Tarah Long – Joyful Body Healing Miracles

Tarah Long -Heal yourself from your spirit
Tarah Long -Heal yourself from your spirit

Tara Long

Tarah’s website Wide Awake Healing is the culmination of several health experiences.  Tara began suffered chronic fatigue and stomach ulcers. After visiting several physicians, she found herself with no more knowledge concerning her ailments than when her situation began.  She felt a viable treatment for her ailments was missing from the conversations.

Western medicine approach to health is the prevailing foundation for much of the world. Western Medicine also, does not cover the complete scope concerning the human body system.

Our current society is far more intelligent regarding various environmental effects upon our bodies. In conjunction, our relationship to food intelligence is growing. Each day there is someone who is waking up and re-discovering vintage information practiced for thousands of years. How did we survive

How did we survive on this planet for thousands of years in a far harsher environment without the conventional western medicine philosophy? We had knowledge of self. The “Self” equals mind body and spirit connected and communicating. I am not promoting western medicine in not required, but there are realms where western medicine managing symptoms versus finding cures.

Healing-Finding the Cure

Chinese and Oriental medicine has been used for years in conjunction with western medicine. America has experienced a recent epidemic of obesity, hypertension, and heart disease. In addition, specific disorders have manifested to the forefront such as lupus and fibromyalgia.

Many physicians are managers of symptoms for many conditions affecting people within industrialized nations. The pharmaceutical companies,  in conjunction with malpractice insurance, are a major factor in how healthcare delivered and practiced.

Purpose Living
You are your Perfect Coach learn from a coach.

Holistic doctors.

If you are lucky and live in proximity to a passionate knowledgeable Holistic health practitioner you are very fortunate. any holistic practitioners are keen on educating their clients and explaining or confirming old knowledge related to health. Often I wonder if we have forgotten more than we currently understand.

These holistic helpers have the ability to educate each of us on food effects and suggest alternative root causes to our ailment. Ailments are not always the result of a physical source, there is the emotional connection to our bodies. Stress and environmental experiences have a direct effort regarding our health status.

Tarah found it was her duty to heal herself. During her journey as she states, there were knowledge updates related to what was required to heal.  Tarah began to heal herself in the most natural method, by listening to her body and spirit.

Directly from the www.wideawakehealing.com:

Thank you for taking the time to check us out! My passion is sharing the knowledge that YOU can heal YOURSELF…and guiding you to do so! I am here to help you have the life you dream of with freedom and ease in your body.

I help those who do not feel good in their bodies (suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, auto-immune disorders, migraines, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, anxiety, depression, and other long-term dis-ease), transform their health and heal themselves.


The human body is a billionaire miracle of life. We are spiritual being having a physical experience. You are the controller of the reality. Reprogramming your total self will give you the tools to manage your experience.


To contact Tarah Long fro coaching and find out more visit:



Please listen to the podcast for an insightful view of healing and Tarah Long, and her coaching.




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