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100 dollar bill in the light

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Budgeting money first steps

Money Inventory Basics

It’s that time again, Tax season.  The first quarter of every year is when new resolutions are made, and many people get their tax refund. Tax refund time is the perfect setting to start your financial makeover.

Some years ago, I got fed up with my financial status. I had a good income but I could not keep any of the money I made for any length of time.  There had to be a reason I was making a good living but living paycheck to paycheck. Many of us may find ourselves in the same situation.

When you think about your finances and where your money is going, on the surface things may seem ok. A closer look at your finances may be in order. I know you may have heard this all before, but it really is true. Money and resources must be managed.  The time is ripe to knuckle down and become your own auditor.

Where do I start: Budget – Money  – Inventory


  1. Grab a piece of paper ( Not your computer or tablet)
  2. Think – about every and I mean every dollar you spend.
  3. write down three columns on the piece of paper. Label them Bills – Necessary – Unnecessary.
  4. Write every dime you have spent in the last three months in bills and spending.
  5. Separate the items into the three columns.
  6. List how much money you make per month on the paper.
  7. Add the total of the columns and play with the unnecessary from the money you make to see how much you can save.

100 dollar bill in the light
100 dollar bill in the light

photo credit: torbakhopper transparency with ben, scott richard via photopin (license)

What am I doing

Recording where your money has gone is a start and only a start. The reason for writing down these numbers is to find out how many bills and spending items are on the table.  The next action putting items in categories gives you and indication where your money is going while placing priority on those funds.

I did it you can too!

Listing out where my money was going was a sobering act. I started to find my bank account had a trickle in the form of $20 to $100 expenses that were a pure luxury and very unnecessary.  Little money vacuums such as subscriptions, dues for things I really did not use and other money ripping items. those were the bills listed in the unnecessary.


Once I had a visual on expenditure, it was easy to see I could get my money in control. It became a game to see how much I could save.  When I had a bill that I could not pay off immediately, I developed a time plan by attacking the smallest, then rolling the payments of the paid off debt to the next item on the list. My family thought I was nuts, as they had not had a money mindset change as I had. Actually, my divorce came some time later(go figure). It was imminent anyway. I went nuts, I called credit card companies, closed accounts,  got rid of cable channels, started taking car of my own lawn and snow. I was a mad man.

I want to touch on something I may have breezed over. The reason for the 3 moths of bills was to get a good average of items that many not occur every month. Those surprise non-monthly bills can hit you in the face. If you don’t take an average over time of your spending habits, that sudden expense could derail your efforts.

24 Months – The Outcome Over Time

Failure to reach a goal is typically due to unrealistic expectations. 24 months is a good timeframe to make great changes in your life. As you rid yourself of the unnecessary cost in your life, freedom will show up. The goal is to run for the duration and not sprint to the finish line. This is a lifestyle to make living better and more manageable. Freedom of choice will become more dominant as you free up money to be used or invested. The task I have placed before you is really easy. Start with one item per month then use the snowball moeny management method to get your finances in order.

Next time I will show you some free tools to help you budget.

Now go live the Billionaire Lifestyle.


Peace Out Emmitt



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Positive Consciousness and Health Simplicity

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Excited to have Evita Ochel consciousness teacher.

Positive- Conscious – Health – Simplicity

Evita Ochel Head Shot
Evita Ochel

I was excited to interview Evita Ochel from her stance on the mind, body, soul connection.  She promotes the total well-being for the entire world.  to sum up our interview would be positive conscious health simplicity.

Located in Ontario Canada Evita found there was a calling to spread information concerning food consciousness and general positive living. I was drawn to her Youtube video channel and information found about her at http://www.radioguestlist.com/.

The Billionaire lifestyle is about recognizing that calling to follow a path of unexpected potential. Many guest on the Billionaire Lifestyle blog and podcast have made conscious change in direction of lifestyle by going against the conventions of their status.

Evita Ochel was one of those people who found a higher calling which started in 2006. Coming from being a High School science teacher in Canada, Evita required some time to find the personal inventory and message to move forward in a new direction.

Evita Ochel: in her own words:

After I “un-jobbed” myself in 2009, I began to express my teaching talents freely via writing, speaking, and video. I create content and resources in the form of articles, essays, recipes, and videos designed to help people lead a higher quality of life related to different aspects of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. I also write books and have published Healing and Prevention Through Nutrition, as well as several digital books. Additionally, I give presentations and host retreats on a monthly basis at a wellness retreat center, and regularly create various online classes and courses.

