Tracee Sioux – Just Say YES

Tracee Sioux head shot

Tracee Sioux head shot
Tracee Sioux Girl Revolution & Year of Yes

Please listen to this Interview, I laughed so much and had so much fun with Tracee.

Tracee Sioux is the author of a book titled “The Year of Yes” and “The Girl Revolution Manifesto”.  No nonsense approach is Tracee’s best weapon, she puts it in your face guiding your progress.  We all need to just say yes more often from our individual intuitive self. In today’s world, any of us may be amazed, how simply saying yes will open personal opportunities on every level. I am not talking about blindly saying yes to any and every request or inquiry, but listening to the dialog of your soul to provide guidance for your “YES”.

One of the most uncomfortable actions in life is to agree and say yes. The very word “Yes” may seem to be easy to put forth into the world but due to personal fear, ego, second guessing the answer “No” or not deciding to take an action is the rule often. Recalling your childhood, babies learn the word “No” before yes becomes a part of our natural conversation. Some of your actions may be a habit. Some habits are made to be broken.

The Billionaire LifeStyle and Tracee Sioux.

Frequently I would come across the image of Tracee Sioux. Every encounter of Tracee’s profile picture would cause me to pause and stare, not in a creepy way either. Ultimately after reading Tracee’s information and performing some research, The Billionaire lifestyle podcast reached out to Tracee. Houston We Have Contact!

Just Say YES!

Tracee’s book title stirred memories of my own actions of going with the flow. The simple act of saying yes for a year was right up my alley. In conjunction with the Yes proposition, I began to understand how spiritual the conversation would be with Tracee. The research to find more about Tracee brought to mind of my deceased mother had an affinity for spiritual acceptance.  In my own life as time passes the gravity of the spiritual subjects matter is never far from my personal orbit. I said yes to finding more about Tracee’s work.

Tracee Sioux is quite a busy person with the publishing The Girl Revolution Manifesto while practicing the subjects of her books. In addition to writing Tracee is involved with her own internet radio format on Clear Mind radio and true2you radio. These formats offer talk formats and meditation methods radio.

Here are some of the topics covered during the conversation:

  • Girl Revolution Manifesto.
  • Soul VS Ego SmackDown
  • Meditation
  • Noise in the world.
  • meditation
  • inner voice
  • yoga
  • vibrations and healing
  • Spiritual realm
  • Colorado

Available on Amazon

The Girl Revolution Manifesto
The Girl Revolution Manifesto
Soul vs. EGO Smackdown
Soul vs. EGO Smackdown


The Year of Yes
The Year of Yes
Divine Money Portal Activations
Divine Money Portal Activations


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Maura Sweeney Happiness Ambassador

Maura in Picture Frame

Listen to the podcast here.

Maura Sweeney Happiness Ambassador

Image of Marua Sweeney
Maura Sweeney

Do you ever feel depressed and unhappy because the life you are living feels as if it is not yours. Trudging through the everyday experience of living as if your out of synced with your own life. Maura Sweeney from  experienced the very feeling of living a life not of her own creation.

This phenomenon of pre-selected living is common throughout the world. Many of us are groomed from an early age to live and abide by the expectations of our parents, community and lineage. That may have been a common practice 50-100 years ago, but the reality is we have a choice in who, how and what we want our living experience to represent. Maura Sweeney have the very experience described.

Maura Sweeney made a conscious choice to craft her life and happiness.  Ditching law school because there was a calling for something different. Maura had  little evidence of the actuality of the calling but Law school at Seton Hall was not it.

Maura’s leap of faith has given her the path to help people find their happiness. Now as a Podcaster, workshop creator and moderator, and intentional helper of happiness of herself and others through discovery.

Maura Sweeney and is here to help with content and book to help those blues and uplifting your emotional lifestyle. We all know the winter months can be a drain on the soul and mind with the limited exposure to sunlight. Actually with so many task and items for human beings giving attention and focus upon, we can all feel as if we are just flesh robots churning away at surviving the world. Sometimes we need inspiration and help. This is one of the reason The Billionaire Lifestyle was created, in addition finding information and inspiration from people such as Maura Sweeney. and

Identifying the triggers.

All the pressures of modern society, family, work and occupations can become a mental and psychological black hole on our being. At any moment we all can suffer from depression, black moods and just not feeling in tuned with ourselves. Sometimes we wonder internally and aloud “Why can’t I be happy”?

