7 keys to Passion is your Fuel

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Passion is your Fuel

My guest this week on the Billionaire Lifestyle podcast was Eefke (Pronounced AFKA) Bodt. The one resonating comment of many during our conversation was Passion is your Fuel.

Eefke Bodt Head shot
Eefke Bodt – Owner -Tummo Coaching

Eefke Bodt BIO  owner of Tummo coaching. She Is Dutch and living in Asia.

The owner of Tummo coaching. She Is Dutch and living in Asia.

Eefke started her business in 2006 in The Netherlands Tummo Coaching is an online Training and Coaching Academy to reach your full potential. Eefke helps you with your Personal, Spiritual and Business growth. To become the best version of yourself in Business and Personal life.  Eefke’s business philosophy is built on genuine love for people.

For twenty years, she has worked as a Human Resource professional for some very successful organizations and her career has been full of opportunity and reward. But she was always missing something in her life.

Then, she went through a storm in private life and was forced to take a few steps back and look at her life, career, and relationships. She went on an inner journey and reinvented herself as a result. What she discovered was her true essence. What she experienced was a floating river inside of herself. After this experience, she decided to dedicate her life to facilitating people’s awareness and consciousness

Today Eefke offers a wide range of programs and services – from online coaching and training to seminars and keynote

Eefke moved from her home in the Netherlands to Vietnam to experience growth and surround herself with similar energy. Eefke’s choice was not spontaneous. Due to several unfortunate circumstances, the most notable, losing her immediate family within a years time. Feeling alone in the world but still having emotional ties with her deceased sister’s children left Eefke at a crossroads.  She decided it was time be happy. Her driving force of joy stemmed from helping others directly. While taking an inventory of her situation, it was noted she could help more people if more direct contact was had with the individuals seeking such help.

To contact Eefke, please visit her website http://www.tummo-coaching.com

That Familiar Voice

Eefke decided to listen to her guiding inner voice. Collaborating with her inner voice led her to move away from everything she was accustomed landing in Vietnam.Surrounding herself with people of the same energy and focus has helped Eefke stay focus and follow her heart. Vietnam offers Eefke the opportunity to fine tune her own internal tuning with the help of Monks and philosophy.

Joy lives in your heart
Joy lives in your heart

New Firmware – Update your Mind

We are the products of ours environment. Parent, teachers, relative friends, and culture dictate much of who we were and are present. Human beings are not living intentionally. Most of what we call our life is happy coincident, as we accept those things and situation which come in our path.  Often we are stuck in a situation of someone else’s creation. Eefke began understanding, she was living by happenstance and decided to make a change down the path of true discovery.

The movie titled The Matrix, some individuals are not ready for the reality of boundless possibilities. Those who are not ready are not to be forced but shown there is a path for them uniquely theirs. When their time arrives, the pathway is clear for discovery.

The Monkey Mind

I loved Eefke’s reference to The Monkey Mind we al posses. The monkey mind is the voice which never shuts up. We talked briefly about the monkey related to meditation retreats.

An observation Eefke made related towards people of industrialized countries complain far more than necessary.  Those of us who live in these industrialized nation make our own problems when in truth, complain are creature comfort observations. Many industrialized nation citizens also have problems shutting their minds off. Thoughts flow like tides to the shore, forever flowing back and forth. She referenced Napoleon Hill in we don’t need a faster horse, but a car instead. We need to find our personal joy vehicle.

The Monkey mind is most evident to people newly introduced to meditation. Your monkey mind will not shut the hell up.

Passion Led US Here
Passion led US Here

Joy and Happiness, not the same

Joy is the feeling from within one’s self. Happiness is an external construct of human beings. Which are you searching to obtain? It seems clear if you live your joy, happiness will find you where ever you are located.

Again Passion is the fuel to your joy. Remember the last time you got excited about something in your life and thought about it constantly, that is passion. Passion make you feel really good and puts us in the flow of life. The modern problem is conformity, we fail to find and hold on to our passion, or let other people talk us out of following our dreams. This is most true for young adults, all in the name of security and conformity.

Here are few things to get you back on track:

  1. Listen – to your soul and quiet mind.
  2. Meditate at least 10 minutes a Day ( what is 10 minutes our of 24 Hours)
  3. Remember Passion is your fuel, observe your passions.
  4. Do what you LOVE!
  5. Stop the thing that brings your wrong Energy
  7. Remember Joy is internal, happiness is external.

Now Go live YOUR Billionaire Lifestyle!

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MCartney Green 7 tips for a Total Life Transformation!

The Guiding Native Spirit

Native American Sketch Guiding Spirit
The Guiding Native Spirit

Life can SUCK sometimes unless you find THE JOY!

Do you need a Life Transformation?

Life Can Suck…Sometimes and requires hitting rock bottom to obtain our attention. The reason we hit rock bottom, usually indicates we simply were not paying the necessary attention the important lessons. We have all the excuses in the world as reasons why we have not achieved the desired outcome to our life. Given a particular set of circumstances of living ease, we should be living life full throttle. McCartney Green is a woman of experiences of Poverty, abuse, rape and rebuilding. We are not our past. We are the future, this moment is the most important moment to live.  These ideologies were the basis of our interview on The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast. Let’s say life does suck a

Let’s say life does suck at the moment, what are you going to do? Try accepting the moment for what it is, a moment or series of moments which will change.

