Interview with Sasha Laghonh of Sasha Talks – Money Is Just A Tool

Sasha laghonh

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Have you ever had to make a decision in life and can’t make a logical decision. For the life of you, there is a sense of being stuck in making a decision. Then you surrender to the greater power of yourself and “go with your gut”, follow your intuition. That intuition is what Sasha Laghonh (Pronounced Lago) utilizes in here business. She help people to get in tune with the life, living and business situations via intuition. Having a deep connection to each of her senses provides a scope of awareness many of us just don’t tap into  daily, weekly or almost never.

I had a very interesting and enlightening conversation with Sasha covering a range of topics from how to get an answer to you problems and taking action, which many people fail to do. You have to have action to resolve our human issue. One of our chief topics is living intentionally by living and embracing the journey of life versus so diligently trying to hit the end goals be them personal or otherwise.

Currently working on her soon to be released self published book titled “Kashing Karma, going from jobless to Abundance” has kept Sasha busy including here other projects such as her website and her various endeavors found on her website.

Kashing Karma by Sasha Laghonh

We have to understand sometimes we live too much in our “Monkey Brain” and understand the greater power we all command.

Sasha is equipped to provide her clients with:

  • Spiritual counseling
  • Business planning
  • Marketing
  • Professional development and operations

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Interview Co-Working Space Provider Eric Zosso.

What does small college town with the population of less than 40,000 do with a Co-working space?  The answer is, build a community.

I began hearing about Co-working spaces in 2009 after the financial collapse of 2008. I was one of those people directly impacted by the wall street crash and found myself in the “go and get it economy” to move forward for my family financially.

Come full circle to 2015 with a different life and location I find myself in a Meetup in Valparaiso Indiana, a small college town south-east of Chicago’s south side about 50 miles tops. There is encounter a group comprised of mostly 25-35 year old and a smaller representation of the over 40 crowd. The reason for the meeting is to network and find people with a common spiritual interest in progress on a personal and business level. I am referring to the Valparaiso Indiana Downtown Professional meetup group, help approximately once a month in various locations around The Downtown Disney like Valparaiso Indiana business area.

This is where I meet a very open guy, Eric Zosso who seems to be connected to everyone I can see. He has rapport  with each living entity in the room. As we are introduced I immediately understand why. You can’t help but understand his genuine nature as it is a part of his outward DNA.


Other the next year we keep in contact and even have dinner to trade ideas and thoughts. Early on as I was formulating The Billionaire Lifestyle, I knew had to involve Eric in some fashion. With quick meeting I set up an interview while looking for clues during a meetup treasure hunt at the Porter County museum.


I want to thank Eric for sharing his time to be a part of The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast.

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The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast with Stephanie A. Watson, Event planner and PR specialist

Today’s show is with Stephanie A. Watson, Event planner and PR specialist.

I became aware of Stephanie A. Watson during around 2010-2011 during the promotional season for my wedding, entertainment and events company located in Metropolitan Detroit. Stephanie was hosting and promoting several wedding and bridal fashion show events to allow brides and vendors the opportunity to connect.  Little did I know that Stephanie was into far more than just B2C events in the Metropolitan Detroit area. Since those earlier days I have kept tabs on Stephanie via Facebook and twitter and she has not slowed down. As with keeping with what I call the hustle economy, Stephanie has continued to progress forward in her business ventures with PR and Events. Have a listen to the podcast to learn more about how to get and keep moving.

As with any good PR person there will be someone or some thing to promote, this interview was no different. Please visit

Tanya Banks -Greater Heights Coaching & Professional Development, LLC

Contact for Stephanie Watson:

248.747.3482 |

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