7 tips To Your Heart’s Desire

photo credit: symphony of love Les Brown Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears via photopin (license)

Recapping the Podcast Journey.

I started the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast to help promote and inspire.  The Billionaire Lifestyle podcast was a dream of mind to provide a service to the world.  Life is about living to your maximum potential. Only you as an individual can identify what is wealthy to you. Money is not the goal of living, money is an energy resource to add to your living experience. Often we tend to identify money and the acquisition as the measure of how well we are living. Our world surely promotes the measure of success is financial status. Well, chasing money versus chasing dreams may lead you to an unfulfilled life.  You were not born to chase money.

From the Moment You Were Born.

Every Experience is available and ready for you to own the moment you can into this world in which we live.  The point of it all is for you to map your path(s) while on this planet.  Often the society will influence our direction. How many of you experience that dream you had from your childhood.  Remember back, What do you want to be or Do when you grow up? Did you experience that dream? It is not too late. Have you maximised or acted upon your latent inherent talents?Are you investing in your own Growth?

There is no time like the present. Start investing in yourself. We live in the best time ever recorded in history. Many resources are available for you to achieve your dream.

photo credit: symphony of love Symphony of Love A child with dream becomes an adult with vision via photopin (license)

7 tips To Your Heart’s Desire

  1. Read books on the subject related to your dream.
  2. Attend conferences and workshops.
  3. Network with other who have similar aspirations.
  4. Meditate, pray and ask for guidance
  5. Never give up.
  6. Know there is alway multiple paths to your destination.
  7. Do everything with joy, if there is no joy to you or others then stop and reevaluate and pivot.

It’s Up to YOU!

In America, we are at a very strange crossroad. Many of our social problems may simply vanish if each person searched their heart to find their individual positive experience and servitude. If I can contribute to the positive inspiration of a thousand people, then The Billionaire lifestyle Podcast is making a difference.

For my part it is servitude, giving back and providing a voice to those how are living their Billionaire lifestyle and desire to share their journey with you.  Everyone has a voice and experience, any one of us can draw inspiration from individuals who paved a path. Intentionally, I booked a variety of individuals who are doing the worked of their calling, Inspiring other to follow their heart.

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In case you missed an episode or want to have them all at your fingertips, here you go.

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Trump Election: A Choice,When Unexpected Things Happen Inspiration Follows

We voted for this one because we don't like that one. Call it a draw.
We voted for this one because we don’t like that one. Call it a draw.

We now should really understand anything is possible. Donald Trump has been elected by almost half of the voting population & United States Citizens as the 45th President of the United States of America. This act, and the seemingly impossible fact The Chicago Cubs are the national baseball Champs is evidence how literally anything a five-year old  can imagine, can manifest itself into reality in the material world.Simply AMAZING.

I’m thinking a spaceship from another planet will land on my front lawn, an alien that looks like a 12 foot zebra with MC Hammer pants will exit the craft, hand me a breakfast hot pocket and an ice brew coffee then take me to my office as I sit in a form-fit lazy boy recliner.

With the country split 50/50 accepting and simultaneously denying Donald Trump as our 45th president-elect. You have to just say WOW, didn’t see any of this coming a year ago in 2015.

There is one job you and I have to do….live our lives to the highest moral, physical and spiritual level we can muster. Now is the perfect time to be inspired to go for your dream, because as we can see anything is possible.



Go live The Billionaire Lifestyle, because you still have to pay your cable bill.


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The Billionaire LifeStyle Podcast #3 Jeff Spies Interview :

The Solar Pioneers, many people don’t understand how this billion dollar industry in America grew from a few people trying to solve a problem.

This episode I talk with fellow solar educator and business person Mr. Jeff Spies.

Jeff is a great educator and passionate person about the future of our plant and the human condition. Jeff’s interview is an affirmation to follow your heart to gain happiness in life. Chase experiences not things.

We talk about the importance of education and responsibility of gaining the knowledge you need to prosper, often it goes beyond college. Education is a lifelong occupation. Jeff has a real human passion for AEE solar founder David Katz as a mentor/friend. The time with AEE solar along with his introduction to Solar energy changed his life in so many positive ways.


Hang out and Have a listen

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