Well to be homes happiness and wellness are one in the same and it is all tied to the mind. Happiness is a choice, a practice and a religion. We want to believe happiness is automatic, but that is just not true. The practice of staying fit, limber and mobile applies to happiness. Happiness is honestly a state of being. It requires management to maintain and navigate your status of being happy.

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Lucie B Lindner Jump Rope Champ

Listen to the podcast!

Lucie B! Lindner Jump Rope Champ

Lucie B! Lindner  equals  a fun way to weight loss while watching television, listening to you favorite uptempo music from almost anywhere. You may be wondering what magic cure for the weight loss conditioning I am referring?

The magic of your childhood and all professional boxers use the same method for helping coordination, conditioning,  just plain having fun. I am writing this article for you about Jump Roping, and the 7 time  champion at Jump Roping. Lucie B! Holds is National Jump Rope champion in single rope speed, endurance and power (2005-2013).

I found the term jump rope is a referred at skipping rope in other parts of the world, but in America is simply Jump rope. Looking back, most adults, particularly men associate jumping rope with an activity for little girls. If you look even vaguely at the world of sports particularly elite sports people jumping rope is a widely used conditioning activity. Every boxer and MMA fighter use jumping rope as a conditioning and coordination drill to help their performance.

Many Crossfit competition include jumping rope as an event or a qualifier. This activity test you speed, balance, timing and motor skills form an activity used by children.


Lucie B Lindner, 49, native New Yorker, author of ‘Big Bottom Blues’, Entrepreneur, and Creator of Lucie B Jump N Fun Jump Rope Fitness programs in NYC /Stockholm and *F3G* Girl Empowerment Brand. She is a USA Regional, National and World Jump Rope Champion in Single Rope Speed and Power (2005 – 2013). Lucie B is the Arnold Schwarzenegger Jump Rope Champion (2013 and 2015) winning 5 Gold Medals in the Single Rope Speed, Power, and Endurance. She has been featured in numerous Newspapers and TV programs in New York, including Fox 5 TV, WB11, Radio Disney, LillaSportspegeln, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, OstermalmsNytt and the June 2016 Edition of Live Happy Magazine.

Lucie B has been teaching, training and coaching children of all ages, shapes, sizes and physical abilities for over 12 years. Lucie B Jump N Fun was uniquely created to teach kids the art, skill, and sport of jump roping. Lucie B designed her programs to be cardio-endurance-specific, but a ton of fun! Lucie B stresses the importance of Team Work in an atmosphere of love, respect, and happiness. Lucie B Jump N Fun is much more than a JUMP ROPE exercise’s about teaching kids to be Strong, Powerful and Self Confident.

In 2004, Lucie B walked away from a career in Medicine to create a unique business based on her talents, that bring health, wellness, and joy to kids from the USA to Europe. Now, Lucie B has created a new Jump rope team called Team *SheRoes* which comprises of women ages 64 to 80. The goal is to show and prove that neither Size, Shape Nor Age can deter women from being the absolute Best…Champions! Age is nothing but a number!

Lucie B published her first book, ‘Big Bottom Blues’ in May 2016. It is her personal story of Childhood Sexual Abuse, how it impacted her life and how she fought back! ‘Big Bottom Blues’ was written for every man, woman, and child who has been affected by Sexual Abuse and to give them hope and courage to speak up and tell their story.

Lucie B!, yes there is an exclamation mark at the end of her name (even though i said apostrophe in the opening credits…DUH)> Lucie left a career in medicine to follow here passion. If you check her YouTube channel there are 1500 video example of Lucie B! in action. Lucie displays a passion for Jump rope like non I have ever witnessed in this life. She has imparted some great information for those new novice jump ropers to get started with:

  • Proper technique
  • Proper shoes
  • Proper surface area
  • Types of Rope to use (Gear)
  • Most important Health Benefits.
  • Type of music to use.

We were conversing at 6 am CST and 1 pm Sweden GMT+1. The experience was organic to say the least as she details what led her to Sweden, and representing her borough in New York(Queens).

Lucie B Lindner (@LucieBJumpnFun) on Twitter

The transcription will follow the posting by a few days as it requires a great deal of time to compile.


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The Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast

Building content is not an easy task, but I figured it is better to give you several types of content than to just write post. I spend a great deal of time traveling, and the content medium I use the most for entertainment and learning are podcast. I have hosted several podcast over the years and though why not add this content to The Billionaire Lifestyle.

Making a podcast requires just as much or more hours as a written post, but the content is easier to consume for the audience.

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