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I can say I was honestly excited when I became aware of Mr. Steven Horn, herbalist, promoting herbal healing. The best way to gain knowledge is from someone with experience. Steven Horne is a naturally curious individual.  Having suffered some illness during his younger days, he decided to get back to the source of health. God made the planet and provided an Eden for humans to live. Everything we need to survive is here waiting for our use.

Let me go back in time a bit. My grandmother, on father’s side consistently had these natural remedies for whatever my child size body would suffer. From mint teas and thing she would magically pull from the back yard, there was some cure for what ailed me.

In this modern era of Western medicine being the end all be all, I can say it was refreshing speaking with Steven Horne.

During our interview, Steven was more than I expected. Jovial and really good natured, we seem to laugh more than talk. The obvious takeaway from our conversation was simple, our population is in dire need of connection with the things consumed for our health.

The western culture and industrialized national of the world have lost the connection with food, exercising and cooking. Sure, there is a good revolution, bit the movement of extremely organic cooking has died a slow death.

Steven Horne Herbalist
Steven Horne Herbal Healing Garden

Steven Horne is a professional member and recent past president of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and a professional member of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA).  He has also served on the board of directors of both organizations.

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When was the last time you cook a meal with non-processed ingredients?

I’m guilty, from the sauces to the medium used to get going such as oil, bottled spices, and herbs. This was one of the obvious statement Steven offered. Everything is GMO, everything. Growing items in your garden may fall in the GMO category. Seeds experience chemicals already present in the atmosphere and airborne alterations. Steven’s premise is to see what works for you and to do a little homework, developing your library of knowledge.

 Steven’s take on Food.

Eating meat is not as bad as the world make us believe. Unfortunately, the composition of the meat we consume is the elephant in the room, according to Steven Horne. Mass produced meat we consume require processing while speeding up the turnaround time animals are fed diets which are not native to the animal. Chickens eat native to their environment, not feed chicken feed conjured by man. Cow and Beef provide the best consumable stock when fed by grass. The native diet to these animals has been altered and thus altering humans.

The second point is the introduction of processed white edible foods. Flour, potatoes, and vegetable oils cause inflammation and stickiness in our bodies. Coconut oil and macadamia nut oils are far better for the human body.

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Everything is already here! Herbal Healing

For thousands of years, human being existed on this Earth. How have we survived this long? We have forgotten more than we already understand. There was one point about diet, referencing geography. It may be required learning to understand what foods your ancestors were consuming to specialize your diet.

Vegan is not for everyone!

I brought up to Steven how I tried to be vegan, and it was hell on my body. Nutrient density and mineral consumption is different when consuming meat distant diets. My problem may have been, I was starving myself and not getting enough vitamins. I had to agree, as I need to consume larger physical volumes of leafy stuff, much larger.

San Francisco

San Francisco California was the V8 consciousness opening moment for me. I began to cross paths with individuals who were talking about teas, acupuncture and Chinese medicine. I was hurting seriously to the point of no return. Deciding to visit a local practitioner, Dr. Jennifer Huang for acupuncture treatment for plantar fasciitis. She worked wonders In a few short visits.
If I can introduce just one person to alternative treatment for health sustainability then mission accomplished. Western medicine is not the only game in town. Steven Horne follows in line with the Tarah Long interview from my previous post. Personal healing and maintenance began with what God has already given us on the planet.

photo credit: Flickpicpete (Thanks for 2.5 million+ views) Winter Food 206 via photopin (license)

Takeaways from the conversation with  Steven Horne.

  1. Don’t be afraid of eggs, and meat. Locate the best, most natural state food available. Grass fed is best.
  2. Butter comes from cows, find the grass-fed variety.
  3. Edible plants are all around us, learn what is available in your perimeter geographically.
  4. Start a garden
  5. Excercise
  6. Stay away from refined white edibles, sugar, potatoes, refined flour and milk
  7. Medicine for humans is derived from plants. Pills work on the body fast but display side effects. Plants work slow and work naturally with the body.
  8. Research the food your ancestors consumed before processing became the method of the day.

Contact Steven Horne:

Steven Horne, RH(AHG), CCII
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