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Terrie Christine Getting to your Intuition.

Terrie Christine- Intuition GPS,  is yours working?

Its all about intuition and energy. Our daily lives are filled with family, jobs friends and experience causing a disconnect from ourselves and our guidance system, your GPS. Terrie connects with her own intuition tapping into an energy field. Her superpower allows a look at her client’s situation with a fresh perspective, providing insights Terrie’s clients cannot access. She can see, know, feel and connect with her clients past and present energy. Connecting into the energy field allow identifying the blockage or negative issues affecting the client.

Finding your Intuition, getting help.

In case you have been wondering why you are not in the flow of living, the lack of flow may be caused by lack of intuition communication interpretation. Intuition or your gut feeling is the internal software navigation system of human beings. Terrie Christine has tapped into her senses providing information direction her clients and the rest of us from being stuck. During our conversation on the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast,  she provided a statement which rang a bell with me personally. Often people get stuck and cannot detach from our condition without help from someone else. Have you ever tried to solve a problem and felt the solution was beyond your control? Sometimes we need outside help for an internal problem.

Terrie Christine connect Intuitively

It all about intuition. Have you forgotten how to tune in to your spiritual navigations system

Its all about trusting your inner GPS. By the age of seven years of age, our limiting beliefs and blocks have been created. These systems may be expanded as we reach our teens and early adulthood. When these belief systems are impregnated in our subconscious, difficulties with expansion and growth may be hindered. Working with Terrie and others like her provide an opportunity to expand your consciousness to free yourself from the belief systems holding you back.

Listening to Terrie during the podcast recording. I had to agree, we are often too close to a problem or situation to see the simplest solution.  The doorway leading out of our emotional situation is directly in sight but is obstructed by our ego, psychological bias or childhood/overall personal programming.

Childhood conditioning.

We are the products of our environment, we carry childhood artifacts with us through life. Programmed bias and judgment passed on from our parents and mentors make us who we are. Our parents and mentors often had the best intentions for us, the perspective was correct for themselves, but not necessarily for the person, you are now.  Cognitive dissidence may play a high factor in the hampering of our growth and property.

Definition- cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.

Limiting Beliefs

We are living at a time where cognitive dissonance is at an all-time high. In the paraphrased word of Terrie, there is a clash of opposing energy at play. The limiting beliefs from our Parents and mentors may be at odd with our personal experiences. Tapping into your own intuition, following that personal GPS with faith can deliver and guide us during our journey.

You can expand your energy by paying attention to your feelings and learning to properly interpret the information being offered. We can often pick up the uneasy energy of others, but interpret those energies or feelings as our own. We have to learn how to partition and recognize those states of being.

 A doctor can’t operate on their own body

The same notion applies to us. We can’t fix our own internal problem. We have to be able to identify the daddy/mommy issues, imposed limiting belief systems, and human bias. Psychological therapy is one method, but sometimes we need a spiritual doctor too.

Places where Limiting Belief affects the external world.

  • Relationships
  • Workplace
  • Growth
  • Physical well being

Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

A common theme for humans is, “We want what we want and not what we have”.  The play comes in finding the roadblocks preventing moving forward, be it from the past or current. Most of the blocks come from formulations we made in the past that have been imprinted into our subconscious.

We have to discover how to let go. If you are interested in working with Terrie Christine contact her at:



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