Susan Finley Happiness is Spiritual

Sue Finley

Susan Finley Happiness is Spiritual

The expectation of happiness is very personal and very individual. When I was introduced to Susan Finley former school teacher who is a coach for essential happiness, I had expectations that were shallow. When I mention shallow I intent to convey I simply was not thinking of the larger picture of happiness and all the components involved. Right from the jump, Susan was a flood of information regarding the spiritual side of our existence.  Quickly, Susan began to give information regarding how our planet has changed from a 3D planet to something else.

Before we delved too deep into our interview, I requested a context and definition regarding the topics to help the listeners identify with the information. Immediately she moved to let me/us understand the helpers, angels and ascended beings who are here to help us.

3D Reactional Planet

Sue explained we are in the midst of change upon the planet which began in 2012.  Moving from a 3D plant into a higher vibrational alignment status. Some information about 3D planet status. A 3D planet is that which life is reactionary. When something negative happens we react to that negative function with fear, anger or similar low vibrational emotions.  With the time passing of 2012, we are experiencing harmonic convergence according to Susan Finley.

Harmonic Convergence Spiritual Happiness

In 2012, for a lack of better words God and the divine team recognise there are enough people who are seeking a higher consciousness.  Basically, we have been given permission to move forward. According to Sue, there are spiritual beings among us, with us and on other planets.

One of the major points of Sue’s during our conversations was to not pay attention to the news media, due to the promotion of separation and the negative. New should focus on the positive. She even points to the children being born today are spiritually different from those of the past. We have moved past the indigo children and forward to the Crystal Children who are high vibrational people. Many are labeled as autistic.

Ascended master and lightworkers

Ascended Masters are those individuals who once lived on our planet but have no need to come back to this plane. Lightworkers are the people who chose to live on this planet to promote higher vibration and positive work for the world. Many lightworkers don’t even know they are lightworkers but are putting in the work.  We are in a period of change for the better. THe world may seem as though we are going the opposite direction, but things are worse before they get better.

Edgar Cayce

Sue’s pivotal moment came during a time she was suffering from physical ailments doctors could not pinpoint the cause. During this period of physical discomfort, Sue discovered Edgar Cayce and his teaching related to diet. Following the recommendation of Edgar Cayce’s diet, she found relief and began to have some physical normalcy in her life.

Sue’s health turnaround, in addition to earlier life experiences, guided her to delve deeper into the metaphysical understanding of happiness and the Law of Attraction. SHe eventually moved towards becoming a certified coach, to help others with their journey.

Susan’s first book

Keys to Unlocking The Law of attraction

Can be found on her website. Get the book

We had a conversation filled with exciting information.

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