Say it! PROCLAIM IT! Be Bold!

Sound is energy. I was raised in a semi-religious household. There is one thing that sticks with me, that is when GOD said “Let there be light”. 

Look at the statement and really analyze the simple sentence, but more importantly the ACTION! GOD SAID!

You are made from the universal matter. You have the power few creatures of this world have, and that specific power is converting thought to physical. 

Be Bold and say it. Proclaim it. Created that which you desire, then immediately move your supporting actions to make it true. Own it. Everything we experience begins with a though to be made physical, be it money, love, possessions or experiences.

You are so extraordinary and powerful. Honestly, I firmly believe we have tangibly forgotten more than we actually understand in this world/omniverse. So stop being and living someone else’s mediocrity. BE YOUR OWN TRUTH. You are a human “Being”. So why not craft your verb of being.

I don’t even know you intimately, personally, but I do understand how great you are. 

I ask my audience at the tail end of my podcasts to spend time getting to know YOU. Take a moment and chill out with your reflection in the mirror after your shower, bath or whatever moment. Physically you are a lottery winner. Beautiful! 1 in a Billion. No one is has been or will be exactly you. That is why you ARE The Billionaire Lifestyle. Are you starting to understand?

Love yourselves, love and respect others as if they were you on a bad day. Then you will see with compassion your strength to live your destiny.

Now go live The Billionaire LifeStyle.


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