog and podcast have made conscious change in direction of lifestyle by going against the conventions of their status.

Evita Ochel was one of those people who found a higher calling which started in 2006. Coming from being a High School science teacher in Canada, Evita required some time to find the personal inventory and message to move forward in a new direction.

Evita Ochel: in her own words:

After I “un-jobbed” myself in 2009, I began to express my teaching talents freely via writing, speaking, and video. I create content and resources in the form of articles, essays, recipes, and videos designed to help people lead a higher quality of life related to different aspects of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. I also write books and have published Healing and Prevention Through Nutrition, as well as several digital books. Additionally, I give presentations and host retreats on a monthly basis at a wellness retreat center, and regularly create various online classes and courses.

Our biggest topic was concerning Food. During the interview Evita made an amazingly simple statement related to diet. What is the Optimal diet for Human being. Which happens to be a plant whole food dominant diet.  She was not implying Veganism and vegetarianism the

Simplicity is one of the more important lessons Evita dives into to help remove the clutter from the lives of individual she works with and helps.

Topics covered during the Podcast:

  • What do we need?
  • Simplify in all areas not just material or finances
  • Finances –  efficiency and optimization
  • Materialism – why do we have so much stuff
  • Emotional – how much excess are you carrying and paying for unnecessarily.
  • Understanding your own body and nutrition.
  • How we cause unnecessary Stress
  • Finding the right Foods for your genetics.
  • Shifting into Thriving.
  • What is the optimal Diet for a human being?
  • Carbohydrate types.
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM.org

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