Positive thoughts|The Samson Effect |Rocky Detwiler

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Life is funny and cruel to test your being.

Positive thoughts|The Samson Effect |Rocky Detwiler

From Millions to the Treehouse and back is the story of our guest Rocky Detwiler. We can plan, act and produce to invest in our future. Sometimes just as things are moving in the direction we desire the poop hits the fan. Life is a wonderfully varied journey full of ups and downs. Sometimes life throws a serious curve ball and places us in unexpected situations the rule is to find what lesson we are being shown and regroup to change the path.

Rocky had some serious challenges much like Job in the bible, where he had all the trapping of success, wealth, influence only to see all the trappings of his identity taken away. To compound the situation, the manner in which the change manifested was driven from someone who was emotionally close to Rocky.

Rocky Detwiler suffered emotionally which in turn manifested physically and psychologically. Rocky found himself in a spiral of depression and despair ultimately squatting in a foreclosed home and even living in a tree house as a primary residence.  How does a person pick up and turn their life around when everything seems to not be going your way?

The first item on the agenda is to correct the path of the mind. We all know the wisdom, the body follows the mind. Rocky found the first item on the agenda was to change his thinking. Rocky’s  thoughts were previously leading him further down the pipe of despair. During our Interview, Rocky stated how important thoughts are to your existence on the earth. We are what we think we are. One thing leads to the other. Once he decided to change his thoughts, the body began to follow.

Solo Pictre of Rocky DetwilerTaking inventory

Once Rocky’s mindset began to change it was time to look in the mirror. Looking in the mirror was a hard realization since the evidence was not physically immediate of what the mind had conceived. To make sure the transition was real and concrete Rocky made a physical contract with himself to laser focus and remind him of the direction he decided to move. I asked Rocky if the contract was a mental note or a physical document. Rocky stated he sat down and crafted a document of the changes necessary. There was a powerful moment Rocky shared with me. Humans are the only individual to create the change in our own lives, but often we break promises to ourselves.

If you have been a listener to The Billionaire LifeStyle Podcast, My interview with Miss Jane Aireton promoted the very same philosophy in the interview  Work it out in a week. We often break promises with ourselves faster than breaking promises with other people.

Rocky has changed his life to living The Billionaire lifestyle, which is living life on your own terms. Rocky lost weight and regained his overall esteem to the level of Samson.

Through faith in God and family, Rocky is on a mission to change the world and unleash the personal power for each of us.  his campaign is based on the power of words with The Samson Effect. which is the book available for the public, along with his speaking engagements and help with the public.

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