MCartney Green 7 tips for a Total Life Transformation!

The Guiding Native Spirit

Native American Sketch Guiding Spirit
The Guiding Native Spirit

Life can SUCK sometimes unless you find THE JOY!

Do you need a Life Transformation?

Life Can Suck…Sometimes and requires hitting rock bottom to obtain our attention. The reason we hit rock bottom, usually indicates we simply were not paying the necessary attention the important lessons. We have all the excuses in the world as reasons why we have not achieved the desired outcome to our life. Given a particular set of circumstances of living ease, we should be living life full throttle. McCartney Green is a woman of experiences of Poverty, abuse, rape and rebuilding. We are not our past. We are the future, this moment is the most important moment to live.  These ideologies were the basis of our interview on The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast. Let’s say life does suck a

Let’s say life does suck at the moment, what are you going to do? Try accepting the moment for what it is, a moment or series of moments which will change.

Suicide is not an Option

Suicide contemplation was flowing into McCartnety Green’s life at the lowest point. Just when the Shit was about to hit the fan, there was an intervention from a higher power in the form of a spirit guide.  Often it requires an act of God to wake us from our living slumber. Over the course of 20 years, she held fast to her guiding secret spiritual mentor until, the secret could be harnessed not longer. After 10 books the truth through allegory must be shared.

Enter McCartney Green Alive!

McCartney Green is an author, speaker, and spiritual mentor. Who has  written 11 books, the most recent being a book  titled, “Messages from Transcendent Beings, We are NOT Alone.”

McCartney, yes that is her first name, has been sharing with audiences all over the world how they aren’t alone and how we all have a team of beings (you can call this team whatever you want)  helping lead, guide, and protect us. Sometimes these being are present to give us a kick in the butt.

Which is why I’m reaching out today, because I’ve been called to share with audiences all over How to Have “Unshakeable Joy –  7 Keys to A Happy Life AND to Becoming a Manifesting Magnet.” Amazingly, these same keys are also the keys to super spirituality, and to a psychic connection.

McCartney Green & tips for life Transformation
McCartney Green – 7 tips for life Transformation

The Interview

In the interview, she shared with The Billionaire lifestyle the 7 steps used to go from a life falling apart to a life that is filled with absolute and unshakeable joy. She is now able to share teachings for audiences everywhere promoting they too can have a life that’s filled with Unshakeable Joy. In this inspiring and joy-filled interview The billionaire lifestyle audience will learn:

•    The #1 thing that causes disconnection and stress
•    How to feel absolute joy even on your worst day
•    A 2-second technique that can change your life
•    The fastest & easiest way to raise your vibration
•    The one simple thing most people forget to do that makes them think God isn’t listening
•    How to use the unshakable joy process to become a manifesting magnet (so they can achieve their hearts desires)


7 tips for a Total Life Transformation!

  1. Be an observer of your own Thoughts

  2. Hydrate and Stretch

  3. Let go – Stop trying to control everything.

  4. Pull Light To you

  5. Practice Meditation and Prayer

  6. Raise your Vibration

  7. Pay Attention


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Maura Sweeney Happiness Ambassador

Maura in Picture Frame

Listen to the podcast here.

Maura Sweeney Happiness Ambassador

Image of Marua Sweeney
Maura Sweeney

Do you ever feel depressed and unhappy because the life you are living feels as if it is not yours. Trudging through the everyday experience of living as if your out of synced with your own life. Maura Sweeney from  experienced the very feeling of living a life not of her own creation.

This phenomenon of pre-selected living is common throughout the world. Many of us are groomed from an early age to live and abide by the expectations of our parents, community and lineage. That may have been a common practice 50-100 years ago, but the reality is we have a choice in who, how and what we want our living experience to represent. Maura Sweeney have the very experience described.

Maura Sweeney made a conscious choice to craft her life and happiness.  Ditching law school because there was a calling for something different. Maura had  little evidence of the actuality of the calling but Law school at Seton Hall was not it.

Maura’s leap of faith has given her the path to help people find their happiness. Now as a Podcaster, workshop creator and moderator, and intentional helper of happiness of herself and others through discovery.

Maura Sweeney and is here to help with content and book to help those blues and uplifting your emotional lifestyle. We all know the winter months can be a drain on the soul and mind with the limited exposure to sunlight. Actually with so many task and items for human beings giving attention and focus upon, we can all feel as if we are just flesh robots churning away at surviving the world. Sometimes we need inspiration and help. This is one of the reason The Billionaire Lifestyle was created, in addition finding information and inspiration from people such as Maura Sweeney. and

Identifying the triggers.

All the pressures of modern society, family, work and occupations can become a mental and psychological black hole on our being. At any moment we all can suffer from depression, black moods and just not feeling in tuned with ourselves. Sometimes we wonder internally and aloud “Why can’t I be happy”?

Well to be homes happiness and wellness are one in the same and it is all tied to the mind. Happiness is a choice, a practice and a religion. We want to believe happiness is automatic, but that is just not true. The practice of staying fit, limber and mobile applies to happiness. Happiness is honestly a state of being. It requires management to maintain and navigate your status of being happy.

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Just Try

Just Try –

To be .273 percent better every day. In 365 days you will be 100% better than when you started if you succeed.

Notice and give 5 people a compliment or a good greeting.

Smile randomly….don’t worry..good thoughts will start making it happen.

Laugh at something that you would normally roll your eyes and say to yourself….WTF as you are laughing.

Notice the sky…be it blue or gray.

Kiss a friend on the cheek.As you part from someone you were interacing with …leave them with…Luv ya.

Open a door for someone.

Try starting with the basics first.

Tell yourself “You’re Awesome” as you look in a mirror.

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Positive Forced Optimistic View

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Feeling a little Grumpy?

Did you sleep on the sidewalk ?

Did you have to walk 30 miles to get to work?

Did you eat spoiled food?

Did  you have to go hungry today?

Did you get beaten today?

Were you arrested today?

Are you physically sick and cannot move?

Did your heart get Broken twice today?

Did someone walk up to you and said you are worthless?

Are you bleeding?

Did you have to go to jail or prison for a long-term today?

Did you suffer serious pain today, that made time stop?




Did you wake up in a bed with sheets and blankets?

Did you drive or was driven or took mass transit to your destination?

Was the food you ate tasty?

Did your belly get full or satisfied?

Did someone, anyone smile at you?

Are you responsibly able to go and do as you please responsibly?

Did you see, feel or know love today?

Are you intact and reasonably health?

Did you laugh an open mouth gush of sound?

Did you notice any joy today?

Did you notice all the good around you?


Life is easy and hard at the same time, because of our human intelligence we are very dynamic beings. You have freewill. Freewill comes with great responsibility. The job: harness the power of your own freewill to discover all that God has available for you to experience. much of the problems stem from people who have no understanding of their potential and are stuck. These people try to use your energy for their gain in a poor method.


Have gratitude and keep striving to be YOUR best.



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Did you do this one thing today?

Say Thank you for all the Good in my life?

It’s your if you want it, you just have to know you have it.

Now go Live The Billionaire Lifestyle

Emmitt Muckles
photo credit: Grumpy Before Coffee via photopin (license)

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