Suicide is not an Option

Suicide contemplation was flowing into McCartnety Green’s life at the lowest point. Just when the Shit was about to hit the fan, there was an intervention from a higher power in the form of a spirit guide.  Often it requires an act of God to wake us from our living slumber. Over the course of 20 years, she held fast to her guiding secret spiritual mentor until, the secret could be harnessed not longer. After 10 books the truth through allegory must be shared.

Enter McCartney Green Alive!

McCartney Green is an author, speaker, and spiritual mentor. Who has  written 11 books, the most recent being a book  titled, “Messages from Transcendent Beings, We are NOT Alone.”

McCartney, yes that is her first name, has been sharing with audiences all over the world how they aren’t alone and how we all have a team of beings (you can call this team whatever you want)  helping lead, guide, and protect us. Sometimes these being are present to give us a kick in the butt.

Which is why I’m reaching out today, because I’ve been called to share with audiences all over How to Have “Unshakeable Joy –  7 Keys to A Happy Life AND to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet.” Amazingly, these same keys are also the keys to super spirituality, and to a psychic connection.

McCartney Green & tips for life Transformation
McCartney Green – 7 tips for life Transformation

The Interview

In the interview, she shared with The Billionaire lifestyle the 7 steps used to go from a life falling apart to a life that is filled with absolute and unshakeable joy. She is now able to share teachings for audiences everywhere promoting they too can have a life that’s filled with Unshakeable Joy. In this inspiring and joy-filled interview The billionaire lifestyle audience will learn:

•    The #1 thing that causes disconnection and stress
•    How to feel absolute joy even on your worst day
•    A 2-second technique that can change your life
•    The fastest & easiest way to raise your vibration
•    The one simple thing most people forget to do that makes them think God isn’t listening
•    How to use the unshakable joy process to become a manifesting magnet (so they can achieve their hearts desires)


7 tips for a Total Life Transformation!

  1. Be an observer of your own Thoughts

  2. Hydrate and Stretch

  3. Let go – Stop trying to control everything.

  4. Pull Light To you

  5. Practice Meditation and Prayer

  6. Raise your Vibration

  7. Pay Attention


Find McCartney Green Online

McCartney Green Website

McCartney Speaks


Free Speakers Bureau Profile

Facebook Fan Page

Espeaker Profile

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Positive Consciousness and Health Simplicity

Listen to the Podcast Below!

Excited to have Evita Ochel consciousness teacher.

Positive- Conscious – Health – Simplicity

Evita Ochel Head Shot
Evita Ochel

I was excited to interview Evita Ochel from her stance on the mind, body, soul connection.  She promotes the total well-being for the entire world.  to sum up our interview would be positive conscious health simplicity.

Located in Ontario Canada Evita found there was a calling to spread information concerning food consciousness and general positive living. I was drawn to her Youtube video channel and information found about her at http://www.radioguestlist.com/.

The Billionaire lifestyle is about recognizing that calling to follow a path of unexpected potential. Many guest on the Billionaire Lifestyle blog and podcast have made conscious change in direction of lifestyle by going against the conventions of their status.

Evita Ochel was one of those people who found a higher calling which started in 2006. Coming from being a High School science teacher in Canada, Evita required some time to find the personal inventory and message to move forward in a new direction.

Evita Ochel: in her own words:

After I “un-jobbed” myself in 2009, I began to express my teaching talents freely via writing, speaking, and video. I create content and resources in the form of articles, essays, recipes, and videos designed to help people lead a higher quality of life related to different aspects of physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. I also write books and have published Healing and Prevention Through Nutrition, as well as several digital books. Additionally, I give presentations and host retreats on a monthly basis at a wellness retreat center, and regularly create various online classes and courses.

Our biggest topic was concerning Food. During the interview Evita made an amazingly simple statement related to diet. What is the Optimal diet for Human being. Which happens to be a plant whole food dominant diet.  She was not implying Veganism and vegetarianism the

Simplicity is one of the more important lessons Evita dives into to help remove the clutter from the lives of individual she works with and helps.

Topics covered during the Podcast:

  • What do we need?
  • Simplify in all areas not just material or finances
  • Finances –  efficiency and optimization
  • Materialism – why do we have so much stuff
  • Emotional – how much excess are you carrying and paying for unnecessarily.
  • Understanding your own body and nutrition.
  • How we cause unnecessary Stress
  • Finding the right Foods for your genetics.
  • Shifting into Thriving.
  • What is the optimal Diet for a human being?
  • Carbohydrate types.
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine PCRM.org

Available on Amazon

  –  _
Facebook.com https://www.facebook.com/evita.ochel


Twitter.com/ @EvitaOchel

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Lucie B Lindner Jump Rope Champ

Listen to the podcast!

Lucie B! Lindner Jump Rope Champ

Lucie B! Lindner  equals  a fun way to weight loss while watching television, listening to you favorite uptempo music from almost anywhere. You may be wondering what magic cure for the weight loss conditioning I am referring?

