Fake News Birth| Media Bias and Infotainment

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The interview with John Daly is the most eye-opening education you can receive without paying.

Don't Believe the HYPE! Media Bias Uncovered
Don’t Believe the HYPE!
Media Bias Uncovered

Fake News Birth, Media Bias, and Infotainment

American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America
American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America

The birth of fake news has been a long time coming. We are the products of that which we seek. America is the land of diversity and very much locked into tribal mentality.  On the website the insider, there is a very goo article listing the 11 Nations of the United states. The 11 nations of America article is a very good read gauging Fake news media bias and division in the country go hand in hand. Find the article at http://www.businessinsider.com/the-11-nations-of-the-united-states-2015-7 .

Fake news and the directed news information is not a new phenomenon. We started to segregate our personal information when Talk Radio was popularized in the 1980’s and 1990’s.  These platforms were the doctors of spin for a core audience of individuals listening to branded information.

John Daly became one of the early pioneers regarding the current medium considered as infotainment with his television show Real TV which began in 1996.

John Daly
John Daly

Bio John Daly was taken from Informed Not Inflamed:

John Daly is a journalist, news anchor, writer, author, spokesperson, and TV host.  He is best known as a pioneer in reality TV for hosting the ground-breaking show Real TV, the first all-video news magazine show.

Daly’s skills as a host, a writer, and an interviewer have led to one thing: solid audience ratings.  He has consistently increased audience share on any TV show or newscast he anchored.

Real TV, distributed by Paramount Domestic Television, achieved the highest first year ratings of any show.  Within two years, the all-video show was attracting more than 4 million viewers a night.  Real TV also brought Daly an international reputation since the show was seen in all English-speaking countries around the world.

As the host of the Billionaire lifestyle, accurate information is vital. Accurate information is the most important factor for providing adults with tools to make a proper decision regarding their life and living situations. Without accurate media information as a nation, community or individual our ability to make sound decisions are sabotaged.

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Truth Hurts

During our conversation, John Daly pointed out how we have reached a point of being comfortable or being correct seem to be far more important than being informed. Somehow we just want our opinions, be they correct or incorrect validated. in a nutshell, our population has resided to the entertainment platform for news versus fact-checking journalism. The evidence is clear too much information is too much. Information is so plentiful, where we cannot distinguish fact from fiction. The 21-century living construct is being connected to the entire world constantly. I see how we could be thought of as living in The Matrix where there is so much information presented as real, where nothing is concrete and tangible.

Show me the Money

The structure of media has morphed into a vehicle to make money. Television is a for-profit business. Television and media, in general, make profits by selling advertisements. If these entities cannot place eyeballs on the advertiser’s products, they die. What would you do if you have a dwindling customer base, due to freedom of choice ( Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Vice News), and the expansion of options for the consumer who is your audience?

Reality TV did not help!

The growing popularity of “Reality TV” fueled the fire.  It is synonymous to equating Greco-roman Olympic wrestling to The WWE. Where are the players look as though they are on the same field, but in reality, the scenario’s are the exact opposite. We have accepted reality and Fake news as one big soup  at face value television

The Fairness Doctrine Abandonment. (From Wikipedia)

Much of this movement away from fact checking in media came about, in 1985,  the when it was believed the Fairness Doctrine “hurt the public interest and violated free speech rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses both to present controversial issues of public importance and to do so in a manner that was — in the Commission’s view — honest, equitable, and balanced.


In 1949, the Mayflower Doctrine, which had forbidden editorializing on the radio since 1941, was repealed.[5] This made way for the Fairness Doctrine.[5] The 1949 FCC Commission Report served as the foundation for the Fairness Doctrine. It established two forms of regulation on broadcasters: to provide adequate coverage of public issues, and to ensure that coverage fairly represented opposing views.[6] The second rule required broadcasters to provide reply time to issue-oriented citizens. Broadcasters could, therefore, trigger Fairness Doctrine complaints without editorializing. The commission required neither of the Fairness Doctrine’s obligations before 1949. Until then broadcasters had to satisfy only general “public interest” standards of the Communications Act.[7][8]

The doctrine remained a matter of general policy and was applied on a case-by-case basis until 1967, when certain provisions of the doctrine were incorporated into FCC regulations.[9]

In a 1969 textbook case, the United States courts of appeals, in an opinion written by Warren Burger, directed the FCC to revoke Lamar Broadcasting’s license for television station WLBT due to the station’s segregationist politics and ongoing censorship of NBC network news coverage of the US civil rights movement.[10]

Fairness Doctrine – Wikipedia

The Fairness Doctrine

Fake News Definition ( From Wikipedia)

Fake news is a type of hoax or deliberate spread of misinformation, be it via the traditional news media or via social media, with the intent to mislead in order to gain financially or politically.
Fake news websites (also referred to as hoax news[1][2]) deliberately publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be real news—often using social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect.[3][4][5] Unlike news satire, fake news websites seek to mislead rather than entertain readers, often for financial or political gain.[6][4] Such sites have promoted political falsehoods in Germany,[7][8] Indonesia and the Philippines,[9] Sweden,[10][11] Myanmar,[12] and the United States.[13][14][15] Many sites originate, or are promoted, from Russia,[3][13][16] Macedonia,[17][18] Romania,[19] and the United States.[20][21]

Fake news – Wikipedia



InfoTainment Definition:

 1. broadcast material that is intended both to entertain and to inform.


