Punked-Why IS Donald Trump So Popular

Did I just get Punked!(Baby RANT and Ramble)

That is what I feel when looking at news headlines or glimpsing television. I am not anti-Trump nor am I a Trump supporter. To me, I have classified Trump as entertainment/businessperson a long time ago. The problem is I can’t change the channel from the entertainment. I just wish there was less me, me, me. It’s really simple in my mind, show up, do the job get praise for actual results and fruit of the results.

Sometimes it’s better to just shut up and get it done. the


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Tweet Rant!

I know our 45th president of the United States has been in the spotlight for decades for other reasons, but it seems as though he can’t stop talking particularly about himself. You know that person who must have the last word no matter what, he’s that guy. I understand he got the highest executive job in the country and accomplished a task done by few, but Damn chill out vocally and with the tweets and get the job done.

You see I come from an era where men just Shut and did their job with a very frugal economy of words. At the very least make the words have serious value.  Tweeting, sound bits and a storm of attention seeking actions me concern. This political office holder has me concerned, not scared but concerned…….seriously. Realty presidency is what we subscribed.

I’m really concerned but not scared. Actually, I’m starting to feel like we have the possibility to move towards Idiocracy the movie in our consciousness. I still love that movie!

Tensions running high, Why?

Our newly crowned President Elect has broken every historical mold and virtue we consider to be the Leader of the free world during his campaign. Our country the United States of America is split into 2 factions, Pros, and Cons.

Honestly, we could have seen similar reactions if Hillary Clinton would have been elected to the office of Presidency, the unease would have just been from the other half that was staunch Trump supporters. As we can see by the polls constitutes a LOT of people. During a conversation with a very dear friend of my who happens to live what many consider an alternative lifestyle by the middle of American conservative humans, She stated my statement about Hillary Clinton is most likely true, with two exceptions. The duration of the protest would be shorter and the Hate crimes would not have risen.
If you read the reports from news sources such as The Huffington Post, CNN and other news affiliates, Crimes against people of color, Muslims from those individuals and groups with conservative pre-civil rights era views of what America is to be have risen sharply.

Most people don’t really get it, and I think I am getting a glimpse. You do what you have to do to get what you want in regards to Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump knew that he could not win the political race by playing the game the same way his opponents. There had to be a departure from the norm to rally the people. So he gambled and won.

Let me just say this I was not a Trump supporter, although I liked The Celebrity Apprentice very much, and am a little pissed if it is off the air now. As a matter of fact, I was upset at the fact he won. Shit happens, so I have to do what I am saying to everyone I encounter. Charge the person election “L” to the game and keep doing the job of being the best me as an individual.

Now as far as Mr. Trump, his ego will not let him be known as the president who:

  • Took America down the toilet.
  • Caused a mass exodus of Americans
  • Be a laughing stock
  • Does not get his money.

We cannot forget, the president has limited power and is not the Ruler of Everything.  We must focus our attention of the policy makers who can derail our system in the form of State Representatives and Congress people. With the house being majority Republican, agendas may be pushed forward disguised as presidential mandates. Go back to the School House rocks cartoon I’m just a Bill educational short.

In is obvious, Trump is an excellent marketer and sales person, brilliant actually, because he played on the ignorance and hopes of many Americans, and it worked. So here I am watching the entire process to see what happens. It is not just Trumps and Pence, but the entire legislative branch of government who must be held accountable.

I know this one thing about life and humans when the pendulum swings it swings all the way to the other side. Keep doing the personal good work you have been doing, take care of yourself and your family, and live the best life you can. This country is already great. We have the choice to make it greater for all or worse for all. It starts with you.

Now Go live the billionaire lifestyle.

Emmitt Muckles

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