The magic of your childhood and all professional boxers use the same method for helping coordination, conditioning,  just plain having fun. I am writing this article for you about Jump Roping, and the 7 time  champion at Jump Roping. Lucie B! Holds is National Jump Rope champion in single rope speed, endurance and power (2005-2013).

I found the term jump rope is a referred at skipping rope in other parts of the world, but in America is simply Jump rope. Looking back, most adults, particularly men associate jumping rope with an activity for little girls. If you look even vaguely at the world of sports particularly elite sports people jumping rope is a widely used conditioning activity. Every boxer and MMA fighter use jumping rope as a conditioning and coordination drill to help their performance.

Many Crossfit competition include jumping rope as an event or a qualifier. This activity test you speed, balance, timing and motor skills form an activity used by children.


Lucie B Lindner, 49, native New Yorker, author of ‘Big Bottom Blues’, Entrepreneur, and Creator of Lucie B Jump N Fun Jump Rope Fitness programs in NYC /Stockholm and *F3G* Girl Empowerment Brand. She is a USA Regional, National and World Jump Rope Champion in Single Rope Speed and Power (2005 – 2013). Lucie B is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Jump Rope Champion (2013 and 2015) winning 5 Gold Medals in the Single Rope Speed, Power, and Endurance. She has been featured in numerous Newspapers and TV programs in New York, including Fox 5 TV, WB11, Radio Disney, LillaSportspegeln, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, OstermalmsNytt and the June 2016 Edition of Live Happy Magazine.

Lucie B has been teaching, training and coaching children of all ages, shapes, sizes and physical abilities for over 12 years. Lucie B Jump N Fun was uniquely created to teach kids the art, skill, and sport of jump roping. Lucie B designed her programs to be cardio-endurance-specific, but a ton of fun! Lucie B stresses the importance of Team Work in an atmosphere of love, respect, and happiness. Lucie B Jump N Fun is much more than a JUMP ROPE exercise program..it’s about teaching kids to be Strong, Powerful and Self Confident.

In 2004, Lucie B walked away from a career in Medicine to create a unique business based on her talents, that bring health, wellness, and joy to kids from the USA to Europe. Now, Lucie B has created a new Jump rope team called Team *SheRoes* which comprises of women ages 64 to 80. The goal is to show and prove that neither Size, Shape Nor Age can deter women from being the absolute Best…Champions! Age is nothing but a number!

Lucie B published her first book, ‘Big Bottom Blues’ in May 2016. It is her personal story of Childhood Sexual Abuse, how it impacted her life and how she fought back! ‘Big Bottom Blues’ was written for every man, woman, and child who has been affected by Sexual Abuse and to give them hope and courage to speak up and tell their story.

Lucie B!, yes there is an exclamation mark at the end of her name (even though i said apostrophe in the opening credits…DUH)> Lucie left a career in medicine to follow here passion. If you check her YouTube channel there are 1500 video example of Lucie B! in action. Lucie displays a passion for Jump rope like non I have ever witnessed in this life. She has imparted some great information for those new novice jump ropers to get started with:

  • Proper technique
  • Proper shoes
  • Proper surface area
  • Types of Rope to use (Gear)
  • Most important Health Benefits.
  • Type of music to use.

We were conversing at 6 am CST and 1 pm Sweden GMT+1. The experience was organic to say the least as she details what led her to Sweden, and representing her borough in New York(Queens).




Lucie B Lindner (@LucieBJumpnFun) on Twitter

The transcription will follow the posting by a few days as it requires a great deal of time to compile.


Now go Live the Billionaire Lifestyle

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Positive Forced Optimistic View

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Feeling a little Grumpy?

Did you sleep on the sidewalk ?

Did you have to walk 30 miles to get to work?

Did you eat spoiled food?

Did  you have to go hungry today?

Did you get beaten today?

Were you arrested today?

Are you physically sick and cannot move?

Did your heart get Broken twice today?

Did someone walk up to you and said you are worthless?

Are you bleeding?

Did you have to go to jail or prison for a long-term today?

Did you suffer serious pain today, that made time stop?




Did you wake up in a bed with sheets and blankets?

Did you drive or was driven or took mass transit to your destination?

Was the food you ate tasty?

Did your belly get full or satisfied?

Did someone, anyone smile at you?

Are you responsibly able to go and do as you please responsibly?

Did you see, feel or know love today?

Are you intact and reasonably health?

Did you laugh an open mouth gush of sound?

Did you notice any joy today?

Did you notice all the good around you?


Life is easy and hard at the same time, because of our human intelligence we are very dynamic beings. You have freewill. Freewill comes with great responsibility. The job: harness the power of your own freewill to discover all that God has available for you to experience. much of the problems stem from people who have no understanding of their potential and are stuck. These people try to use your energy for their gain in a poor method.


Have gratitude and keep striving to be YOUR best.



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Did you do this one thing today?

Say Thank you for all the Good in my life?

It’s your if you want it, you just have to know you have it.

Now go Live The Billionaire Lifestyle

Emmitt Muckles
photo credit: Grumpy Before Coffee via photopin (license)

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