Kaliyani – Spiritual Musical Journey

Artist Kaliyani’s – Spiritual Musical Journey

The latest video release from visionary artist Kaliyani, Tears for Inanna, unveils captivating melodies with stunning visuals, exploring the powerful archetypal myth of the most revered Sumerian goddess of love, power, and sovereignty. Kaliyani’s mesmerizing vocal intonations exude the Divine Feminine, bringing forth an authentic and inspiring expression of the soul.

Tears for Inanna is Brazilian-born Kaliyani’s powerful second release. Her debut video, “Nammu’s Invocation,” garnered more than 2 million views on YouTube and was number two on the Billboard Hot Single chart earlier this year. Both songs and music videos were a collaboration with Hollywood composer/filmmaker Riz Story (writer, director, and producer of A Winter Rose which features Kaliyani’s first single). Watch her first music video now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvLBGmGnW2Q

The Music

Seamlessly weaving visions of sensuality into a primordial context, Tears for Inanna is a beautiful manifestation of a generally misunderstood archetypal myth. Inanna challenges us to review our belief systems, particularly with respect to our culture’s view on sexuality and the role of the sacred feminine throughout history. Kaliyani radiates this sacred Inanna energy in the video, the enchantment of her powerful yet graceful vocalizations leading the way.

Kaliyani’s musical style elegantly blends exotic world music with complex transcendent qualities. Emotive and alluring, her vocals summon Operatic and Gregorian styles, while her music uniquely delves into dramatic, contemporary orchestration profoundly rich in structure.

New Age/World Music Recording Artist Kaliyani releases new music video “Tears for Inanna” (single available now on iTunes). Her Soulful Voice Blends with Evocative Visuals to Create an Intriguingly Mystical Work of Art— watch now:

A spiritual and creative visionary, Kaliyani discovered only recently her singing voice. A remarkable distinction of Kaliyani’s music career is that she is more connected to the content and soul of what is being expressed rather than taking pleasure from the act of singing alone.

Artist Philosophy

“I believe in quality far more than in quantity and so I feel very comfortable in this unique space I allow myself to express from, without pressure and fully rooted in the authentic expression of my soul, untainted by outside models or expectations,” says the artist.
“I am a singles artist, who is most connected to the purpose in singing rather than the pleasure of it. One could say I’m a bit stage shy. I much prefer to create, release and let it go into the world by itself, and spread its magic on its own.”

Through Tears for Inanna listeners are transported to an ancient, mystical world where the Sacred Feminine is fully realized. “Inanna, who was said to have taught much of what we know about civilization,” as Kaliyani illuminates, “also taught us that, the sexual union is, in fact, a sacred and spiritual act; as opposed to a sinful one. Rather, a holy and powerful energetic offering that can, when done with reverent intention, release harmonic frequencies for the manifestation of balance in every dimension of being.”

Kaliyani (also known as Jane Villar-Gehr) is a spiritually inspired visionary, producer, artist and founder of Stargate Alliance Films & Media whose mission is to inspire humanity through offering alternative visions, and empowering tools for global soul transformation. It is Kaliyani’s dream to offer herself as an instrument for the betterment of humanity and uplifting of consciousness on the planet. She says her deep heartfelt connection with Source is the driving force and fuel in everything she co-creates and assists in bringing forth.

Kaliyani discloses, “Light and shadow are just equal aspects of a whole. Whenever we arrogantly chose one over the other, we are not only making ‘God’ wrong, we are bound to set nature out of harmony for one does not exist without the other. The integration of opposites is the ultimate step towards true soul liberation”.

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Finding Creative Mojo – Leslie Nolan

Finding Creative Mojo with Leslie Noland of Nolan Design

I was wondering how my interview, finding creative mojo with Leslie Noland of Noland design was going to pan out. Let’s say if someone tells me they can help me get my MOJO back working, I’m suspicious. Usually, the mention/thought of therapy or other methods to will get you back into the groove of being yourself comes to mind. Leslie has a different approach, being an artist of high emotional and spiritual intelligence, bringing alternate methods to the forefront to help people. What I did not expect was such a down to earth conversation about finding one’s own center by tapping the creative power we all have available. 

My sense of the world gives me the feeling we are emotional cerebral society. Humans justify emotional responses with cerebral logic. Basically, we live too much in our heads and forget the true message delivered by the heart. The cerebral mechanism seems to have has taken over our globe connection process, and the world needs people like Leslie to remind our consciousness there are alternate methods for connecting with the eternal self.

Creative Mojo From Leslie Nolan
Creative Mojo

Leslie Nolan is an entrepreneur, visionary artist, motivational speaker and founder of Leslie Nolan Design. She works with creative entrepreneurs who have lost their mojo and inspirational vision. Helping entrepreneurs reclaim their power so they fronted the courage to create their Great Work.

Leslie Noland Noland DesignFindingcreative Mojo
Leslie Noland Noland Design Finding creative Mojo

Leslie Noland’s years of experience and success radiates when, she speaks on vision, mojo. She relates creativity and consciousness are made manifest through the inquiry of Intentional Creativity. She inspires pathways to problem-solving, creative break-through and fosters healing and clarity as inspired in the lecture, lab, studio, or workshop. Through the magic of painting, she helps clients uncover their true genius.

Leslie’s History

A graduate of Pratt Institute. Leslie is seasoned graphic designer and marketer of Nolan Design, which is an award winning graphics studio for over thirty years. Her natural visionary talent and the ability to conceptualize has been a source in growing her own business, along with those of her clients. It sparks her intention to help other entrepreneurs navigate their personal power and inspirational vision.


She mentors and shares her knowledge, giving workshops, visiting schools and colleges. Teaching privately and assisting online educational programs to a worldwide audience is a passion of Leslie’s. Her Intentional Creativity teaching has inspired adults and children.  The enrichment classes span the scope in healing centers. She works with the Spring Lake School system, International Consciousness Research Laboratory, Big Brother’s Big Sister’s of Monmouth / Middlesex County, as well as private mentorships.

The Works

Leslie is a Contemporary Symbolist, whose visionary paintings have been showcased at The United Nations World Conference for Women Against Violence. The Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City brought her group to participate in a collaborative art project for The Draftsmen’s Congress with Pawel Althamer.
Her work has been showcased at The Reiki Way Healing Center, Her Church in San Francisco, and Wetherholt Gallery in Washington D.C. and galleries throughout New Jersey.

Leslie holds space for others to create. She dreams of building a retreat and workshop studio in her backyard– The Sol Barn. Her intent is to harness solar-power energy and channel inspirational energy. She taps within courageous hearts to empowered creative entrepreneurs towards their great work. Leslie lives with her husband and their adopted son and works from her home studio at the Jersey Shore.


Leslie Nolan Design website


Email: leslie@leslienolandesign.com

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