Reawakening, love, respect, family, community,

Jeff Rasley in the Himalayas

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Jeff Rasley in the Himalayas Reawakening, love, respect, family, community,
Jeff Rasley in the Himalayas

Reawakening, love, respect, family, community,
Jeff Rasley Author: Godless living a valuable life beyond beliefs

This post is not an anti-religion post, but more of a shedding of layered components to get to the fundamental of actual spiritual message and action of religion. The Premise is more aligned with reawakening love, respect, family, community and spirit.

Jeff was feeling the Blahs of mid-life.

This post is inspired by the interview with author Jeff Rasley. Jeff, who was a corporate Lawyer suffering a midlife crisis.  Knowing something needed to change in his life, but having a stuck feeling. As with many American men, we often tough out rough periods instead of investigating the cause, then acting upon what our spirit is communicating. Lucky for Jeff his wife was seriously in tune with Jeff’s being.

The Better Half has wisdom

A gentle push from his wife Alicia, he found the motivation required to move out of his funk. Alicia supplied a brochure for trekking in Nepal as the remedy. Basically, his wife told him to go take a hike on the other side of the world. Alicia was comfortable with his leave of absence because of her understanding, Jeff had developed a travel bug early in his life.

Developing a travel bug.

Jeff is of the Vietnam generation, where things were simpler and life as a young man may not be yours to steer.  Anxiety was high in the early 1970’s due to the imposed military draft to serve in the  Vietnam war in late 1960’s through the mid-1970’s. You had to live in the moment because tomorrow was promised to no one.  Knowing what could be before him Jeff left after finishing High school to hitchhiked across the country at the age of 18. Followed by a motorcycle trek across America and Mexico a year later. To give you a bit of a back story on Jeff’s need for geographical change periodically.

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Growing up

Eventually, Jeff settled into a profession as a corporate attorney. Providing a good middle-class life for him and his family. During our conversation we noted a component of America which is constant, competition and the need for more, more, more is or was a way of life. Like Jeff, at some point in each of our lives, a mindset snap will occur. Life seems full but feels unfulfilled, the current life experience was good but there must be more to the overall experience.

Jeff sets his sights on Nepal.

During his initial travel, his first conversation with a stranger Jeff asked what to expect. The reply came as a surprise,  “when you get to Nepal expect the unexpected because it is outside of your current experiences”. Immediately there were some physical experiences requiring Jeff’s adjusting to the altitude and experienced altitude sickness upon his initial trip to the Himalayas of Nepal.

Writing about his experience in book form came out of the suggestion from his wife Alicia.  Jeff’s first full book “Bringing progress to paradise” was driven by his relationship with a family in Nepal from early on. Detailing the relationship benefits many people outside of the Nepal community should experience to better ground themselves in community family and love.

His love for writing flows within his family DNA. A love of travel and writing are a powerful force in Jeff’s life, and he has no plan to slow down. While on his treks in Nepal, he discovered an attitude towards life and community many Americans have left behind. Placing the community before the individual was a fundamental lesson gained from his many travels.  There is clear understanding driven into Jeff’s bones, it’s not about the individual but more about the collective unit because God is in everything. An example, last names in Nepal communities reflect the village in their surname. Many people have the same last name so they identify with the collective versus the smaller single family components.

It was a lesson for Jeff in the true meaning of Family. We as Americans say family first but in Nepal, the Family,  and community first has a much larger gravity.

Upon returning to the United States a true mindset shift had manifested. Jeff decided to moved from the Presbyterian church to a Quaker church, enacting lessons he has learned while in Nepal. GOD is in everything was the big takeaway. The divine spirit is in everything; it is important to truly respect the entire earthly ecosystem.  Jeff authored Godless living a valuable life beyond belief is predicated on losing the cluttering components of God’s spirituality for humans.

Simple actions make big change.

  • Kindness
  • Respect
  • Tolerance
  • Love of neighbor
  • Love of the natural world
  • Getting rid of competition as a dividing line.

There is very little difference in our physical DNA.

Humans are 99.9 percent the same at the simplest level.

Jeff has posed this question to me and many people throughout his life and his conclusion which mirrors mine are as follows.

What do you care about?

  • We care about my family
  • Want a good life
  • We want to be healthy
  • Want to live in a safe home
  • Live in a safe community.

These all tie into the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as I am always promoting.



Jeff Rasley is the author of eight books; the most recent is GODLESS –Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs.  He has published numerous articles in academic and mainstream periodicals, including Newsweek, Chicago Magazine, ABA Journal, Family Law Review, American Athenaeum, Pacific Magazine, Indy’s Child, The Journal of Communal Societies, The Chrysalis Reader, Faith & Fitness Magazine, and Friends Journal.  An award-winning photographer and his pictures taken in the Himalayas and Caribbean and Pacific islands have been published in several journals.  He has appeared as a featured guest on over seventy radio programs.




Please listen to the interview with Jeff, as there are some great lesson to ponder.

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