Free Personal Budget Worksheet

Before you let it go, budget your cash.
Free Personal Budget Worksheet,Before you let it go, budget your cash.
Before you let it go, budget your cash.

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A few post ago in Budget 101 Money Inventory post, I detailed how to track your spending.

Once you’ve established your wants vs. needs you can find out how to control your money in the long term but that’s only the first step.

Your next step, make a budget so you can track your expenses and income from month to month. Tracking your finances allows you to see just how effectively you are at controlling your financial resources. If you were not able to visit the earlier blog post, please visit and look for Budget 101 money inventory, where I’ve detailed separating your money into columns easily identify where your money is allocated.

In this post, our goal is to show you how you can make your own personal budget for your financial literacy needs, using a simple, but effective product provided by Google. Google provides a set of document apps in the form of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google slides, and Google forms. The only limitation is the need for access to the internet and a computer. These items can also be created with a tablet or smartphone, with slightly different input functionality.  With Google Docs, you can work with various document Apps instead of having Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel.

I have also made a video for YouTube showing you just how I use the very steps to make my own spreadsheet for my financial budget or my personal budget Youtube.

Youtube instruction video:

Google provides a program equal to Microsoft Excel named “Sheets”. With google sheets, you can now create spreadsheets without spending the money for software. To use Google sheets all one requires is access to a computer connected to the internet.

You may be wondering why it is so important to have a written physical budget you can have access. Having a comprehensive budget lets you know month to month how you were doing. Additionally, your new worksheet also keeps track of where you can actually pull out extra money from things that you don’t necessarily need or use day today. One of the major items we spend money towards is on subscriptions. Each of us has some subscriptions we often forget about, leaving money on the table we can use for our more fruitful personal financial endeavors.

personal budget Calculating your expense outcome. picture
personal budget Calculating your expense outcome.

You Need a Budget.

I used to think I budgeted very well until I actually wrote a budget. Only after making an actual budget did I start to see money was going out to places which I had no clue. Funds were automatically coming from my debit or credit cards periodically.  I was wondering why I was always broke and never had quite enough money. The reason for my lack of funds, pre-budget, was because I was basically leaking money. Until I got myself a working physical budget that I could see every week, my finances slowly healed.

Budgeting became a fun a game I could play to see how much money could actually save over the course of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Frequently it got down to week-to-week, to see where I can find little pieces of money that I could store way in my bank account, practicing buying on needs versus wants.

Honestly, if you think about it, every successful business has a budget. Our government has a budget, schools have a budget, businesses have budgets, everyone has a budget. Personal budgets seem to be a very lacking across America. This may be the very specific reason why when most people win the lottery or they come into a bunch of money at one time. Most of th individuals don’t know what to do with money, eventually losing every penny. They simply don’t have a clue as to what personal budgeting is about. They end up losing all the money that they have in the end.

Having a functional personal is living 101.

Go live the Billionaire Lifestyle.



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Budget 101 Your Money Inventory

100 dollar bill in the light

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Budgeting money first steps

Money Inventory Basics

It’s that time again, Tax season.  The first quarter of every year is when new resolutions are made, and many people get their tax refund. Tax refund time is the perfect setting to start your financial makeover.

Some years ago, I got fed up with my financial status. I had a good income but I could not keep any of the money I made for any length of time.  There had to be a reason I was making a good living but living paycheck to paycheck. Many of us may find ourselves in the same situation.

When you think about your finances and where your money is going, on the surface things may seem ok. A closer look at your finances may be in order. I know you may have heard this all before, but it really is true. Money and resources must be managed.  The time is ripe to knuckle down and become your own auditor.

Where do I start: Budget – Money  – Inventory


  1. Grab a piece of paper ( Not your computer or tablet)
  2. Think – about every and I mean every dollar you spend.
  3. write down three columns on the piece of paper. Label them Bills – Necessary – Unnecessary.
  4. Write every dime you have spent in the last three months in bills and spending.
  5. Separate the items into the three columns.
  6. List how much money you make per month on the paper.
  7. Add the total of the columns and play with the unnecessary from the money you make to see how much you can save.

100 dollar bill in the light
100 dollar bill in the light

photo credit: torbakhopper transparency with ben, scott richard via photopin (license)

What am I doing

Recording where your money has gone is a start and only a start. The reason for writing down these numbers is to find out how many bills and spending items are on the table.  The next action putting items in categories gives you and indication where your money is going while placing priority on those funds.

I did it you can too!

Listing out where my money was going was a sobering act. I started to find my bank account had a trickle in the form of $20 to $100 expenses that were a pure luxury and very unnecessary.  Little money vacuums such as subscriptions, dues for things I really did not use and other money ripping items. those were the bills listed in the unnecessary.


Once I had a visual on expenditure, it was easy to see I could get my money in control. It became a game to see how much I could save.  When I had a bill that I could not pay off immediately, I developed a time plan by attacking the smallest, then rolling the payments of the paid off debt to the next item on the list. My family thought I was nuts, as they had not had a money mindset change as I had. Actually, my divorce came some time later(go figure). It was imminent anyway. I went nuts, I called credit card companies, closed accounts,  got rid of cable channels, started taking car of my own lawn and snow. I was a mad man.

I want to touch on something I may have breezed over. The reason for the 3 moths of bills was to get a good average of items that many not occur every month. Those surprise non-monthly bills can hit you in the face. If you don’t take an average over time of your spending habits, that sudden expense could derail your efforts.

24 Months – The Outcome Over Time

Failure to reach a goal is typically due to unrealistic expectations. 24 months is a good timeframe to make great changes in your life. As you rid yourself of the unnecessary cost in your life, freedom will show up. The goal is to run for the duration and not sprint to the finish line. This is a lifestyle to make living better and more manageable. Freedom of choice will become more dominant as you free up money to be used or invested. The task I have placed before you is really easy. Start with one item per month then use the snowball moeny management method to get your finances in order.

Next time I will show you some free tools to help you budget.

Now go live the Billionaire Lifestyle.


Peace Out Emmitt



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