Here is what you can do to educate yourself.

  • Read more books Fiction and Non-fiction
  • Look at several sources on Television
  • Audible books
  • Listen to your peers and engage in conversation, find their why.
  • Make friends with someone of different views.


John Daly Connections:

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Presidential Election Conversation With My Friend Robert Kamin

Well Bob what do you think about the Election.
Well Bob what do you think about the Election.


When the election of Presidential elect Donald Trump unfolded before my eyes I was surprised to say the least. I could not understand how it happened, particularly due to the fact at the beginning of the campaign it was almost a running joke to many people who did not take Donald Trumps candidacy seriously. We all should know Donald Trump plays to win and for keeps. I felt the need to talk to someone who I felt safe speaking of politics and anything in life. So I called my friend from high school Mr. Robert Kamin, known to me as Bob.

I met Bob when I moved from the inner city of Detroit Michigan to a little town in the Downriver Michigan suburbs, where it was culture shock. I never felt that with Bob. Bob and I both had full-time jobs in high school to help support ourselves, so he is a man who understands value and considering we both have daughters we cherish, there is a deep common bond.

Here is my quick conversation with my Friend Bob about the recent election.

Enjoy the quick podcast and please leave a review or comment, as they are greatly appreciated

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Dave Chappelle and I, The Billionaire Lifestyle: Same mindset

I watched the clip of Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live give a message to the American public,  summing up my opinion of the situation concerning the President Elect Donald Trump. We have to give this guy a chance to do the job he was elected. Equally as important Donald Trump must give the people who he has verbally and historically marginalized a chance to be view and included in the American fabric.

Basically we (Those who are not in favor with a Trump Presidency) have to start out at a truce and reboot the relationship again with Donald Trump. We almost have to be the bigger persons, as we have seen the rise in racial incidents as reported by CNN, Huffington post and other online and OTA media outlets. Otherwise we could see ourselves reliving the 1960’s American.


“High Level Emotions are one of the key components making us human. Emotions have also cost the world so many lives.” Emmitt Muckles 2016



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Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Inspire Me…




There Must Be More Choice……Somewhere!

I have been alive for some time on this earth, and I must say in my lifetime I have never been more disappointing with most promoted candidates for the President of the United States.


Sure I have witnessed elections where the candidates did not thrill me, actually let me retract that statement. I have been disappointed in the past but this election simple has hit an all time low in my opinion.  I feel like Me and the reset of the citizens of the United states are simply being PUNKED. I am just waiting for Ashton Kutcher to appear and yell “You Just Been Punked”. It seem the only reason people want Donald Trump is because they don’t like Clinton and the opposite seems true in conjunction. We have a election that is driven to voting on fear.

I started thinking there has to be more to this story, especially when someone gives you a choice between suffering a wound by knife or a gun. We the uninformed American public seem to think there is only two choices for President of the United States of America, and this is simply not true. In the forefront of my mind I see two candidates  as THE option as well, because that is what it has been, honestly. Until, I started to question, where is everyone else? Who else is available, there has to be more choice.

Well let me tell you there are more than two political parties in this fine nation of ours, and the other party candidates are not given the same shine as our Former first lady and New York Reality show host/billionaire.  With just a google search the evidence is clear there are several more options. There are at least eight political parties available in the good ol’ USA. Problem with many of them is they are not represented by all 50 States. Many are represented by less than twenty states.

The Libertarian party has about 48 states of representation, which could (if really necessary) cause some problems for the Republican and Democrats.  Problem with the Libertarian Party led by Gary Johnson from New Mexico ( Former republican), people regard them like a third cousin from another city. Where in, you know about them but you just don’t really think seriously.  I think that is a problem because the current candidates have very little political shine to many American voting citizens.

I think there are many people, when thinking about the 2016 Presidential election, are just shaking their head and saying “Damn” under their breath.  What are we to do? Honestly Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are so far removed from the public, and for the life of it I can’t understand how they made it this far. “Money Talks”, everything else walks.

You will not see any of the other political parties views unless you or I take and active role in finding these individuals by searching hard and wide. There is a cool like I found that list out dam near everyone who is remotely trying to be the next U.S. President. US Presidential Candidate 2016 Listing

After you visit the website I implore you to do some research of you own. I kind like Gary Johnson, but my next target for information is the Constitution Party and Darrell Castle, then Moving to the other woman in the race Dr. Jill Stein for the Green Party.

In my view and these are just my views, simply put all these people on the same stage (Television) and let them debate it out, then let the people decide. Make it a reality show. Let the court of public opinion be the judge.

Where are the Millennials when we need them? They can change this thing and shake stuff up.

My whole point is, give me more choice than just Right and Right of Right. This Political race reminds me of the song by the Black Sheep “The Choice is your”

Now Go make Awesome choices and Live the Billionaire LifeStyle.

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