Our biggest topic was concerning Food. During the interview Evita made an amazingly simple statement related to diet. What is the Optimal diet for Human being. Which happens to be a plant whole food dominant diet.  She was not implying Veganism and vegetarianism the

Simplicity is one of the more important lessons Evita dives into to help remove the clutter from the lives of individual she works with and helps.

Topics covered during the Podcast:

  • What do we need?
  • Simplify in all areas not just material or finances
  • Finances –  efficiency and optimization
  • Materialism – why do we have so much stuff
  • Emotional – how much excess are you carrying and paying for unnecessarily.
  • Understanding your own body and nutrition.
  • How we cause unnecessary Stress
  • Finding the right Foods for your genetics.
  • Shifting into Thriving.
  • What is the optimal Diet for a human being?
  • Carbohydrate types.
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM.org

Available on Amazon

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Facebook.com https://www.facebook.com/evita.ochel


Twitter.com/ @EvitaOchel

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Maura Sweeney Happiness Ambassador

Maura in Picture Frame

Listen to the podcast here.

Maura Sweeney Happiness Ambassador

Image of Marua Sweeney
Maura Sweeney

Do you ever feel depressed and unhappy because the life you are living feels as if it is not yours. Trudging through the everyday experience of living as if your out of synced with your own life. Maura Sweeney from Maura4U.com  experienced the very feeling of living a life not of her own creation.

This phenomenon of pre-selected living is common throughout the world. Many of us are groomed from an early age to live and abide by the expectations of our parents, community and lineage. That may have been a common practice 50-100 years ago, but the reality is we have a choice in who, how and what we want our living experience to represent. Maura Sweeney have the very experience described.

Maura Sweeney made a conscious choice to craft her life and happiness.  Ditching law school because there was a calling for something different. Maura had  little evidence of the actuality of the calling but Law school at Seton Hall was not it.

Maura’s leap of faith has given her the path to help people find their happiness. Now as a Podcaster, workshop creator and moderator, and intentional helper of happiness of herself and others through discovery.

Maura Sweeney and Mara4u.com is here to help with content and book to help those blues and uplifting your emotional lifestyle. We all know the winter months can be a drain on the soul and mind with the limited exposure to sunlight. Actually with so many task and items for human beings giving attention and focus upon, we can all feel as if we are just flesh robots churning away at surviving the world. Sometimes we need inspiration and help. This is one of the reason The Billionaire Lifestyle was created, in addition finding information and inspiration from people such as Maura Sweeney. and Maura4U.com.

Identifying the triggers.

All the pressures of modern society, family, work and occupations can become a mental and psychological black hole on our being. At any moment we all can suffer from depression, black moods and just not feeling in tuned with ourselves. Sometimes we wonder internally and aloud “Why can’t I be happy”?

Well to be homes happiness and wellness are one in the same and it is all tied to the mind. Happiness is a choice, a practice and a religion. We want to believe happiness is automatic, but that is just not true. The practice of staying fit, limber and mobile applies to happiness. Happiness is honestly a state of being. It requires management to maintain and navigate your status of being happy.

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Positive Forced Optimistic View

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Feeling a little Grumpy?

Did you sleep on the sidewalk ?

Did you have to walk 30 miles to get to work?

Did you eat spoiled food?

Did  you have to go hungry today?

Did you get beaten today?

Were you arrested today?

Are you physically sick and cannot move?

Did your heart get Broken twice today?

Did someone walk up to you and said you are worthless?

Are you bleeding?

Did you have to go to jail or prison for a long-term today?

Did you suffer serious pain today, that made time stop?




Did you wake up in a bed with sheets and blankets?

Did you drive or was driven or took mass transit to your destination?

Was the food you ate tasty?

Did your belly get full or satisfied?

Did someone, anyone smile at you?

Are you responsibly able to go and do as you please responsibly?

Did you see, feel or know love today?

Are you intact and reasonably health?

Did you laugh an open mouth gush of sound?

Did you notice any joy today?

Did you notice all the good around you?


Life is easy and hard at the same time, because of our human intelligence we are very dynamic beings. You have freewill. Freewill comes with great responsibility. The job: harness the power of your own freewill to discover all that God has available for you to experience. much of the problems stem from people who have no understanding of their potential and are stuck. These people try to use your energy for their gain in a poor method.


Have gratitude and keep striving to be YOUR best.



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Did you do this one thing today?

Say Thank you for all the Good in my life?

It’s your if you want it, you just have to know you have it.

Now go Live The Billionaire Lifestyle

Emmitt Muckles
photo credit: Grumpy Before Coffee via photopin (license)

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