Life Ain’t Fair…Unless

Man Hand writing What's the Point? with black marker on visual screen. Isolated on background. Business, technology, at work and in life we ask ourselves...
What’s the Point? In life and at work and in life we ask ourselves…


Let’s just take a moment to think about being a responsible adult. As a responsible adult you try your best not to take shortcuts, cheat or take the easy path, mostly. Most of the time we put our best foot forward to get thing done the right way, be on time and responsible for our actions. Then it happens, in your mind shit hits the fan. You notice someone who is not pulling their weight capitalizing and gaining more or equal to you or I for doing less than the work you feel equal to your effort.

What is a responsible adult to do? Murder is not an option, and gun duels went away a long time ago, and are illegal.

Ask a single parent, woman in the workplace, over looked person not in the clique, and I am sure they have stories. We all do at some point in our life. We see it everywhere, and lackluster performance of others  in your circle births your own feeling of shock, dismay and utter confusions as to why you should do your best, while others are not worth two dead flies in a butt sandwich in your book of evaluations.  When looking at any comparable situation observations which seem to be valued equally or greater than your own and many other hard-working people.

Well this has been the way of the world since anyone can remember. Everyone is someone’s favorite it seems.  It is not true in the cream does not always rise to the top, sometimes the sludge does. Do not be discouraged.

Here is a different way to think of it. Maybe you are building something that will benefit you later, but it makes no sense to you now, but may at some later date. I recently was feeling slighted in a circumstance, then realized I control me. I just have to know I’m doing my best me, and not deal with some of the politics giving shine to less than stellar performers.

I am responsible for me and my family. Why should I worry because someone or circumstance is not giving me what I think I deserve. All you can do is you personal best and try to gain improvements personally. Do you think people of wealthy means are honestly evaluating themselves on how fair their playing field is based on someone else’s playing field? The answer is, no. Their end game is to make a field where they control the game.

Find out what you want and what you deserve and work towards that goal. It may require independence. It may mean you are in the process of recognition to do something different or better. If you are grossly misrepresented then by all means get your value, but make sure you are not measuring yourself and judging phantoms of what you perceive other to have versus what you have.


Now go live the Billionaire Lifestyle.


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